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Author Topic: The Zodiac: Ancient's War, Warrior's Arrival (Info and character sheet inside)  (Read 488 times)

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In modern times, the zodiac, magic and such is considered mere idle new age ideology, some consider it something to track and watch with a vague interest, others take it with a more serious approach. Though hardly any alive understand the full meaning of the zodiac, in modern times regarded as the Western Zodiac. Only a select few in modern times know the true legend behind the zodiac, the struggle, the power and the meaning behind it all. Before history was properly recorded, when darkness and light were more overt, at a greater and truer war than any could know.

It is told, within the darkest realms of the Historians, in ancient tomes, it is told as this:

In the days of old, before man was considered to exist, though they in fact did, War, war beyond any modern idea waged. It was not for the proverbial soul and literal body, but for the literal soul and body, as well as the mind. In those days, the Gods, some twisted, some pure, some inbetween, existed in our realm. Though slowly fading for some, others were strong and so were their influence. Amongst them were those who sought only the death and enslavement of mankind and were winning the war. Feeding upon the fears, despairs and hatreds of man they waged a new war from the original blood filled, conquest minded war.

Humans and the deities who sought to keep them, let the humans flourish became desperate. The war was falling to the side of the dark ones, the Ancients as they called themselves, and the Aeons who were upon the side of humans and man himself was failing. It was then out of the dozens of Aeons that 12 chose to push themselves forward, choosing to destroy themselves (one of the few ways to destroy a god) and through that sacrifice there were 12 humans chosen, imbued with that power as much as a mortal could.

So from them came the 12 humans, who were able to push the tide of battle, for the Ancients fought the new war on human's terms, in the mortal world as the world had already been pushing the God's from the mortal realm. So with this new hybrid of man and god pushed the Ancients back, their surprise and furious outrage causing a chaos that broke the troops and the Zodiac troops and their generals decimated them. With the last of their power and the last fading powers of the remaining altruistic God's, they sealed the Ancients and their amassed dark forces away from the world.

Though the original 12 Zodiac generals were lost in that final battle, in the sealing of the Ancients, their bloodline continued and became the only real bloodlines left. Each bore the power of their original Aeon, the genetics being warped for personality, only life and it's experiences shaping the true personality beneath it all. The Zodiac truly lived on within all of mankind.

Though time has shown that the veil between worlds, the worlds of Mankind and Ancients is fracturing, it breaks apart with each moment and one day they will rise, as they have spent the aeons planning, plotting, waiting till magic and imagination has lost it's edge. When mankind has lost it's greatest weapon against all of their kind and take back what they considered theirs and destroy mankind with a great fervor born of hatred and malice.

That time has come and they are rising, disasters striking the planet. Only they are regarded as natural disasters and other enemy countries, though they are not, it is the Ancients influence spreading across the globe, slowly but surely they are growing. Little do they know, the Zodiac bloodline had a fail-safe, in certain individuals the true power of their bloodline has been awakened, and they will have to make peace with the fact that they will fight, for their own lives, for others and for the whole world. Whether they want to, or not, it is their gift and curse.


Note: Just going to quickly define the element's natures.
Fire: The strongest in terms of brute power, less control can be held on the element but does the most damage. Obviously burns things....or you know....create fire, kinda obvious, not much in the way for room with creativity for Fire lol.
Air: Second strongest, but with greater control. Obviously can move objects (including themselves and others) at high speeds, though the heavier it is, the harder it is to move. With greater precision can create cyclones and small, localized storms.
Earth: Third strongest. More akin to defense than offense. Can shift and move the Earth, even jettisoning chunks of the ground if need be. Raising rock walls, creating tunnels and such, requiring more control than the former two to work correctly.
Water: The absolute weakest in terms of strength, but has the greatest control and hope for versatility. Some users are able to heal, though this is with the greatest hold over their abilities. Can wield water literally as a weapon, whether sharp or blunt, also capable of freezing water to a total degree and using that as a weapon.

I do believe that covers it, but any questions should be shot up here so I can answer them for everyone. Though I still will cover the Zodiac obviously :P


The initiator's of the world, will rush head forward into a project with great passion and fuel, though it burns up easily enough about halfway through. The bloodline is known for that as well as it's general passion, it's strong and ferocious temper and it's utter need to play the conquering knight, believing in it's ideals to the extreme. Born with great skill in hand to hand and melee combat, though modern day Aries will find they are skilled with firearms as well. Though not the brightest and quickest of the bloodlines, it is strong as well as durable, though it is less like the Earth signs in it's defense. It takes far less hits to take it down, but can wield a weapon with far better skill. Skilled in fire abilities, and very good with modern explosives.
Magic: Fire Element. Typically full force and powerful, the one most likely to have the strongest of the fire element, less skill, more power.

