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Author Topic: Mother Erth (futa-fantasy set on a far-future magic Earth)  (Read 1005 times)

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Mother Erth (futa-fantasy set on a far-future magic Earth)
« on: October 15, 2010, 01:24:28 am »
This is a game set in the far-future, where Earth (Erth) is populated by women and Futa living in a feudal society of wonders, with tantamount importance of beauty. The Knights of the Seed, futa empowered by the Mother, are the Mother Lands (the last untainted place on Erth, corresponding roughly to the USA) best hope for survival. These religious warriors protect the Mother Lands from external corruption and investigate instances of taint.

Our characters are Knights of the Seed, yours being a new-recruit (who has been deemed worthy and enfused with the essence of the Mother and given incredible magic abilities), and mine being your direct superior (I'll also have supporting characters).

The feel of this game is very much hyper-sexual, with a society that has been kept at a feudal level of society (albeit with many aspects of wondrous fantasy), who have been distracted from scientific progress by the importance of sex and beauty the Mother preaches. If this is an idea that strikes your fancy, read on and PM/Post with comments and concerns!

Kirsa, eyes as sharp as a hawk’s, watched from the small hillside, looking out at the tiny valley where the Greenskins, corrupted women from the South, laughed, drank, and fucked the night away. She had been following them for the past week, watching as they raided the border-villages for new pussy and cock to take home with them.

She hated the Greenskins. They had taken her sister from her, when she was young and living in what is now tainted land. Kirsa was already living with her Matron in the Seed Hall, being groomed to be a Knight of the Seed, when the attack happened.

She had heard stories of the Greenskins, but never had she seen their depraved acts up close. The worst part was, in some place in the back of her mind, what she saw excited her. The fact that her cock was lengthening along her pant leg was testament to that.

Down in the vally, a crude circular camp had been made, roughly thirty Greenskins scattered across it. The most amazing part, though, was each Greenskin had a supple young woman, captured on the village raids, impaled on their impressive cocks. Kirsa would have thought it would be a painful experience, but the looks on the women’s faces was one of sheer bliss.

“It’s the taint, they’re already infected with it,” Kirsa’s lone companion, Shirx, whispered, looking sidelong at Kirsa’s troubled expression. “Don’t worry, Kirsa... it excites you, me too.”

Kirsa had to smile. Shirx was younger than her, and yet seemed so wise. “It’s just... it’s so powerful, you can practically smell the aroma from here,” Kirsa added, looking back with lustful eyes. Her cock was fully erect now, and in a painful position.

Lifting her ass, clad in tight leather, Kirsa reached down to where the fly of her pants were and undid it, her hand reaching in to pull out her eleven inch pole. As the cool air of the night caressed her shaft and the pressure from her pants was gone, she gave a long sigh of relief.

“Much better,” she whispered, smiling over at Shirx, who was eyeing up Kirsa’s cock like a piece of meat. Kirsa knew Shirx had a bit of a thing for her cock, and she loved whipping it out around her.

“Later, Shirx. We need to report back,” Kirsa managed. Shirx looked to Kirsa’s eyes, then to her cock, before shaking her head.

“Not a chance.” Getting up on her knees, Shirx crawled over to Kirsa, pulling her in to a needy kiss with one had while the other went to the fly of her own pants. When she broke away, her own member, smaller, at nine inches, but fatter, was out in the air.

Looking pained, Kirsa gave in, nodding hastily as she rose to a crouch, grabbing Shirx and pulling her away from the hill, down further and away from the Greenskin orgy.

“Just a quick rub,” she husked, when she felt they were far enough away. Shirx nodded her head, quickly, before grabbing at the low-necked vest, pulling it open to reveal her prodigious chest, dark nipples going hard in the cool night.

Her cock in her hand, Kirsa began to jack it, as Shirx came to her, hands grasping at Kirsa’s braw, the only thing she wore on her chest, and pulled it off, revealing her much larger tits. Leaning forward, Shirx locked lips with Kirsa as their tits crushed together and their hands went to each other’s cock, gripping it hard as they jerked each other off while they kissed.

Panting through her nose, Kirsa moaned as she felt the first drops of precum smear on to her hand when she palmed Shirx’s cockhead. She could feel her pussy juicing, and wished she had time to feel that cock plug her cunt. Later tonight, when they were back at camp and were safe.

