A Sprite saves her, but who will save him? (Male needing Female)

Started by Valamarth, October 23, 2010, 07:41:24 AM

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Tozzle paused to toss back his cornsilk hair.  His diminutive ten inch body twirled three times in the air to survey his work. Sparkling slanted green eyes glimmered with the fires of fae magics.

Yes, he's done very well.  the fall flowers he'd planted were in riotous full bloom and he could smell the heady nectars which would sustain him throught the winter.

As he paused to survey his work, poised on a bush, his thin bark and leaf clothes serving to camouflage him from common view, he heard a crashing noise.

A human woman, clothes disheveled and eyes red from crying dashed into the glen sobbing.  She froze then, her weary eyes letting the beauty sink in.  Then with a large sob, she dove...RIGHT INTO HIS MAIN FLOWER PATCH!

Hundreds of his blooms were crushed under her, as was his hope of surviving this winter.  Without the sweet nectars, he was doomed and there was no honey to be had near, since the bees had left.

His rage mounted and he was about to curse her, when the purples of her aura caught his attention. What, by all the trees, had some fiend done to her?!  She was bruised in both both and soul, raped and torn.

He hung his head.  He was as good as dead, but she...she he could help as one last gesture of grace.

Rising into the dew laden air, he slowly turned, gathering the elder magics around him to do his will. 

He first cleansed her, inside and out, as though a gentle warm spring flowed through her.

He healed her off her physical wounds in and out,  making her virginal once more.

And hardest of all, he beamed goodwill, love, nurturing and care into her spirit, filling the darkest of holes and banishing the flood of hatred and abandonement found there.

Then he sank to the ground, emptied.  His tiny eyes regarding her as her own opened to see her saviour, so sad that he would not be able to view what she would now make of her new life.

"Lady, I have given you all  I could.  If I die now, I ask only that you place me into a hole in a tree that I may be taken back.  But why did you have to destroy my flowers...my only sustenance..."  His desparing voice rang hollowly.  He had perhaps a week to live, before his final magics fled him.

(I need a lady who will take him into her home, maybe plant a winter greenhouse and nurture him with honey and other things.  If you don't mind a macro physical relationship, that would be really fun to develop.)

Please PM me if interested with your own thoughts.  Val.
Valamarth AKA Falzar.