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Author Topic: A sample writing (something that i have been working on)  (Read 565 times)

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Offline GrimmwolfTopic starter

A sample writing (something that i have been working on)
« on: October 18, 2010, 11:03:50 PM »
What I am about to right is something from the background of a character that I have been creating for my friend's roleplaying game, it is a pen and paper don't worry. But this is the background to Nikolai Grimmwolf.

There thunderous clouds in the sky, the village knew that a storm was brewing and they had made haste to get all the cattle and livestock in before they were struck by lightning. Shauna was not working today and neither was Strovik, for their child was to be born today. Shauna let out a scream which was muted by the sound of thunder and a crack of lightning hitting the house. When the sound was gone, the cries of a child could be heard. The midwife handed Strovik his child telling him that it was a boy. He was so proud that he had a son, but that pride was quickly stripped from him when he saw the child's eyes. They were the color of lightning, the same lightning that had been plaguing their lands for generations. They took it as a bad omen and dumped him in a monastery to bee raised by the priests. They gave him the name Nikolai.
As the yeards went by, Nikolai grew fast, smart, and developed a knack for covering up others messes. The adults called him a monster, the children called him a savior, but most of them wouldn't come too close because of not just his eyes, but the hair that had sprouted from his head. It was bright and like snow woven into fine thread. Only the priests saw the true power that had lied within him, or so they thought. within the month of his eighth birthday, Nikolai was adopted but he was immediately dropped into a school to train him how to wield a sword, and conjure magic.
Over the years, Nikolai had taken a liking to his weapons training, favoring the scythe above all other weapons. Upon his fifteenth birthday he had even bested his teachers and the grand master at the sword. They were all impressed, but unfortunately, his ability in magic was lacking. Nikolai could only successfully use wind, water, and lightning spells. No one knew why, but the other students would make fun of him.
Upon his eighteenth birthday Nikolai had escaped the school in the dead of night, it was his final year, but he knew that he would be drafted into the armed guard for the magistrate right afterwards. Nikolai wanted to be free, he wanted to be his own person. He kept walking until the next morning and the town that the school was in was only a small blemish on the horizon. He continued walking until he heard something growling. It was coming from behind him, he had slowly turned around to come within but a few yards of a hellhound. It was hungry, and Nikolai as not ready to lose his freedom just yet. The beast had jumped and Nikolai had spun, unleashing his scythe and slcing the beast's head clear off. He took the body and skinned it, leaving the meat for the birds, but he took the head as a souvenir. When he came to the next town people stared at him in terror. he sold the fur and the head and made his way to the tavern, it was then that Nikolai was approached by a large man with a scar over his eye and a giant war hammer on his shoulder. he offered Nikolai a spot in their guild of fighters and gave him the name Grimmwolf, for being one of the few who have ever come face to face with a hellhound and lived.