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Periodically I have plot ideas and other things that I don't have the desire or occasion to play. When I get these and bother to type them up, I'll post them here, where anyone can read them and use them as they like. To be clear, I am not personally requesting these games; I'm posting them for free consumption. If you like them, tell me so! If you decide you'd like to play them with someone, and get a game going, let me know about it! Don't feel beholden to my original ideas at all. Hack them apart, use bits and pieces, or use it as a reference to start your own original thing. Doesn't matter to me! This is just an outlet for my creativity without making any kind of commitment.

Dragon Age

Bryce Cousland had always been known as a sober, reasonable individual, even known as cold to some. When  he married Eleanor, the nation knew Bryce had more to him than those traits. Eleanor was an irrational, fiery woman more interested in fighting than sewing or reading. Her cutting wit disheartened even the most earnest of suitors, all except for the calm Bryce. However, the real reason for the national shock found its source in Eleanor's youth. She had been kicked in the stomach by a furious stallion while she was taking horse-breaking lessons, and her house's healer had assured her family that short of blood magic, nothing would ever make her able to bear children. Bryce, as sole heir to the Cousland name and Highever, should have disregarded her immediately as unable to produce heirs.

Instead, the quiet man did something no one would have suspected even if they had seen it happening. He took into his employ a blood mage, a dark woman of unknown origin who promised him the world, but all for the appropriate price. His love for Eleanor overcame his renowned reason, and he agreed. The price turned out to be terrible. He and Eleanor would enjoy twenty-five years together, long enough to raise their children and see their grandchildren, but they would then be taken. The mage would not say how, and always seemed nervous whenever Bryce pushed her for details. Also disclosed was a further price: one of his children would belong to the demon with which they would consort to make this deal. She said that the child would neither be possessed nor controlled by the demon, but that the child would be infused with demonic taint. It would still be Bryce's child, still be real, but would be... an other. Bryce weighed this for over a year, watching Eleanor fawn over children of friends, saw her hidden anguish at being unable to have any of her own, and listened to her worries about house Cousland's future. When she suggested he take a mistress and legitimize the bastard child in order to secure that future, Bryce made his decision.

He met with the mage in the forest that night, bringing with him a tranquilized Eleanor, sent into the deep dreaming by poppymilk. The ritual was very short, but very bloody. The mage took Bryce's blood and her own and mixed them, smearing them on Eleanor's scarred stomach. Saying several words, she brought forth the demon. Bryce was unsurprised to find that it was a desire demoness, but was very surprised when the demoness and the mage began arguing loudly. They were speaking a language he couldn't understand, but from the gestures and increasing desperation of the mage, he could tell that either she had performed the ritual incorrectly or the demoness was demanding something new. Suddenly, with a deeply annoyed expression, the demoness waved a hand and the mage exploded, showering the Couslands in gore. Oddly, upon contact with them, it seemed to evaporate, along with the blood on Eleanor's stomach and the scars. The demoness smiled at Bryce, who was now quivering from fear. “Worry not, mortal,” she said silkily. “Despite your accomplice's greed, you have gotten your wish. Your mate will rise soon. Couple with her, and enjoy the fruits of your labors. But do not forget: your time is running out. Treasure it. One day, we shall meet again.”

Nine months later, the first Cousland child came screaming into the world. Tessa was a healthy brunette child, the very image of her parents. Able in all areas a noble needed to be, she was the pride of the Couslands. Bryce knew, of course, what this meant. There would be another child, as Tessa was clearly not an “other.” His suspicions were rapidly confirmed, as their second child was only two years behind, sporting white hair and brilliant violet eyes, traits known nowhere in human civilization. Violet was close to red, the men of knowledge said, so perhaps Daenerys Cousland was an albino of sorts. The subjects of Cousland, as well as other nobles, murmured of magic involved in her birth. Bryce denounced this strongly, and eventually it was forgotten, as Dany proved to be much like her sister, hearty and capable. Bryce knew the truth, of course. While Tessa sometimes struggled with household things like figures and the finer points of courting a husband, Dany was always able to do what was asked of her, provided she had an interest in it. Others chalked it up to her being a renaissance woman, but Bryce could feel the presence of the desire demoness, even if she herself was not present. He felt no evil in his beloved second born child, but he did feel something... other. It worried him greatly, but there was naught he could do without revealing to his daughter what she was, and saying anything to anyone risked the whole nation finding out... but especially Eleanor. He would not have her know.

