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Author Topic: Order of the Rose (M Seeking F)  (Read 876 times)

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Order of the Rose (M Seeking F)
« on: October 14, 2010, 11:27:26 pm »
Since I have so many ideas revolving around the Order of the Rose, I decided to post them all in one place for ease of access.

The Order of the Rose

The Order of the Rose is the most sacred and exclusive of Orders. It is also the least well known of all the Orders. Some would even say it has been around since the dawn of time. It certainly has seemed to have existed for as long as anyone can remember. But documenting an exact history on the Order of the Rose is nigh impossible. There are no records kept of Membership, no documentation or paper work filed. There are only rumors and tales about this exclusive Order. There are rumors that famous people and icons from the past have all been members of the Order. Each Sect of the Order differs by location, which variations to their rules and customs as any such exclusive Order will undergo when it is adopted by the locals.

The one thing that is known, however, are its rules.

Order of the Rose
1. Silence. There is no talking aloud at the meetings.
2. Anonymous. There is no revealing a persons identity while at a meeting.
3. Mask. The members mask shall be worn at all times during the meeting. At no point should the Mask come off.
4. Leadership. Only He - or She - who has been invested with Leadership of the Order can call for Meetings.
5. Initiation. Initiates to the Order of the Rose are to strip naked. The Leader of the Order then decides whom gets to take the Initiate first. The Initiate becomes a full Rose at the next meeting.

Members of the Order of the Rose are informed of upcoming Meetings a week in advance, by a golden-leafed letter slid under their doors. Who sends this message and how they know the identities and locations of its Members has longed remained a mystery, albeit one that has never even attempted to be solved. Even so, the letters never fail to reach the members in time, the week before hand allowing them to free their schedules and ensure that their Masks are ready for use.

So what exactly takes place at these exclusive meetings? The answer is simple: sex. Sex that is free from attachments, from class and racial barriers, sex that is safe and anonymous and satisfying. Few members are known in the local Sects and there is no discussion of politics, favors, or business deals. There is no spying, or prying, of information like at a brothel, and all woman of the Order are there on their own free will and inner desires.

That does not prevent intrigue from happening, of course. Forbidden romances have been known to occur.

The Queen of the Rose - Fantasy/Medieval
Looking for some one to play as the lusty, virginal Queen, and the Dukes Wife. I will play all Male roles. Elements of Blackmail involved, along with M/F, F/F, M/F/F, M/F/M.
The Queen of the kingdom had two secrets. Her first secret was that she was a Queen of the Order of the Rose. She was in charge of the Order based in the Capital city. No one knew who she was, of course, despite having come onto the scene like wildfire. Another woman had been the Queen of the Rose at the time and had initiated her into the Order. Almost immediately the power shifted, and the Queen of the Realm became the Queen of the Rose.

Her body was perfection, with full round breasts, a flat stomach, and a perk rear. The sight of her, naked, moving her hips seductively as she walked was enough to stir every one, both male and female, into arousal. She would take her place on her throne in the dimly lit chamber, a motion from her hand starting the orgy. She often floated from group to group through the night, lending a helping hand here and there. Depending on her mood, she'd let some one get her off too - usually a woman. But no one, once they stopped to think about it, had ever seen her with a man. She certainly was no stranger to cock but no one had ever had the pleasure of fucking her. But that was because of the Queens second secret: she was still a virgin.

The King was nearly twice her age when he married her and was suffering from impotence - some said because of a battle injury, others because he favored men. She had lain with him on their wedding night though he was unable to get aroused. Now, several years later, she has grown used to the lack of affection. She was introduced to the Order by her mentor who was starting to turn the page on her life. Their first night together had been wonderful and the Queen had responded well to the sense of power she exerted over the Order just by her mere presence. But she had held onto her virtue the entire time. But that was all about to change.

A new initiate to the Order required her attention. The Initiate was being broken in by one of the more well endowed men and the Queen could not resist, teasing and sucking him off having been one of the favorite things she did at these meetings. She had a slight crush on him, truth be told, despite not knowing who he was, but she hadn't counted on the frisky Initiate leaving a mark on the side of her neck. It was by this mark that the Count would identify her the following day and confronting her about her role, inviting her to do dinner with his wife that very night to 'discuss things over'. The Queen, unwilling to let her identity be compromised, quickly agrees, not fully knowing what she was getting herself into.

The New Initiate - Modern/Contemporary Flavor
Looking for Victoria, ready to let go of all control to the masses of the group. Can also include other elements, possibly coworker or rival. M/F, M/F/M, possibly M/F/F as well.

Victoria needed to relax. Her job was high-intensity, fast-paced as an Executive at a financial firm. She got a thrill out of being in control, in charge, in a mans world. But it was highly stressful and she had little time for a social life. She was always making the decisions, always taking charge, and she needed to let go for a weekend, to collect herself once more. Her friend, Sarah, perked up in the middle of their dinner conversation as she talked with Victoria about taking a vacation. Sarah said she knew the perfect thing to do, the perfect way for Victoria to completely let go and let others take control. Victoria just had to trust her.

As Sarah explained, in greater detail, her plan, Victoria was not sure what to think. It sounded like a swingers party, which in essence it was. But Sarah told her it was more then just that, plus she'd get to wear a mask and no one would know who she was. Victoria caved in and decided to give it a go - she hadn't been laid in a while, so why not? She met with Sarah before hand, received some final instructions, and her mask, and entered the meeting.

She hadn't counted on the the thrill she felt as she walked naked onto the stage area that had been set up. Her nipples were hard long before the first guy touched them. The thrill of being fucked in front of so many people, of completely letting go while people watched, was something she had never experienced before. She was able to let go, completely, and had never felt so relaxed or satisfied afterwards.

Sarah had been right after all.
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Re: Order of the Rose (M Seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2010, 12:22:24 am »
I have to say that I like both of those possibilities. I would probably go with the later of the two though, if no one has taken you up on it already.

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Re: Order of the Rose (M Seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2010, 06:01:58 am »
I'll bite on the first.  :)