A bit of a hedonist in normal life, but patient and calm, typically the one who takes a 'wait and see' attitude to things. Taurus is bound to be the one who because of their patient manner will notice things that others will not and will remark upon it when things are of an appreciative air. Tough physically, can take blows, including those that should be debilitating very well, near invincible though not really when it comes down to it. It's Earth magic affinity makes it a powerful defender, but when the rare moments it's anger comes out, it can be a total terror when it's unleashed, decimating and ripping. Though it's normal laid-back temperament lends it to be less of the combatant that an Air or Fire aligned bloodline, only used when the temper actually emerges, usually leading to the comrades scattering to get out of the way rather quickly.
Magic: Earth Element. More balanced out of all three, good at the defensive, but can be riled to deliver more powerful earth based attacks.

More energetic than most people can keep up with, the kind of person who seems to run on a constant source of fuel, only crashing mid fervor to awaken a short time later to continue on. Some call them two faced, but perhaps the almost seemingly dual personalities in them drive them to the multiple things they crave to do, for they are doers above thinkers, though they do love to learn. They can typically be a bit unreliable because of their mercurial nature, as well as the fact that sometimes they really have no interest in what has to be done if it doesn't fit their bill. Their quick mind allows them the greatest advantage in battle, enabling them to be right in the action and balancing multiple encounters at once.
Magic:More likely to be the one with the most power, but able to balance collectively between many things.

Emotional and sensitive, they are particularly caring individuals. Know to put themselves behind the needs of the whole, they are warm and nurturing, often times taking the role of the caring parent rather than a teammate. They have a strong sense of responsibility and empathy as well, knowing almost instinctively what another needs and willing to help them get it if they have the power. Though they are well known for their temper tantrums, less of the fire, and more of the spite. They are sensitive after all and are prone to getting hurt quite easily for reasons others may never understand. They can hold onto that hurt for quite awhile unless assuaged. In battle they are less likely to cause harm to anyone, focusing generally on what defense they can and being one of the first to truly master the healing aspect of their element.
Magic:Generally the weakest in the Water category, but easily adapted to healing, able almost from the beginning to have the skill, it growing as they learn more.

Proud and regal, fiercely loyal and protective, a Leo was born with the sense to lead. Willing to take others under his wing, he guides and teaches, bearing responsibility for anything it needs to. Regal in almost every sense of the word, from walk to speech, they are generous as well, giving sometimes to the point that it can be overwhelming to others who aren't ready for it. They thrive on attention and compliments, basking in them as much as a cat in the sun. They can be attention seekers, to the point of too much, and their pride is quite fragile. Their temper when provoked can be surprising and terrifying. At worst they can be totalitarian in their command and demanding. In a fight they fight for what they believe in, using their abilities with people to lead and direct, always taking responsibility if someone is in trouble, or injured. Their abilities are typically showy, inspiring comrades and startling or scaring opponents.
Magic:Not necessarily the strongest, but about in the middle for strength. Powers will seem stronger, being more flashy and have a powerful effect on enemies and allies.

Practical and organized, Virgo are of a realistic mind and can lay the score down without much hesitation in hurting or upsetting others. In this, you know the score, and a Virgo can be a veritable storehouse of knowledge. Connecting the dots for you and letting you decide what to do, as while they aren't adverse to responsibility as a whole, decisions are best left other people, once a Virgo has informed them of course. Virgo's can be a bit too nit-picky at times, to the point of being anal-retentive. Now though they are willing and love to lay down the facts for an informed decision, they are dogmatic about what they might think is right and wrong for the decision, leading to almost bullying behavior. In battle they are surprisingly aggressive, relying more on offensive use of the Earth element, their calm, organized mind giving them quite the sharp edge in a fight.
Magic:Strong with the offensive side of the Earth magics, Virgo is able to wield the earth as well as a master will wield a sword. The strongest of the Earth signs.

An excellent communicator, very social and highly intelligent. Libra is a people person, having a charm with their fascinating ideas and highly personable.Good as diplomats and middle men, superb diplomats due to their ability to see all sides of an issue. Striving for balance, they don't like conflicts between people, and will seek to change them, but stands ground when forced to. Libra's personality comes with it's downsides, with the ability to see all sides come indecision and Libra's are prone to being almost frozen if needing to. While social and intelligent they are known to suddenly switch gears (or the scale shifts to the other side if you will) and this can be disconcerting and stagger those around them. Libra typically will play a defensive role in battle, making sure to guard and protect their teammates with their magics, always there as quick as possible.
Magic: Could be strong, but doesn't really like offense, so the magics are excellent at deflection, or even making an ally stronger.