“I wanna cum,” Shirx moaned in to the kiss, which made Kirsa laugh, as her hand picked up speed, gliding up to swirl around her cock head, gathering precum before smearing it along her shaft. Shirx followed suit, and soon both Knights were on the very verge of cumming, drool trailing down their chins to land on their crushed together tits.

And then both of them were screaming in to the other’s mouth as their cocks swelled, and shot out great gobs of hot, sticky cum, arcing out to splatter against the underside of the other’s tits, ruining their uniform in the process.

Neither cared, as they broke the kiss, no longer coherent as they collapsed to their knees, their hands still milking the other’s cock, their hips tensing as cum cannon-balled on to the tops of their tits, leaving them with snaking trails of cum criss-crossing their heavy milkbags, trailing down their stomachs and on to the ground.

As their cocks slowly deflated, the two Knights looked each other over, at their cum-greased tits and flaccid cocks hanging out.

“Camp isn’t far,” Kirsa said, standing, picking up her bra and fitting it on, ignoring the cum streaking across her globes. She left her cock out, liking the way it felt in the breeze.

Shirx smiled, getting up after her. She picked up her vest, but left it undone, preferring to walk with her tits free. “You think you’ll be good to go again by then?”

“Most definitely,” Kirsa grinned, smacking Shirx’s ass before walking off to report to their captain.

Man destroyed itself. It was inevitable. Humanity survived, though, living in nomadic societies for two thousand years after the Destructive Wars.

Then came the Goddesses, in Crystal Cities that appeared within the heart of the ruins of Man’s cities. They gave out wisdom to the gathered nomads, who had developed a religious cult surrounding the Old Men, those who lived before the Wars. They told the women of the evil of men, and gave them the power to slay the sinners.

This was the Man Slaying, where the women, in fervour toward the Goddesses, slew every man in sight, until none were left. They knew that this would be their end, but had faith that when they died, they would be granted entrance to the Crystal Cities to live with the Goddesses.

This was not to be the case. The Goddesses granted women with the Seed, the source of a man’s fertility, but devoid of their sin. This Seed was given to the most beautiful and noble of the women who survived the Man Slaying, and it allowed them to impregnate and be impregnated. They were the union of man and woman.

The Goddesses entrusted those with the Seed (Seedbearers) important positions of religious power in the society the Goddesses were building with the women. Keeping them away from the dark paths the Old Men went down, the Goddesses granted Womankind beauty, health, and pleasure.

But then they left, their Crystal Cities going dark, save for a few, but even these Goddesses no longer walked amongst the women. Factions arose, blaming other groups for this abandonment, and war erupted, the Kinslaying. Here, a group of Seedbearers gathered together, amassing an army to protect their lands, and fought back the factions.

As the war was ending, the Goddesses returned, shocked and angered at what they had seen. They hid the secret of the Seed, and left, damning Womankind.

But one returned, in secret. This Goddess, the Mother, gave those with the Seed the ability to pass it on through their children, although it was not guaranteed. She also continued to guide them, although her powers were very few when compared to before the Kinslaying.

So, war continued as society developed in to one of martial gain, as well as one that worshiped beauty. The Mother would work through those Seedbearers born in to the Crystal Chantry, the religious body that was established to continue the work of the Mother.

Since the Kinslaying, dark powers have overcome the land, sporadically, which forced the Mother’s hand in the creation of the Knights of the Seed, a religious group selected from Seedbearers of most pure of heart and gifted with power from the Mother herself.

During times of peace, the Knights are protectors, battling the remnants of past evil still lingering on Erth, and also acting as ambassadors, wisewomen, and healers for the Mother Lands, the last remnants of Womankind on Erth.

But now is a dark time, and a dark Queen has risen in the South, in a land stepped in the dark taint, and it is threatening the Mother Lands. The Knights of the Seed must discover the nature of this evil before it is too late, while the various Queendoms of the Mother Lands put aside their differences and prepare for war.
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Re: Mother Erth (futa-fantasy set on a far-future magic Earth)
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2010, 04:55:23 am »
Color me interested.

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Re: Mother Erth (futa-fantasy set on a far-future magic Earth)
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2010, 04:27:27 pm »
Added a little narrative.

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Re: Mother Erth (futa-fantasy set on a far-future magic Earth)
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2010, 03:59:23 pm »
Count me in!