My Pic-Topic Attempts (lf f)

Started by TenchuFall, October 19, 2010, 01:20:44 AM

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I haven't a clue the success of these things, but I was hoping that I could find a few more roleplays that were exciting and fun to play around in, so I can fill my time, as it seems most of my partners are largely unavailable or have decided to stop their posting altogether (I'm not etirely sure either).

Each picture I post is going to have a starting idea behind it, which will be some-what explained in the link itself. If you find any interest, please, send me a message or post it in here. No pics are NSFW.

An odd bounty hunter
A Mysterious Young Man who Loves the Night
A New Student to high school
A Young man scarred by an accident, finds solace in the rain (Quite literal for the picture)
Eccentric young millionaire decides to hire entertainment to suit his tastes
In a twisted Wonderland, The Hatter is the only one who can help Alice
A girl has a dream about Alice, but when she wakes up, she brought the Cat with her
An outlaw running from the law boards a private train
A police officer on a futuristic world meets a worthy adversary
A stowaway on a pirate ship proves to be more useful than he looks