Intelligent and shrewd, Scorpio is capable of analyzing a situation and often times see what others missed for whatever reason of their own. They can be very secretive, and can be stealthy about things if need be. Their fuse is quite long and it's not exactly easy to anger a Scorpio, frazzle them at all really. They are well known for being calm even in the worst of situations. Armageddon could rain down before the infamous cool is lost. The downside being that a Scorpio can be quite cold, and at their worst their cold attitude and analyzing mind will be used against people, sometimes to the point of using them. They can be pretty controlling at times, and once they endure a slight, the grudge can last awhile. In battle they are excellent tacticians, and great in one on one battles, no matter how tough the opponent, a Scorpio will find a weak spot if there's one there, having an almost instinctual sense for it.
Magic: Having little talent for healing, a Scorpio is the absolute best at the offensive style of the Water element, finding ways that do the most damage to the most places possible.

Wild and free, a Sagittarian values their freedom more than anyone else, striving for everything within their grasps, they don't understand limitations. This a powerful drive for them that allows them to persevere where others would fail, as they are not easily disheartened. They are resourceful and can find interesting and un-thought of answers to a problem. A lively friend and dependable friend, a Sagittarius is a friend who will show you knew things, even if you didn't really want to learn them in the first place. Downside being that sometimes a Sag can be a bit pushy about things, and may bowl over others to obtain something. They can be a bit like a rebellious teenager at times, even when they know they should probably follow the rules, or just give up. In battle they are quick, relying on short bursts of power and clever advantages to win.
Magic: The least powerful of the fire wielders, but agile and quick witted, quite clever in battle.

Practical but ambitious, a Capricorn is another cool head and thinker for the wheel. They are patient, so when they have their mind set on something, they will plod forward as long as it takes to get there. Cautious and meticulous, a Capricorn can make sure the rough edges of a plan are smoothed out and prepare them for anything. Self-sufficient, they know how to take care of themselves, but do appreciate help and are a great addition. They are a bit too cool at times, and don't really have that much in the way of noticeable enthusiasm. They are often times regarded as boring, as their lively side doesn't bloom very easily. In battle they are sheer defense, their cautious nature aiding in protecting themselves, but still able to protect others.
Magic: Pure Defense. Shields are impeccably strong, and they have an affinity for creating bigger, better shields and new forms of protection as well.

Similar to the Sag, in that it's a pioneering, independent spirit. Quick of wit and mind, an Aquarius has a sharp mind that's tempered by a sweet side. They don't show it easily, they are a bit cautious of others at first, but fiercely protective and caring of those around them. They are forward thinking individuals, excellent for planning, always ready to plan for any possible future and plot. They are on other hand, sharp of wit, sometimes being offensive to others and not minding when they do, after all, it wasn't meant to be offensive. They also cannot resist a challenge, which can make them very impulsive when it comes to action, or even a fight. In battle they are quick, quicker than the others, though not as strong.
Magic:A fast user of the already fast element, they are near blurs when they get moving. Though they don't have as much power, their speed can make all the difference.

Creative and empathetic, a Pisces lives their life amongst others, for as well as with them. Highly intuitive they have a strong sense for the pain of others, and damn near psychic sense for danger to the point it can be eerie. Idealistic and emotional, they can inspire, or at least help to inspire. They are kind souls that would prevent pain if they could, and will whatever they can to help others. They are a bit oversensitive, but unlike Cancer, prefer not to show it, holding it in and calling on a greater melancholy or depression. They are dreamers, and sometimes are not always paying attention, off in their own world, a place they retreat on purpose if the plan isn't going as they wanted it too. In battle they prefer strict defense, with some mild healing as well, creativity giving them a strong flair for defense and new techniques.
Magic: Best at Defense, wielding the magic as water or ice, though they do have a mild to moderate healing ability, though nothing of the skills of a Cancer.


This is just the basic concept that I thought up....took me much longer to type up then I had originally thought (lol) but here it is. Let me know who's interested, and of course bear in mind that I'm not trying to say that the description is EXACTLY what your character would be like, it's a general guideline. Your Taurean character doesn't have to be strictly defined by that, or by the description of a Taurus in Western Astrology. It has to have some traits, or many of them anyways, but it can come out in a unique way, and with other traits as well.

If interested you can call dibs :P



Dibs on Leo btw 
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Here's the character skeleton:(this isn't for you to post your character here, this is for generating interest, as well as discussing the Rp a bit before we get going, questions work too. The sheet is just to give you the idea of what I want when it comes to character creation, but so long as the information listed below is there, you can do the character sheet as you see fit)


Physical Description:(words or pictures are fine)

Skills:(before gaining abilities)


(Not Required)
Theme Song: (it's fun :P)


Alright, well that's about it for that. Remember the abilities and powers don't start showing up until after the beginning of the Rp. You can be anybody anywhere, no restriction on that. When the powers show up you can have a transformation of sorts, of any kind really. If you want them to sometimes resemble their sign, then so be it, or never, or all the time, up to you. You can remark that weird things have happened to them throughout their life, such as how a telekinetic would report ghosts or a lot of power surges when they were growing up right before the ability awoke.


Any questions, just ask.
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