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Started by jeff25sweet, October 15, 2010, 02:49:59 PM

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I have a couple of complex ideas involving 'incest' between mother and son (step, or adopted also ok) as the main theme. But it need not be outright incest and the ideas are a bit subtle.

A husband and wife are in their late-30s having teenager son and daughter. Both are professional and busy and this has made their personal and sexual life a bit dull. One of them comes across some article on internet discussing problems between modern-day couples and discussing particularly how the sexual aspect of life is getting affected due to this. The article suggests that the couples should share their inner fantasies only with the partners and explore them further for mutual pleasure. The important point is the partners should trust each other, no matter how dark the fantasy is they should know that these are only fantasies and never correlate to real life. The hubby reads this article and wonders if he can somehow discuss his fantasies with his wife.

The hubby secretly has a fantasy to see his teenager son and daughter with his wife. What he does not know is that the wife also has that fantasy secretly but she is too scared to even speak about it. In the RP I will play as hubby you as wife and the son and daughter will be inactive characters, we will only speak about them. I will begin by talking casually about kids when we are doing intimate things. Unaware that this is actually fueling your fantasies, exactly what I want. I guess there is a lot of scope for exploring ides within this theme.

Suppose I go to school/college by bus every day, it is usually crowded with office-going crowd. You also take the same bus sometimes and also some neighbors who are good friends with you. One day one of your neighbors complains to you that I have 'touched' her in the bus. She is not angry but worried and tells you that you should take care as I am at that delicate age. You discuss this with another friend of yours who is a psychiatrist. She suggests that perhaps I am not comfortable with closeness with grown-up women and says that it is common in boys my age. She suggest you to somehow bring me in situations where he is comfortable with the closeness of female body. After a while he will realize that it is no big deal. Now you decide to take care of it without discussing with your hubby as he does not want another tension in his already busy life. You could decide to give me more hugs or stand unusually close to me or be more careless about your clothing when I am there. all in order to make me feel 'normal'. We could be standing next to each other in crowded bus or elevator. You could also discuss it with me openly and tell me that we are going to practice "bus rides" at home, and then we just stand very close for 10-20 minutes as if in a bus corridor.

The mother and son have developed a mutual sexual  attraction recently, but both are trying to fight the desires. Eventually they just can not, but they are not able to be bold also. Then they try to give each other chances to know of their feelings. The son could touch his cock casually when she is watching, or the mother could make deliberate loud moaning sounds while making love with hubby or while masturbating. I guess there is no clear storyline here, but I would like to develop their roles. Suggestions along these lines are very welcome.

Anyone interested in playing the Female role in the above, please PM me.