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Author Topic: The Book of Omni (Futa Space-Opera; UN, but definitely catering to kinks)  (Read 1273 times)

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Summary – The Omegaverse
The known galaxy is on the brink of total war. The Crown Worlds, a benevolent coalition of independent Queendoms, ruled by females and Omni (female with both sets of reproductive organs), inhabits the core of known space, composing four eighths of explored space, while the Domain, a totalitarian Empire where Omni rule and females are second-hand citizens, lies to the galactic ‘east’ of the Crown Worlds, and composes three eights of the galaxy. The remaining one eighth lies along a band of worlds that act as a buffer between the two powers and is largely lawless, ruled by factional Warlords.

The Omega Corps, a unit 20,000 strong, is composed of super-soldiers of a third gender, called Omega, created through the Omegagene. This gender processes enhanced mental and physical traits, semen with incredible restorative properties, and psionic abilities. However, limits on their ability to procreate ‘true’ Omega (those with the enhanced traits the parents posses) and a strict control of how many females or Omni can be given the Omegagene therapy, have kept their numbers in check to ensure they do not revolt.

The creation of the Omnigene, which initially created the Omni, their ‘super-fertility’ allowing any Omni to mate with any female or Omni of any species,  and the subsequent seventy thousand years has led to a galaxy with one homogenous species with many vastly different aesthetic traits, but a unified internal biology.

Also, with the past seventy thousand years having been defined by reproduction, society as a whole is incredibly sexual, where it is as casual as we would think going out to get a cup of coffee is casual.

The Roleplay
Your character is a new recruit to the Omega, being one of the fifty allowed to be given the Omegagene therapy to become one. My characters are an ensemble cast, but will be focusing on your immediate superior in the Corps as you join her SpecOps unit, with extra-judicial authority in hunting down criminals, Domain spies and saboteurs, and Fractional Worlds warlords.

The Omegaverse, as this setting is called, is one of hyper-sexual adventure, designed to be ridiculous, lewd, and most importantly, fun. If this interests you, please, read on.

The howl of war swept through the ancient ruins of Delgrade, ancient capital to Queen Jal the Ruthless, on the planet Ckrisstoph. It had, in recent years, become a hot-point of conflict between the Crown Worlds and the Dominion, as Ckrisstoph was rich in natural resources that both powers desired, and had claimed for themselves. It had become a kind of allowed conflict; no more than a few thousand soldiers died on either side in any given conflict, and it gave the Crown and Dominion a way to fight without engulfing the galaxy in a war.

Delgrade, situated within a dormant super-volcano’s caldera, was the prime place to set up operations on the planet, and so was often the battleground. Both powers had outposts littered across the planet that stayed to themselves, but every now and then one would attempt to take control of the caldera and its resources, and the other would react, until they both retreated, leaving the caldera a no-woman’s land.

On the outskirts of Delgrade, in a heavily fortified stout complex, the din of combat did not reach. It was a field-hospital, hastily set up by the Omega Corps, to tend to the wounded as they returned from the front. In it the twenty three Omega soldiers, all the Corps could give, remained busy near constantly. They had regular medics at their disposal, of course, but with the Omega’s ‘unique’ abilities to heal the most grievous of wounds, they were responsible for the most severe patients.

Lady Kora Hox, one of the senior Omega, was currently treating a patient, along with her pupil, Kirsa Dak.

Panting in exertion, Kora felt feint, sweat coating her naked body, her tits, huge, heavy and filled with milk, jostling on her chest, she watched as her long, thick cock disappeared in to her patient’s cunt, again and again, as the woman, a soldier who had taken a bullet to the gut, panted and moaned around an equally impressive cock jutting from the mound of Kirsa Dak.

“You must cum, Kirsa, and quickly, to heal the wound,” Kora moaned, looking to her pupil, an Omega with bright pink skin and a lithe form, which just made her cock look even bigger.

