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Author Topic: [Interest Check] Shattered Realms {Manga-esque/Norse Myth Inspired} {NC:Exotic}  (Read 603 times)

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The Mighty World Tree

A multi-tiered complex that floats in the neverending abyss known as creation. The 'Gods', arranged the complex to seperate beings and give them each their own world to inhabit and explore while observing the cultures that arise as a result. Surrounding the complex is an exosphere of water which is prevented from collapsing onto the world by a thermosphere maintained by the Gods.

The Pantheon: The highest level of the World Tree complex, that which is a combination of the highest entities in existence and thus home to the Gods. The President Odin governs the tiers below to ensure that its populace is kept as well as possible. Commander General's Tyr and Thor train the armies that continually fight against Hel and her other worldly creatures.
The Pantheon City is ornately designed with a gold filter dying the sky in a blissful orange hue, emulating Odins ideal holyland.
The city is also home to the Light Elves, a race who remain distant and refuse to participate in the events of the complex. Their seal is all that holds the life eater, Nidogg, in the deepest tier of the world.

Mid Guardia: The tier directly beneath the Pantheon and the home of the human race. Guardia is an immense city which, thanks to evaluation from Freya, has been equipped with everything that she thought the humans would need to develop good lives. But not everything is handed to them on a silver plate. Though the population is mainly human there is a mix of various other races within such as giants and half elves who have descended from the Pantheon, shamed by the Gods.
Guardia North; the bustling hub of the human world.
East Circle; Guardia's spiritual district where religions dedicated to the Gods have sprung up, some in harmony, some in conflict, and the main center of humanity's magic culture. Has produced top class Alchemists and Magician and has garnered Freya & Loki's attention.
Mid South; the academy district of Guardia where one can learn just about anything. Whether one wishes to be an elite warrior, a world class engineer, a renowned geomancer or anything else Mid South has a school for it.
West Decrepit; the slums of the human world, where one ends up if living has been tough or just unable to contend with the big city. A desert borders the slums even making it hard to cross into the hubs of Guardia. Has sometimes produced people of vast talent and adaptabilty, recognized by the Gods.
------Nidafell: The underground of the world of Guardia which is home to the race of craftsmen known as the dwarfs. The unfortunate men are unable to travel to the surface much as direct contact with sunlight aggrivates their physiology, turning them into stone. They have good ties with humans, trading precious gems and professional crafts for access to the immense resevoir that Guardia sports.

Jotengard: The tier beneath Mid Guardia and the home of the giant race. The homeland of the giants is a masterpiece of the beauty of the natural world but also home to much more destructive plays by mother nature. Living in this world would be practically impossible for any other mortal race.
The giants are divided in their view of humans; some see the humans as utilizing perfectly what they were bestowed by the Gods while others see them as wasteful polluters.
Giants are well versed in the use of magic and the strongest of all mortal races.

Pandemonium: The collective name of the regions of the Abyss to which Hel claims as her own. Her land of the dead lays in the center of the world which is bordered by the land of fire, home of the fire demons, in the north and the freezing wastes, home of the dark elves, in the south. She continually plots the downfall of the Pantheon and wishes to assume control of the Tree.

[A Brief Story]

Millenia have passed since the erection of the Mighty Tree and the Gods above have been happy with the progress of the mortals but numerous things have begun to sow seeds of worry within. Cracks have begun to appear in the exosphere protecting the world and more and more shrines dedicated to Hel have sprung up, granting her greater power in the wastes below.

Then there is Hel herself, who by animating her legions of the dead with the negative emotions of the fire demons and dark elves has given birth to a diabolical new species.

The Shade.

Brunhilda, and the Valkyrian's that police the mortal worlds do their best to protect the citizens but the Shade are numerous and some showing accelerated signs of development. But at the worst possible time Brunhilde attacks and kills the God Loki, stealing his latest experimental items, 'Einherjar', all while the gods attempt to arrest the renowned criminal Fenris Wolfgang.

And so our story will begin here; with the gods busy with criminals and a rogue Valkyrie on the lose, and the rise of new abyssal creatures what is to be done? Humanity's about to make its great claim to fame.



Human: Creatures of ambition, courage and love, they fight with whatever they can get their hands on. Perhaps, one day, they will ascend to divinity.
-----Primal: Animals that have involuntarily activated magic in some form resulting in a change in physiology. They resemble humans but retain traces of their animalistic heritage (tails, ears etc; ie Neko)

Light Elves: Wise and divine beings that share a bond with the element of light. They are distant from other races. They live up to five times longer than most mortals. [Unavailable]
-----Half Elves: Mixed blood elves that are considered vile and repulsive by their pureblood brothers. They can live up to twice as long as humans.
All elves are gifted with keen intellect and eyesight.

Giants: Large men and women with immense physical strength and versed in the use of magic. More in touch with nature than humanity they have the ability to survive harsher climates. Sizes range from a few feet taller than average humans to immense.

Dwarves: A stout race that boasts some of the greatest craftsmen in existence, even making some of the Gods legendary weapons. Stronger than the average human and resistant to diseases as a result of subterrainean living.

Dark Elves: Elves native to the frozen wastes and as such granted immunity from the cold. Bonding with the element of darkness they utilize their abilities to enhance themselves physically and corrupt beings aligned with light.

Valkries: The battle-maidens, the police force for the mortal realm. They are granted flight through their magically imbued armor and carry magical spears and lances to fight. Valkyries are always both female and virgins. [3 Available]

Remnant: Mortals that have died and have been reborn from a special method. This has awakened latent abilities within them, on par with the Valkyries and, with time, maybe even the Gods [Unavailable]

Shade: Legions of the dead animated by the negative emotions of demons. People of strong will that become shade can sometimes maintain a more humanoid form. [Unavailable]

Character Form:

Code: [Select]
[b]Name:[/b] [Be original, yet reasonable. last names aren't necessary]
[b]Gender: [/b]
[b]Age:[/b] [No less than 17, yes, 17]
[b]Appearance:[/b] [Pictures preferred; easier to get an idea of your appearance this way. But if your good at description, have at it.]


[b]Theme:[/b] [Something you feel represents your character. Lyrical or instrumental. Optional]
[b]Race: [/b]

[i]Name-[/i] [The name of your weapon, if it has one]
[i]Abiltiy:[/i] [What is your weapons abiltiy. Again, be reasonable]

[b]Background:[/b] [Be descriptive. Feel free to form networks with other characters. These characters are in your story and not necessarily travelling with you at all times.

Character Networks

NPC characters that you create are not limited like your personal character is. Feel free to pump them up, but don't go overboard, got it?

NPC characters you create only interact with you & people in your Network. You control them, or if you trust the people in your Network, they can.

If someone is in your Network [PC/NPC], it means that they have a large impact in YOUR PERSONAL storyline. It doesn't mean that they are in your party. They can be enemies/allies. Doesn't matter...

This also doesn't mean that you can't interact with people outside of your Network. However, when you meet someone outside it, you are meeting them for the first time. Network people are people that you know/met/fought at some point in your life. Understand? If not, then direct your questions towards me.

As you move on in the story, you'll obviously meet new PC/NPCs. You can add them to your Network as well... if you want to. You don't have to add the character info of the new PC/NPC, just add their name, and a little description of how you met/how they effected your life... if your want.


Well, that is very long winded but for anyone who bothered to read it all thanks a million and if you find yourself interested, even better. Any questions feel free to lay it on me and I'll do my best best to be of service.

Characters will be approved as sheets go up. This won't be first come, first serve so make it good.

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