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Prison Fury

Started by Drabella, October 20, 2010, 07:33:24 AM

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So I started watching this movie on Netflix last night. Didn't really finish it the movie was really weird and didn't make a lot of since, but my mate turned it off to go play witha buddy of ours on Halo: Reach. Any way the movie was called Caged Fury if any one has ever heard of it or wants to hear of it. I felt Like it had an good plot for a Roleplay, If it doesn't sound good don't worry won't hurt my feelings none... So here it goes, I'm placing the plot then I will place the details.

Plot:   In the desert Away from Civilisation there's a Womens prison. Pulling up to the prison It looks like any other kind of prison with the yard in the middle, but once you go in its a different story. Women who are serving life are placed here, not becuase its a maximum prison, but because they don't want what there doing in the prison to ever get out. The women in this prison are serving their time in a very different way, they are used as Sex slaves for wealthy men and the guards that run the prison.

   Ok so Here's What is needed: Women Prisoners,
            Guards(Max is 6)
            A Warden(First who wants it)
            Wealthy men.
   Now if you want to play two people that can be aloud just don't get yourself mixed up and if you play a Man and a women you can't play with yourself, Just make sure you put both your Chars in your details. Since this is a womens prison there can be W/W. Oh and women sorry but you can't be fully clothed, you can have clothes coverring the important places if you like but not like full clothing.

Guards and Warden have free rain over any of the prisoners, if there preference is W/W then you can make them do this.

What you will need in your details( you can add more detail but please don't leave any of these details out.

Details Women:(State you are a prisoner)
   Preferance (Do you wish to get involved With other prisoners)
Optional: Why you are in prison(If you choose to be in here for killing a man please trying to kill the men)
   Do you enjoy the situation or is prison hell for you.
   (And any other detail if any you wish.)

Detail Men:
   What you wish to be(Guard, Warden, or Wealthy)
   Attire: (if you wish)
   (And any other detail if any you wish)

My Details are going to be going in another post. Also the start off of the Way the prison looks and all...


Name: Drabella
Age: 25
Features:Standing 5'8" her long red hair that flows down to the middle of her back, but with it always in a braid it only sits in between her    shoulder blades. Always cold in the prison as she only wears White beater the has seen better day, I only covers just enought    over her 38 C chest that you can only see the very bottom of her breast with her arms down as her arms raise they're there for    the world to see. Glancing down her body all you see is the black thong that covers the rest of her.
Preferance: M/F, F/F, M watching F/F, or M/M/F
   Came to Prison for stealing Cars not sure why she got life but she has no one on the out side to make any claim for her and they won't hear her out, so she just stopped trying, prison isn't that bad for her she was a prostitute on the out side so she rather enjoyed being told what to do.
O/O's: Into almost anything just don't want, Fisting, Rimming, Scat, watersports, or gaping. other wise everything pretty much goes. I will enjoy giving oral and all that comes with it.

   As the hand cuffs are placed Drabella moves out of her 8 x 6 cell and into the hall of cells. Each cell is different hers has only a bed and a small tv. Moving down the hall slowly she looks at the other women either leaning across the bars or laying on their bed. reaching the end of the hall the guard calls for them to open the door as he moves his body behind hers grasping at her breast with one hand sliding the other down her body pushing her toward him were her hands pressed against the bulge behind his pants. taking the door for ever to open as the other guard is watching, she opens her hand and starts to rub. finally the door opens and she is pushed though. She moves though another few doors till she is pushed into the bathroom to take her shower. She has to get cleaned up for when she returns to her cell there might be a customer waiting in her cell.


I would like to reserve a place as a prisoner. I can get a character up tomorrow

Name: Angel Maxwell (prisoner)

   Age: 23


Attire: black boy shorts and a red chemise

Preference : as a player- anything can happen- character though will be M/F
O/O's: The normal bathroom play is off - open to pretty much anything else.

Optional: Why you are in prison: Angel was caught trying to steal 3 Coach bags, and a wallet (from another customer) from an exclusive boutique. When the police further searched her apartment, they found over $5,000 worth of stolen merchandise. She didn't have much in her life, and thought she deserved the finer things in life, she just didn't pay for them. It's not that she's a horrible person, she just wanted better things for herself. Once sentenced, she was confused why she got fifty years to life for such and 'innocent' crime. She only had a public defender, and has no chance for appeal. 

  Do you enjoy the situation or is prison hell for you. It's pure Hell
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Ons &Offs
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That will do fine can't wait to see your Char.


i wasinterested in playing a male character in this one ? if that is ok do pm me :)


I would love to join this game, its one of my favourite areas :)
Looking to write.  Sometimes life catches up with me.  If it does I will be back...


