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Author Topic: Concordia: A Fantasy World Modernized (UN, looking for Male and/or Female!)  (Read 593 times)

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Summary: Concordia is a world that has developed through Magic, not Science. It is composed of two continents, a Western one (which is a violent and poor place, much like Africa and much of the Middle-East), and an Eastern one (which is a largely peaceful and prosperous place, corresponding to Earth’s ‘Western World’ and nations like Russia and Japan). Technology is more advanced than ours, resembling a near-future, run by magic. It is a sort of ‘wonder-world’ compared to ours.

The society of the Eastern continent is one of extreme social freedom, due to the practice of the religion Unitas, which preaches sexual and social liberty in line with their mythology. This does not mean that everyone walks around naked constantly having sex with people, but it is one where promiscuity, hedonism, homosexuality, polygamy, etc. is socially acceptable and a healthy sexual life is encouraged by Unitas, as it believes that, to put it bluntly, ‘a people who play together stay together.’

Our characters would be partners (M/F, although who plays which is up in the air) in the Order of Wills, an arm of Unitas that acts as a proactive paramilitary police and intelligence force that defends Concordia from ‘bad magic’ and those who use it. We are investigating the appearance of more and more ‘anomalies’ across the Eastern continent. Also, as a branch of Unitas, it also upholds its beliefs rather fervently, meaning their agents are much more ‘familiar’ with each other than most law-enforcement partners are.

If this interests you, please read on and send me a PM! I've posted short explanations of pertinent topics for this setting.


Concordia: Concordia is composed of two continents, the rich Eastern continent and the poor Western continent. The planet is largely similar to Earth, aside from its creation being one of magic and not science, with similar ecologies and ecosystems, as most of the dangerous ‘fantastical’ beasts have been eradicated or pushed deep in to the few inhospitable places on Concordia. The nations of the Eastern Continent are varied and distinct. The States of New Jebbel, for example, is a democratic republic run by an elected Chancellor, while the Caelum Confederacy is a collection of floating cities tethered to the continent by magic, hovering high above the Caelum desert, a magically warped area where Caelum’s cities used to exist on, before escaping destruction by becoming airborne. It is ruled by an oligarchy of powerful Mages.

Magic: Magic is at the very core of Concordia and the Universe. It permeates everything. It manifests itself most often in the form of Mana, which can take form as a liquid, solid, or gas. Mana is mined from Concordia’s moons, the ancient mountain kingdoms of the long-gone Dwarves, and fissures in the earth, extracted from deep-ocean drilling platforms, and refined across the globe. It is used in nearly everything that has a piece of technology in it. Without it, that technology simply wouldn’t run. Luckily, there is no short supply of Mana, as it is, or seems to be, formed as quickly as it is used.

Mages: While magic is as common as running water or energy to Earth, very few humans ever truly master it enough to consider themselves Mages. Nearly everyone on Concordia is trained to some degree in magic, whether this is because they work on the assembly lines, or they’ve been trained a certain useful ability as part of job training. However, this ‘trained-in-a-day’ magic amounts to the worker knowing how to use the magic, but not understanding it. There is little room for him to transfer the skills to a different career without re-training.

For more advanced careers requiring a much firmer grasp of magic (almost all ‘advanced’ professions, like Earth’s physicists, computer engineers, architects, etc.), humans are trained by the Academia Magum, schools that do more than instruct someone on how to use magic, they teach them how to understand magic. The graduates from the Academies almost always end up as one of the movers and shakers of Concordia. World leaders, research Mages, Technomancers (those responsible for the designing and implementation of new technologies), all are graduates of Academia Magum schools.

Religion: The religion of most of the Eastern continent (the Eastern World, colloquially), the heartland of magical advancement, follow the religion of Unitas. Unitas is a religion devoted to personal and social freedom through unity by which archaic restraints on social taboos, when harmless, are preached as natural parts of humanity. Unitas is an umbrella term for hundreds of faiths, preaching different but similar messages.

They all believe, however, that the Universe was brought in to existence by the Goddess Lustra and her consort, Lisaster. Lustra, having been in a period of grieving for the death of her husband where she could not have relations with anyone else, celebrating the end of her Grievance, called for her most trusted servant, Lisaster, to her private gardens. There, she had him take her, and in that moment the two were bound together. The result of that union was the birth of the Universe and all things in it.

Technology: Technology on Concordia resembles, largely, Earth’s technology at first glance. Cars, planes, televisions, etc. all have counterparts on Concordia. What distinguishes technology on Concordia from Earth is the fantastical on Earth being ordinary on Concordia. The ability for cheap and efficient travel to Concordia’s two moons, magical cosmetic surgery allowing one to completely tailor their looks, automatons working menial labour for humanity, incredible magic cures for disease, and many other things magic makes possible. To list them all would be a monumental undertaking in itself.

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Update: added a summary, solidified a plot, and wrote out information for the setting. Please send a PM and post with your interest! I await with bated breath!