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May 23, 2018, 09:42:45 PM

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Author Topic: Plots of a Dark and Twisted mind Revisited {looking for F}  (Read 1014 times)

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Plots of a Dark and Twisted mind Revisited {looking for F}
« on: October 19, 2010, 08:40:30 PM »
Allright Time for me to put some thought into this. I do apologize first my on/offs thread is broken on purpose till I make a new one.

First off I would like to say is If we are in a Pm correspondence DON"T LEAVE ME HANGING. If you don't like the idea or am not interested just say so. Don't just leaving me hanging  that's just rude. Also IF we do start a thread and you don't like it, am not happy with something, or whatever Please just talk to me I don't read minds.

Second I have many kinks and seriously probably the only three things i have no interest in is Scat, M on M and vore. But just because i am into a lot of things and you aren't doesn't mean I won't give things a shot in toning down especially if the Thread is a good one. I am flexable just don't make assumptions again the word COMMUNICATION comes into play.

With that said I will admit right now i am still getting the dust off of myself so I am still working on bringing my posts up to more detail but I do my best to match my partner and the more you feed me the easier it is for me to add detail.

Right now I will take on any of these three plots or if you have another one feel free to hit me up. Also i am just craving a smut r/p with minor plot but one that can turn to more Also for some odd reason i want to play a Futa.
OK as to plots


one would be the story of a vampire and a vampire hunter. Really a lot of that is in the air of where it can go. My character Micheal is a vampire based  off of WoD vampire the masquerade. He is a gangrel and specializes in Werewolf hunting. He is one of the few vampires who can stand toe to toe with werewolves and has the teeth to show it. I see the story starting off at a party one that your character the hunter would know that vampires come threw. I do male dominant characters and in this story i think can and could make a life of their own and would include probably some interesting lycan  scenes
this story can have a lot of different elements to it but can be more non con or extreme This story is flexible on many things

Boss/Administrative assistant
The second is a newer character who i started developing before i took my hiatus. It is based upon the head of an advertsing firm Rahl and his exploits in getting what he wants in his need to be at the top but also further into the story would find out his other motives. It would start off with an advertising for a need for a new executive asst for him. Part of the interview process is the interviewee going threw interviews with different executives and as they find out just how far she is willing to go to get the job
I would like this story to be in the extreme section so would require either someone with little to no limits or wiling to push your limits

End of the world
The third well the third one is my baby.
This one i do have one thread going but would like at least one more version of this and maybe one day putting the two threads together
Sometime in the future there was an accident. An intelligent virus was accidental released. Within hours it spread halfway across the states . IT was originally designed to create the super solider. TO say the least it wasn't very successful In over 98% of those infected and that includes not just humans but animals and plant life causes major mutations. They become aggressive, violent and the strongest rules the pack. As to the mutations well they can go anywhere.

In .5% nothing happens ..

With the elite rest..
Males. ---- the virus does as it intended. It turns the male into the super soldier. Faster, stronger, able to analyze and learn as well as more dominant. But there are some catches. and in this world it revolves around the female.
Females.. they are the key. Within minutes of being infected they start to lactate. And are hunted. The mutants want the female for strictly breeding purposes and the increased power that comes from feeding from the breast of an unmutated female. For the unmutated male their abilities do not manifest till he feeds from the breast of the female. Once he does he is bound to her the virus turns him into that super soldier but the trick is first the male bonding with the female and then keeping her for she will be hunted. The female over time will develop more mind abilities and will be linked emotionally to her guardian. But on the flip side the female needs cum. She needs to feed constantly but the more she feeds from her male the stronger the bond is. If the male dies she has 48 hours to find a new male before she dies from the bond being broken.

With this story i do have a in depth plot be warned it is as well highly sex filled but it moves along with the story also looking again for either someone who is willing to push the majority or all of their limits or just don't have any.

Pairings with my pairings I like almost everything so will just put in what i am craving right now

Subject to change
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Re: Plots of a Dark and Twisted mind Revisited {looking for F}
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2012, 07:03:05 PM »
Updated and spruced up a little