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Author Topic: Sacrah ideas  (Read 542 times)

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Sacrah ideas
« on: October 13, 2010, 12:14:25 PM »
Spring Fever (furry/anthro)

With winter over, and spring in the air, even those who aren't full animal still get that animal call. Male's seeking females for  breeding. But when one doe pays no attention, playing hard to get. and its up to him to try and win her heart. She Is young, and in college, majoring in performing arts, mainly exotic dancing. It was there he had met her, at a show the school had set up for charity.  And she was captivating,graceful.

Heaven doesn't want her But hell does...Rape, and much more(I play angel and i need the prince of Satan)

She is a fallen angel, Kicked out of heaven on her difference belief. Angry she takes up life on earth, sure she still had her wings, her power, but she couldn't go home. While on earth,  she encounters a man, no not a man the prince of Satan.  Determine to win her over if he couldn't then he would make her submit fully to him.

Not so sneaky, but oh so tight

Sacrah lynne an assassin of the high order is sent to assassinate the neighboring kingdoms king, a young king just appointed the throne.  Reckless, merciless, stubborn and greatly intelligent,A handsome man, all things a king should be. When things don't go according to plant and she was captured and thrown into the dungeon, she gets a first hand experience on how merciless he can be. Could she escape, or be his forever slave to his every need, his every sexual desire, could she break his  hard mask and find the misunderstood king, or is he truly a monster.

Forbidden Act must be done

The human race is dying off, and its up to the vampire  prince to find the chosen one and convince her to save both there kind from complete annihilation. the council is debating on placing a vampire on the throne, and to them one that is rightfully fit  to led the vampire race. What they do not understand is that Vladamire will  lead them into a blood bath, killing the remaining humans, and then in time the vampires. the price needs her to bare him a heir as well as stand by his side in the fight for the throne.

Also further information about the one just above.. Cities have been destroyed Mother Nature is taking back what was rightfully hers

~*~ Dawn of Darkness~*~

It was told in the prophecies That a human baby will be born with a mark on her neck, that with her blood and transformation could bring  light into there Darkness, and save the Vampire kind. One must Drain her near death, before one offered her their blood. But the catch is only Master Vampires could do this, and they are very few. Another thing is, and the only way someone whom is lesser, but must be near the level of a master Vampire is if they fall in love, and she with him. The vampire will gain the ability to enter the sun light, and bare a young with in the girl.Belles Believed in the tales, she bore the mark, and she wasn't about to allow them to conquer the light of day as well as the night. But can the one Outcast Vampire who went against his own kind to protect the girl, with her heart. could he bend her into submission of her fighting ways..

~*~Maid for your Desires~*~

Emmilee had but a month or less to find a new job and new place to live. She had been searching for weeks, until she finally found a job she was sure she could do, As a maid for a wealthy man. (your character.) had been looking for a new maid, but when he placed the ad, he left out a few more things she must do. And that is to Fullfill his wildest fantasy. When Emmilee comes for the interview she is not only beautiful, stunning, but innocent to coming from a poor background, where she will have no choice but to submit or wind up on the streets.

~*~Purr~Fect Dreams~*~

Based in older times,

(your character)has always dreamt of those rare beings of the forest, there village unknown. The sweet cat people. He only seen them in the capital at slave auctions but even then it was rare to see them. He was an out cast, a handsome one but an out cast living in the fores himself. One day while paroling  his grounds he comes across two hunters toying with a beautiful feisty you cat woman, who he'd easily be-able to take on. So he decides to save the untamed being, and thinks his dreams finally came true, but he loved a challenge and she proved to be one.

~*~ Something Forbidden feel so right~*~

A young princess is angered by her father and decides to run away, going to a place she had always gone to. Place scared and she knew no one dared to search for her there. But she realizes that this places wasn't her own to love and enjoy but a young Dragon prince as well. He too ran from his kingdom.  First she is scared and frightened and as more as they travel together the more she began to like him, and eventually falls in love with him. When their fathers find out where they were fighting began. and threats to kill the beast and the supposing seductress. Can there love keep them alive
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