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June 23, 2018, 05:04:41 PM

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Author Topic: Orc Warlord Seeking Beautiful Elven Maidens to Ravage! (M seeking F characters)  (Read 1450 times)

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Offline BehemothTopic starter

The attack came with the first rays of dawn. The elite rangers of the elven people raised the alarm as soon as the advance scouting parties of the enemy were spotted, but it was already too late. The orc horde had somehow bypassed the illusion spells woven to hide the elven city from enemies. The main onslaught of the ravening horde struck straight for the heart of the fair elven city of Eldyn. The brutal greenskins were in a blood lust – they could not be stopped. The noble elven defenders fought and died bravely.

However the dreaded orcs had not come just to destroy the land and to kill elves. The orc’s lust for elven maidens was legendary – their blood lust sated, now the orcish barbarians set about sating their insane lusts upon the beautiful elven women of Eldyn.

First warrior of the Horde was the mighty Warlord Ragnar.

Erotic Content: NC, group sex, humiliation, size disparity, violence!

Set-up: Simple, the once beautiful forest kingdom of Eldyn has been invaded by a massive orc horde. The enemy has slaughtered most of the noble elven defenders and set about slaughtering the populace, burning and despoiling the land. The barbaric orcs then set about occupying the once beautiful kingdom, enslaving and raping the elven women.

Some heads-up, this roleplay will involve the erotic content listed above and it’s likely to be very violent and involve some extreme scenes of brutal humiliation.

I’ll be playing Ragnar and his horde of brutal orc warriors. Please PM me or post here if you’re interested in playing the role of a beautiful elven maiden (or even several different elven women) - i'm fine with players of any gender. There is the opportunity to individualise a female elven character, she could be a noble, one of the defeated elven defenders or other resident of Eldyn.







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Offline fireflights

i'm game but getting my comp today or tomorrow so capital letters are hard on my phone to insure but i will fax my posts once my comp is up and running if you don't mind or i can wait until my comp is up before starting

Offline KikuLei

Interesting. I'm game as well. ^^

Offline BehemothTopic starter

I've had a lot more interest in this than I expected. I'm trying a couple different versions of this to accommodate. Spaces are now filled though, thanks people.

Offline YoungNWet

awhh :( i really want to play cant it be a group thing?

Offline aya

Damn, I was wanting to play in this as well.. definitely second the group play idea, if possible :)

Offline BehemothTopic starter

Sure, i'm willing to try this as a group game. We'll need at least one or two more orcs, because although i'm used to playing a group of males, I honestly don't think i'd be able to keep up with 4 female characters and still keep things fun for everyone! Lol!

So, post here with a character concept. I've already started a solo thing with a Princess as the main female involved, i'll have to check with her if she's happy to try and group game, if not I can keep that as a solo. There are about 500 elven women survivors that are now at the mercy of their brutal orcish captors. A few possibilities...

- Bladesinger - a warrior which combines magic and the blade in a 'blade song'
- Elven noble woman/lady in waiting - could be in service to the royal house or from another noble family
- Servant of the Royal House of Eldyn
- Adventuress - lots of flexibility here, basically a feisty elven adventurer
- Soldier - of the defeated army, captured and imprisoned by the orcs, ready to become a sex-slave
- Commoner from the city - could be a dancer, barmaid, artisan or any other profession

Thanks for your interest guys.

Offline aya

Yay! I'll get to work on it :p

Online ff

Bladesinger, hm? Sounds like you know some DnD. A System game based on this concept could be interesting too; are you familiar with DnD 3.5?

Offline YoungNWet

Yay thank you :)

Offline Pandion

There was a game on here a long time ago that was similar to this concept. It was a group game where barbarians were invading elven lands. If I remember correctly it lasted a while too. Characters kind of paired off.
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Online Jag

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There was a game on here a long time ago that was similar to this concept. It was a group game where barbarians were invading elven lands. If I remember correctly it lasted a while too. Characters kind of paired off.

Elven Maiden vs. Human Barbarian. It's still going. A few people still post their games in it. One of my first games was in there.

Offline fireflights

behemoth i'm game to moving ours to the group one if you want to just restart as a group game ;)

Offline RedEve

If there is still room for more, I might be interested in this. :)

Offline xcaled

If this is going to go group, I'd be interested in playing an Orc Warrior.

Offline satinanddaggers

I am totally interested!! Would love to play a Lady in Waiting/Noblewoman.

Offline Sacrah

i am interested in this as well :D

Offline Decrepitdan

I would like to express my interest in this as well, if it's going group.