Arl Howe's betrayal came without warning. Bryce had always imagined that he would die peacefully in his sleep next to his wife, but he could not have seen anything this violent coming. In his dying moments, he wondered if, by making a deal with the demoness, he had been responsible for the Blight. It was only coincidence, but if purgatory existed, that thought would be his only until he passed through to the other side.

Three Grey Wardens emerged alive from Ostagar. Alistair, the snarky and handsome young templar was to be their leader, but he deferred to Daenerys of Highever, for reasons that were his own. With them was Asha Tabris, an elven mage with roots in Denerim's slums, who had experienced the Joining with Dany. Their exploits were known nationwide, as the three remaining Wardens made good on the legend and thoroughly trounced the Blight with the aid of their allies. It was Daenerys that received the most attention and credit, given her high birth, beauty, and known talent. In most of their experiences, however, it was Asha's unexpectedly significant skill with magic that tended to win the day. Outside the three, the only others to ever find this out were their defeated enemies. Dany and Alistair made no attempt to correct the public opinion that Dany did the heavy lifting.

Asha, an already spiteful and volatile individual, only grew more dissatisfied as the conflict continued. She bore a secret love for Leliana, a love that went resoundingly unrequited as Leliana nearly threw herself into Dany's strong arms. The only one in their war party to pay any attention to her was Oghren, and that was only to make exceptionally rude propositions. Oghren never figured out why his hair occasionally burst into flame for the rest of his life. After the defeat of the Blight, it was Daenerys who reveled in the love of the crowds and, bucking all tradition and propriety, married Anora Mac Tir, forming an ironclad political alliance of Queen and Chancellor. Alistair took command of the military in Loghain's place as well as the Wardens, Leliana stayed on openly as Royal Consort and secretly as the runner of spies, and the rest of the group returned to wherever they came from as heroes. No one so much as batted an eye at the little elf wench.

Throughout the Blight, Asha had gained significant advantage over the darkspawn by gathering their bodies and studying them extensively. She had eventually been able to figure out a way to control them, though she had only ever made it known that she could confuse them or make them retreat. More than once she had pretended to fail, giving them in fact a boost of strength to see if they could overcome Daenerys. This had never succeeded, of course; Daenerys seemed to have a magic about her, something Asha couldn't pinpoint, but something that allowed her to rise to any challenge. Until her dying day, Asha could never explain this, and cursed Daenerys endlessly for it. Asha disappeared for a time, though no one seemed to be aware that she was missing, as usual.

Initially, Warden-Commander Alistair believed the post-Blight darkspawn raids were being run by a group of brood mothers or by some rogue blood mages, but it was rapidly and violently discovered that Asha Tabris had created her own breed of mothers, who were individually intelligent and able to command darkspawn from afar as generals. She unleashed her horde openly while Chancellor Daenerys was in Orlais on business, overwhelming the Warden stronghold of Vigil's Keep and killing Alistair. It took the combined strength of Ferelden and Orlais, along with a coalition of Wardens led by the Orlesian Warden-Commander Jeauxanne to finally take down Asha's horde.

In her last breath, with Daenerys' blade through her belly, Asha asked, “Why do you always win?”

“Because the people desire it,” Dany replied. Asha understood.

Notes: This was put together collaboratively with Moon and Star (a member here) as we were both playing the game. Somewhat annoyed with certain default options, and pleased with the possibilities provided by several mods, we started doing our own custom story behind the scenes... and it ended up getting really detailed. There was quite a bit of lesbian intrigue, as I'm sure you can tell, and a whole lesbians-at-disapproving-court drama longer than the rest of it put together. Tessa took the place of Fergus, and indeed survived, and there was plenty of sort-of incest (sort-of because of Daenerys' supernatural origins). Oh. One other thing: Daenerys was futanari! :P