Looking across the patient to her mentor, Kirsa nodded, clenching her solid blue eyes in exertion as her one had wrested on the patient’s head and the other furiously jacked the length of her pink cock, hissing at the effort it was taking to cum yet again. But Kirsa was an Omega, and thus gifted with a near-endless supply of cum, and, a short few moments later, the lithe pink woman was moaning, her hips tensing as she shot gobs of thick, hot cum in to the patients mouth.

The woman, lying on the table, began to swallow as much as she could, doing supremely well in taking the massive load, until, finally, Kirsa shuddered and her orgasm ended, her cock popping out of the patients mouth, globs of cum streaking the upper portion.

Almost immediately the patient began to shiver, pant, and moan as the effects of Kirsa’s cum started taking effect, the wound, which had been treated initially to stop the bleeding, healing of its own accord, fatigue washing from the soldier.

Kora smiled at her pupil, giving her a wink as she began to fuck the patient again, who, reinvigorated by Kirsa’s cum, started to actively participate, pushing her ass against Kora’s pelvis with each thrust. Kora appreciated the effort, but she was so exhausted only her will kept her cumming, which she did, burying her cock as deep as it would go and letting lose as much hot, sticky goo as Kirsa did, filling the patient’s womb. The patient mewled in displeasure as Kora pulled out, before suddenly gasping, writhing in intense orgasm as her pussy shuddered and her eyes rolled in to the back of her head. Kora’s cum coating the patient’s walls was being soaked up by the woman’s very womb, like a sponge, and the healing effects went throughout her body, battling chronic fatigue, malnourishment, and other more subtle illnesses a soldier on the frontlines would experience, all while the feeling of intense pleasure washed over the patient.

When she finally stopped shivering, two attendants came over, draping a robe around her and taking her to the recuperation ward.

Looking around, and seeing no one running to them, Kora sighed, collapsing on to the table the patient had been occupying just mere moments ago. She was exhausted, as all the Omega were. Kirsa sat down, too, wrapping her arms around Kora.

“It never lets up, does it, Lady Hox?” Kirsa asked, her hand idly rubbing Kora’s back.

“No, it doesn’t, Kirsa, but it is our duty,” Kora replied, her head resting on Kirsa’s shoulder, her eyes looking over her pupil’s body.

They were both a mess. They hadn’t slept in thirty hours, and there was so much dried cum splattered across them they must have looked like absolute whores. They couldn’t care about that now, though. Not until they were rotated out and another group of Omega came to relieve them.

Just then, the doors on the far wall burst inward, and nurses came in wheeling an obsidian skinned Omni in on a gurney, bandages caked with blood wrapped around her head. She was completely naked laying on her back, her impressive cock laying across her stomach while her truly beautiful tits sloped to the sides of her chest.

Hopping off the ‘surgery’ table, Kora and Kirsa ran over to the patient, and with the help of the nurses moved her to the table, laying on her back.

“She’s unconscious, but she’s got a separate airway through her nose,” one of the nurses, dressed in tight white spandex, said to Kirsa, who nodded, jerked her cock a few times, before tilting the patient’s head back and letting her cock slide down her hot, wet throat.

Kora positioned herself at the feet of the patient, grabbing her knees and pulling them wide, revealing a juicing cunt nestled just below that wonderful black cock. “She’s been prepared, good,” Kora said, notching her bulbous cockhead against the unconscious woman’s cunt and forcing her way in, ramming the Omni hard and fast, just as Kirsa was thrusting in and out of the woman’s throat.

The two nurses nodded to the two Omega and ran out of the room to care for more patients.

As Kora’s cock stimulated the Omni’s cunt, even when unconscious, her body began to react, as the cock, flaccid against her stomach, began to harden and rise, until it was jutting up, the black head aimed at Kora’s heavy milkbags.

Looking down at the cock, Kora couldn’t help but be aroused by it. She loved to fuck Omni, feeling their cunt clamp down on her cock as they orgasmed while at the same time their cock spewed it’s load, often times all over Kora (which explains why both Kirsa and her were streaked in dried cum).

