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December 13, 2017, 04:44:39 PM

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Author Topic: Dark/Horror/Gothic MxM Anyone?  (Read 501 times)

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Offline chaospandemoniiumTopic starter

Dark/Horror/Gothic MxM Anyone?
« on: October 21, 2010, 06:54:04 PM »
First of all, sorry to anyone I was playing with when I disappeared a few months back. I did not have a computer for some time, now I do again, and thus, am back.

If anyone I was playing with would like to resume playing with me, just shoot me a PM.

Sorry again that this happened.

Now, on to the stuff..

I only do mxm/yaoi/slash rp (unless you have something so deliciously horror-filled in mind that I will be willing to do a platonic roleplay.) As far as romance and sex, mxm only. I don't care if you in real life are male, female, or a genetically enhanced rabbit with the ability to type, however.

I am looking for a quality one-on-one roleplay or two. I would prefer to play via AIM or PM.

I consider my rp to be literate, and appreciate the same. This does not mean I am grading your every use of grammar and punctuation, just, requesting that you have a basically good command of the language. I try not to be anal about this.

I like plot as well as smut, and character development is a big “YES!”

I generally prefer to play switch characters. If you want I bottom better than top (in that I usually am not great at dom, but I don't play wimpy characters.)

I don't have many kink restrictions or limits really other than vore or scat is a BIG NO. Rough sex is always fun, IMHO. Non-con is something I like being on the receiving end of but only play well DOING if I am playing a serial-killer. For my 'rabbit hole', see:

I love... LOVE horror-based roleplays, classical gothic settings, the World of Darkness, and the Cthulhu mythos. This means I will be happy with DARK vampire characters, crawling things from beyond, Elder Gods, ancient cults, pretty much anything from the second edition WoD series, my favorite being Changeling (I play a WICKED Sidhe..), and I also love Mage and Vampire (Malkavian. And he doesn't wear a bunny suit. Possibly one made of human skin. In private. PROPER Malkavian.)

My writing style tends to the graphically descriptive, whether in sex or violence.

I also play modern urban, meaning drug addicts (I'm a decent enough junkie in rp that I keep waiting for the cops to show up,) prostitutes, mobsters, drug dealers, and, yes, combining a bit from the first category, vampires, demons, and others masquerading as humans in the big city. I would LOVE to play a serial killer x either your serial killer (competing killers perhaps) or an investigator (or, if all the gods (demons?) are smiling, against an FBI profiler who is himself also a secret serial-killer.)

And, just to throw more into the pot, I do historical rp (medieval, Victorian era, Roman empire, World War II.) I like fantasy as well as factual representations of these eras.

At the moment, I am most interested in doing:
Cthulhu mythos something or other
World of Darkness, specifically Vampire or Changeling **
drug addict/prostitute x 'insert whatever you want to play here'
serial killer x serial killer or x investigator **
Roman empire
elf x whatever

If interested, PM me! Thanks!