Sounds fun! Time to get my warden on  ;)

Detail Men:
   What you wish to be: Warden
   Name: Warden Seth Taylor
   Age: 30
   Features: Scar across one eye, leaving it a sightless white orb. Warden Seth is a big man at six feet tall, stocky and knows how to handle himself in a scrap; exactly the sort of man you want guarding prisoners.
   Attire: Warden uniform
   O/O's: bondage, tickling, n-c/bodily waste and anal are the huge ones. Anything else is pretty much open for exploration
   Other stuff: Seth loves his job. I mean, really loves his job. There isn't a day that goes by where he doesn't take advantage of the prisoners somehow, making them compete for 'rewards' they probably want nothing to do with. He's one of those bastards who knows one day he will get what is coming to him, and until then he intends to have fun.


I'd be interested in a wealthy man, I'll post up a character as soon as he's done.
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Just tossing my name in to play one of the guards, I will post a char when I have some more time


Women: Prisoner
Name: Matilda Sterling
Age: 25
Attire: Tends to wear short skirts and tight blouses.  Hate underwear of any kind
Preferance: I don't mind where things go, I'm happy to get into anything.  M/F, F/F, M/M/F, M/F/F anything really
O/O's: Likes: bondage, pain, rape, interrogation, anal, orgasm control. Dislikes: Scat, watersports, vore, gore
Optional: Why you are in prison: Matty is serving life for fraud, blackmail and kidnapping.  She tried to blackmail an ex boyfriend by claiming he was conducting fraudulent business deals.  When the truth was discovered she kidnapped him, threatening to kill him.  He has powerful friends and they had her placed in this very individual prison.
Do you enjoy the situation or is prison hell for you.
Its hell, but its better than having no sex.  Anything forced, and brutal is welcome.
Looking to write.  Sometimes life catches up with me.  If it does I will be back...


here's my character

Details Women: prisoner
Name: Kimberly Dawson
Age: 19
Attire: she normally wears a black  thong which covers her modesty but not much else, and a short black tank top that falls just a little below her breasts revealing her midriff and the bottoms of her 36 C breasts when she raises her arms
Preferance As a player I’m good for anything that happens, but my characters preference will be m / f
O/O’s:  rape, bondage, anal, some pain, orgasm control, possibility of pregnancy, pregnancy.  Almost anything is fine with me, Offs: Bathroom play, vore, watersports.  Don’t mind a little pain but extreme torture is out.  If you think its to extreme run it by me.
Optional: As a runaway Kimberly was no stranger to petty crime to survive. Mostly it was small stuff like shoplifting food and things like that.  One night she was while searching for a place to curl up for the night she came across a mugging in progress.  The man had a knife and he turned it on her.  They struggled and the man ended up impaled on his own knife.  To Kimberly’s misfortune she was found not long after that by the police and arrested for murder.  The public defender did his best but in the end the lawyer for the prosecution won conviction and she was sentenced to life in prison
Do you enjoy the situation or is prison hell for you. : It will be pure hell for her and what’s worst is she see no way out and she has a long life ahead of her.

Kimberly is only brand new to the prison with today being her first day.  She has absolutely no idea what is in store for her but she is sure to find out very soon.  It will be a very rude awakening for her and she will fight and scream with all her might at first needing to be broken in.  Also she is virgin which will cause the first time to be even more painful for her.


Would this work for a guard?

Name: Eric Augurman
Age: 35
A warm face lit by aquamarine eyes, an easy smile, and a proffered hand all come to mind when new prisoners first see the gentlemanly Eric. He takes pains to project himself as a safe haven for the convicts at the prison, particularly new girls.

Behind the veneer is something of a patient sadist. He works as the guard who can get girls contraband in from the outside.The quicker girls wise up to the cost of his favors quickly but in the end he still gets one or two when they are most desperate. It'd easy to take a woman in this prison. For Eric, the pleasure is in making the woman come to him. He doesn't have a taste for new girls at all but he likes to build up their hopes that there is some respite from the hell that is the prison. That is before suggesting to his superiors that the new meat be broken in by their rougher and wealthier clients. At times he's even bribed inmates to take new girls and treat them worse than the guards do.

   Attire: Blue guard fatigues when he's lounging around not doing work, tan khaki fatigues when he has to be on duty outside of a guard room.
   O/O's: Anything purdy much short of extremes, bathroom, scat, vore, smurfalacion (sounds yick!). Any combination so long as M and F are involved. I prefer to rp sex scenes opposite female players but outside the sex its all good.