Looking to her pupil, Kora groaned and nodded, fucking the woman as hard as she could, until she felt the pussy gripping her cock instinctively clamp down as juices squirted out and the thick, black cock gushed, globs of fresh cum splattering against the underside of her breasts and along her abdominals. The feel of that cum made Kora release, and, she had no doubt, the sight gave Kirsa the final push over to cum too, and both Omega dumped their loads in to the Omni, who began to shutter as she woke with a start to an intense orgasm as her wounds were healed and her body revitalized.

“It never ends,” Kora husked, letting a finger gather up a glob of cum, before popping it in her mouth, savouring the flavour for just a moment, before she pulled out and the patient was taken away...

Timeline of Galactic events
c.70,000 BP (Before Present)
- The Irkon Plague sweeps across the galaxy, killing all sentient males in the matter of months.
-Civilization collapses, most races die out, unable to save themselves; technology is largely lost.
-Some races discover the Omnigene, which allows for the augmentation of females to give them male reproductive organs. From henceforth this new ‘dual-gender’ are called Omni.

c.65,000 BP – 25,000 BP
-The few remaining races have stable, if small, populations, and begin to rediscover lost technologies.
-Space flight is rediscovered, allowing the races to begin to rebuild a galactic society.
-The Omni-Wars take place, a violent civil war between the females and Omni. Omni end up victorious and crown themselves as Queens. Undisputed Omni rule the norm for the next forty thousand years.
-Clone technology is discovered to fail after only a handful of generations.
-The term ‘Crown Worlds’ is coined, referring to all worlds ruled either directly or indirectly by a Queen.

c.25,000 BP
-The Omni population increases rapidly, hitting the high end of an exponential growth. Gender split now 60/40 in favour to females.
-With the increase in Omni, the prestige linked to being one devalues, and more and more lesser Omni appear, holding almost no power. Attitude towards females as ‘second-class’ begins to change.

23,200 BP
-The first female to hold substantial power in thousands of years is crowned Duchess of Krisstoph, an important resource world.
-Population amongst females and Omni stays at 50/50.

19,200 BP – 9,200 BP
-The first female Queen of the Crown Worlds –the richest, most important worlds inhabiting the deep core of the known galaxy– is crowned. Marks a ceremonial end to Omni-superiority.
-A Golden Age of social, economic, and technologic growth ensues for the next ten thousand years.

9,200 BP
-Omni ‘reverence’ still exists in society, even if females and Omni are on the same political ground. A group of Omni and female scientists gather to work on a way to end the problems of two genders once and for all.

3,400 BP
-After nearly five thousand years of study, the cabal of scientists discover the Omegagene, which they hope can bring about lasting equality.
-The gene was intended to create a new gender, the Omega. This gender would have retractable male reproductive organs, allowing for the aesthetics of being female or Omni without the inherent social inequities.
-The gene did not work correctly; and resulted in a being with enhanced physical and mental abilities, a retractable penis, longevity of life, and the ability to have ones children gestate in only six months. The first test subject, Hybarix, went mad and fled to the far reaches of the galaxy.
-The Cabal hid their results from the galaxy, vowing to continue to work in secret.

2,600 - 2400 BP
-Hybarix had fled to a small world practically forgotten by the galaxy, and there, bred an army of Omni warriors sharing some of her enhanced abilities.
-The Dark Wars begin, a two-hundred year campaign to conquer the galaxy and restore it to ‘Omni glory’.
-The Dark Wars end with Hybarix’s death, and the signing of the Crown-Domain Peace Treaty by her eldest daughter, Hybarix II.

