My Wish List of MxM RP's New Plots Added

Started by kcarey, October 13, 2010, 10:29:02 AM

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Hello all!

KCarey here with a list of a few plot devices I'd love to see happen.  All are listed in basics, as I enjoy talking over the roles and locations in more depth with a potential partner.

My on's and offs can be found here:

My roles listed in bold.

Plot: Teacher, high school or college, pursued by student.  The age difference of a teacher in his mid to late twenties bottoming to a student between 16-21 sounds fun.

Plot: Teacher at college flirts meets a student at a bar and they flirt, but it doesn't go farther.  They then discover one teaches the other and a relationship is against the schools policy.

Plot: Teacher likes the student, and after a few conversations guesses the student likes them as well and pursues him.

Plot: Father cheated on his wife and then divorced her, marrying the other woman.  The older son, by about a year, dislikes his new 'mom' and little brother, but his mom walked away and left him behind.  Very jealous and angry.  Parents are gone for a few weeks and on the first or second night, he finds out his half brother has a crush and masturbates thinking of the older one.  He decides to tease his younger brother and puts them in situations where he shows off, or touches a lot.  Finally gets him into bed... And decides if his younger brother wants him, he'll take advantage.  At some point he realizes he wants to be with his younger brother... And there's the discovery of the older having tricked.

Plot: Criminal is thief/conman who gets in with a gang and starts working his way in deeper.  In the job of a lifetime, he sees things that could get the head of the gang in some serious trouble and then finds out he was being set up as the fall guy.  Accidentally killing another member, who was about to kill him, he's caught and ends up under protection and stuck with a cop.

Plot: Slightly Victorian/Steampunk Eraish.... Science teacher or along those lines meets an Art Teacher and things build slowly.

Those are the one that I thought of, there may be more.  I also enjoy pure random meetings or plot lines, just PM and ask.

I prefer PM's, but can do Threads.


Human/Winged Altered Human
[[I've started this RP twice before, once several years ago.  I know it sounds like Maximum Ride, but I hadn't even seen the books when I did this, I had an image of a man with wings and wanted to use it.]]

Opening post:
Ezio was tired. Tired and unsure of how much longer he could keep this up. It felt like days since he'd escaped. Had it only been two? His back and wings hurt like hell, and the young man was sure he was bleeding more then a little. But, he'd been tested and they could withstand more then this. He saw a city coming towards him, and pushed himself more. He wanted to be away from people, but didn't want to fly back. If he could just make it past the city, he'd be fine. Body aching he pushed harder, trying not to cry out in pain. Ezio knew he was pushing the wings harder then they'd been tested. But, he wanted to be past the people.. Away from them. True, he could hide the wings away, but it was more then that. He no longer trusted people. Not after this. Not after what they'd made him. Suddenly, half way over the city, his body gave out. With a startled cry, he started to fall down to the city. So weak, he couldn't pull his wings in, Ezio passes out mid fall. It was what saved him in the end, as his body hit a large pile of trash, before he rolled into the alley more. He lay on his side, shirt less, wings spread out both behind him and over him. Dried blood covered his back, from when he'd freed his wings to escape.

RP Idea base, not much more but this... Let me know what you think might be interesting.

It wasn't every day that the sun disappeared...

But today, the skies went black as the crown was placed upon the kings head.  No one was able to preditct just what it was that actually happened, but the skies were clear and then, darkness.

We lived that way for first days, then they turned into months and finally years.

Over seventy years, we lived without the sun.  Those born in it, began to adapt, skin and hair grew paler; Eyes grew lighter...

When the king died, we thought perhaps our sun would return to us, but as the heir was crowned the skies stayed dark.

Soon, we no longer knew of the light, it was a myth told by the elders, of the old days.  Tales that children laughed about and no longer feared.

People with blue, brown and green eyes became the rarity, and hair of any color an oddity.

And as each king was crowned, hope that perhaps this time we'd once again regain our light faded into the past, until it was a distant memory.

473 years later, long after the tales of of the great marble in the sky that provided light to the world had faded, the line of kings died out and the people adopted a new regime...  And as the potentate walked up the steps of the great house, the people of the land gasped as with each step, the light returned tot he world, blinding all those who's bodies had so fully adapted to the new, dark world.