story around the video (imaginations needed)

Started by jeff25sweet, October 17, 2010, 02:29:24 AM

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Ok, I decided to make it a theme. I will post links of videos here and if you find that clip interesting, we can build a role around that:


Anyone here knows Russian, I would love to know what they are saying in the video.


This one is from a proper english movie, I think "La Luna".


This is in japanese, i wish someone could translate for me ....


That link didn't work for me when I clicked it.  You may want to check it.


Hi Elina, The link is working fine for me, i am not sure if this is blocked in your country. Another way is to go to site:     and then search for 'mom and son together at last'.. it is the 1st search result. Hope that works.