A Gift for His Boss (open for one male)

Started by rvplymates, October 14, 2010, 08:15:54 PM

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OOC: Elizabeth Montgomery, 5'5", crystal blue eyes, long blonde wavy hair, 114 lb, 25 years old, well built.

Elizabeth had been married for three years to John Montgomery. She loved John but was not very good in bed and found many excuses not to do things with him that she considered not right. One of her main achievements in life was avoiding Mr. Maxwell's parties. She had heard too much about them from the other wives who gossiped about the women he had gotten to bed. She did not want to be one of them and had for three years avoided this party. Now John was being pushy, according to him he was in line for a promotion but because he doesn’t go to Mr. Maxwell's parties with his beautiful wife he doesn't have a chance. He haunted her the whole month of November about the party and finally she said yes.

She had bought a dress that would cover every each of her so that the boss who she consider a male whore would not notice her but wouldn't you know John came home with a present for her which was a red tight fitting dress. She looked at him as if he was mad and told him she would not wear it. Another two weeks of haunting ensued and finally she put the damn thing on and looked in horror as to how it fit her. The top of her large breasts popped out of the top and the dress showed off her hourglass shape clinging to her as if she was poured into it. When she showed John, he smiled and said she looked beautiful and insisted she wear it to the party.

The day of the party John sent her to a salon that pampered her body as well as her hair. She did not like it one bit but once there she could not leave as they hustled her to the back room and had her remove her clothing and put on a robe and then the horror as she saw it began. When she left she felt violated, but most women would have loved it. John got home early and insisted she get dressed right away as he wanted to be one of the first ones' there. In fact, he stayed in their room watching her dress which really disturbed her. She put on lacy undies that she did not want to wear, her good cotton she thought was good enough. Then as she picked up her bra, John took it from her. The dress according to him required no bra so on went the dress and before she could look at herself in the mirror, John had her down the stairs, out the door, in the car and at Mr. Maxwell's door. She felt naked standing there before the butler who had answered the door.


sounds interesting. Can you tell me which male you are looking for, boss or husband and what you are looking to happen to her (con or non con)
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Zaer Darkwail

Or perhaps M/F/M scenario? As wife is rather strict on things husband decides educate and make her love the naughty stuff which she never allowed husband experiment on her. Perhaps promotion idea itself is a lie and just excuse get her into the party :P.