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June 19, 2018, 02:14:12 AM

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Author Topic: Outside the bunker  (Read 527 times)

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Outside the bunker
« on: October 14, 2010, 09:33:37 PM »

In the year 2013, the human soul has become a phenomenom pursued by the scientific world. Does it exist at all? And if so, what is it? How does it work? Is it essential to our well being?

The exact science behind the soul is young, but it has been identified and recognized as a real scientific occurance. It is an energy that exists on a plane of existance completely invisible to human senses. It is the puppeteer of our bodies. It is everything we are, using our bipedal forms of matter as a way to operate in the physical plane. Once this body expires, the soul can no longer manipulate the world, and will lose touch with it, eventually returning to nature.

This has explained why some victims can still feel their 'phantom limbs' despite having no actual limb there, or how ghost can exist, or how some can send their souls away from their body in Astral Projection.

By the year 2016, the first recorded attempt of a Soul Extraction takes place. The subject managed to walk several paces under Spectral Analysis before returning to its physical body.

By 2017, the second attempt took place, and was an absolute failure. The Soul Disipated and returned several moments later to the deceased patient, the body roaming the test area as if in a sleep walk, even conversing with a doctor he had known and responding to a nickname not many had known of. The patient died a second time shortly after, but its 'Ghost' would continue to walk the test area for 9 months, its strength sporadic, sometimes able to manifest visually to the naked eye and manipulate physical objects.

By 2019, the dead do not rise. They never fall to begin with. A body that expires simply will not die, the soul stubbornly clinging to its mortal puppet, its memories and intelligence slowly fading, as if from old age. This confusion can cause many to become violent, but some are simply sedate, as if sleep walking, while others try to seek help, or self mutilation, in the pursuit of suicide.

The only way to kill these Zombies is outright destruction of the physical body. Sever every limb, crush every bone, blast every piece off of it, until the Soul simply cannot recognize its form anymore, and is forced to Disperse. Special weaponry designed to shred meat like cuttlery loaded into a cannon seems to work best, the ensueing blasts literally blowing the bodies into scraps.

However, this did not work for long. As their bodies decayed, they improvised and repaired themselves, displaying their former human intelligence and ingenuity. Mending their broken limbs with all manner of debris, the Soul can seem to accept any foreign object that conforms to its original shape.

A broken leg with metal shoved into the fractured bone and bound tight with barbed wire. Metal stitches and wooden slates across a broken ribcage. Railrode spikes shoved into a shoulder to keep an arm on. This can go on and on until the body is completely replaced, and when there is no muscle tissue left to move these makeshift limbs, no tendons, bones or other locomotive tools, the Soul will accept the foreign parts so indefinitely that it will move them regardless, in the same manner a weak Ghost could move small objects.

It will, literally, retard itself, the versatile and unexplored abilities of spectral entities warping into makeshift and backward work arounds. Anything to trick it into believing it still has eyes to see, still has a knee to bend... and then it is simply mind over matter.

Once at this stage, a broken, hobbling Zombie becomes something much deadlier, its senile, lost Soul now complimented by a makeshift body that can overcome its former weakness, gaining strength and speed and mobility through a Soul that is now so perverted and broken it no longer relies on muscles, bones and eyes to operate in this plane.

Simply by casting aside the memories of its physical limitations, it can push its new body to whatever peak it can physically allow. Some, however, simply cannot shake these old habits entirely, and will limit themselves regardless.

Some appear smarter then others. Some are simply better are mending then others. Some are harmless and lost. Some only seek to kill. But all are senile, going slowly insane as the Soul and its aging body drift apart, yet cling together, the qualities of its past life sinking away, yet never truly dying.

The Prophet led his people below ground, led them away from the satanist scientists.  He saw what the world was coming to and led his church into a prepared bunker. When they first started expirementing with the human soul he had it built, by the time the dead stoped dieing it was ready.
Its been 3 generations now and the grandson of the first Prophet is the leader. It's always the first born son who is labeled the Prophet and made leader. This one is insane and sadistic.  All doors leading to the outside are gaurded closely and anyone with interest in the outside is declared possessed and tortured.  His madness is growing deeper each day.

3 friends are exploring and find a forgotten sealed up hallway and a door to the outside. Its ungaurded and they can sneak in and out without being caught.
I'm looking for another person to play this, I only need one more.

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Re: Outside the bunker
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2010, 09:37:48 PM »
If your interested PM me your character

Job:(all bunker members are assigned a job at the age of 5 based on natural skills. Training begins then and continues until their 17 at which point their put to work. Examples of jobs are: Cook, electriction, building repair(cement....carpentry ect...) and doctor.)
Equipment: (what do you have on you? Please make sure it makes since. For instance: a doctor would have a med kit, not a crowbar...)


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Re: Outside the bunker
« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2010, 09:46:56 PM »