1,400 BP – 100 BP
-The Cabal perfects the Omegagene; the new gender, the Omega, have the enhanced mental and physical abilities of the original gene, but with the inability to impregnate regular females or Omni and have their children inherit their abilities. Only when an Omega mated with another Omega was there a chance the child would be powerful.
-The Domain has lost much of its gains during the Dark Wars, encompassing three eighths of the known galaxy.
-Small skirmishes are fought along the Crown Worlds and Domain border, but neither side wishes for total war.
-The Omega are revealed to the Queens of the Crown. They see these super-soldiers as a threat and a blessing, and thus allow for the creation of a group of one thousand.
-The Crown Worlds enact the Omega Accord, stipulating no more than fifty females or Omni may be turned in to Omega in a year.  With the incredibly low natural birth-rate of Omega, this meant that the growth of the Omega would not spiral out of control and risk a rebellion.

0 BP
-Hybarix the Lustful, 38th in the Hybarix Dynasty, is restless, and preparing for war with the Crown Worlds.
-The Omega Corps number 20,000 strong, and are employed as an elite police-force, counter-terrorist, investigative, and military force independent of the Crown Worlds main fighting unit, ensuring that no Omega could hold legitimate military command.

The Omni
For many thousands of years the Omni, created in the immediate aftermath of the Irkon plague, ruled with absolute power, for they were the select few who could continue the races. Biologically they looked outwardly female, with the addition of a fully functional male cock in addition to a female pussy, allowing them to impregnate and become pregnant themselves. When mating with a female, the child would always also be female, and when mating with an Omni, the child would always be Omni. This allowed for the Omni to keep their own power alive by ensuring progeny to continue their rule. However, this set the Omni on an exponential growth that, while occurring over many thousands of years, eventually led to the point where Omni were no longer universally power holders, as they numbered in equal to females.

The Females
The last remnants of the pre-plague were the females. When the discovery of the Omnigene allowed a small population to grow functioning cocks, society thought they could continue life, but eventually they were demeaned until they were subservient to the every whim of the Omni rulers, who did not require the females to survive, but kept them to have a populace to rule over. Eventually, as the Omni population grew, the females managed to gather back their integrity, eventually leading to female Queens of equal power to the Omni.

The Omega
The Omega are a third gender that, when compared to the females and Omni, make up a percent of a percent of a percent of a fraction of the galactic population. However, they are crucial to the Crown Worlds, as they are gifted with extraordinary abilities. Each Omega has enhanced physical and mental traits making them the equal to any thirty Omni or females, their semen exhibits near magical restorative properties, able to heal almost any wound if taken internally, through any orifice, immediately upon ejaculation, meaning many Omega serve as battle-field doctors, longevity of life, and they have the ability to retract their considerable members. As to their original purpose, to create a new gender that combined the traits of the females and the Omni, when an Omega mates with a female or Omni, the child is a powerless Omega, one that does not exhibit the enhanced abilities, restorative semen, or longevity. They simply retain the retractable cock, allowing them to appear Omni or female. Every one of these powerless Omega's offspring, no matter the other mate, will also be a powerless Omega, ensuring the eventual homogenization of gender. When a powered Omega mates with another Omega, however, there is a 4% chance that the offspring will be a powered Omega as well. The other 96% of the time, the offspring is a powerless Omega, exactly as if it was mated with an Omni or female. This low powered birth rate, along with the fact only 50 people can be given the Omegagene therapy, keeps their numbers very small, currently only 20,000.

The Crown Worlds
The Crown Worlds is the name for the coalition of independent worlds ruled over by Queens, aligned through common culture and history, united against the Domain. Its roots are in the historic rule of Omni Queens, eventually evolving in to a series of Queendoms ruled over by both Omni and females. It exists in the center of known space and controls four eighths of the explored galaxy.

The Domain
The Domain is a totalitarian Empire ruled by Omni who all hold allegiance to the Empress Hybarix, who can directly link her parentage to the first Empress Hybarix during the Dark Wars. It is galactic 'east' of the Crown Worlds, and composes three eighths of known space.

The Fractional Worlds
The Fractional Worlds are a chain of worlds that run along the border between the Crown Worlds and the Domain, acting as a buffer, as well as clustering around the Northern and Southern edges where the borders of the Crown and Domain begin to peel away from each other. It is a lawless expanse ruled by Warlords, small planetary confederacies, and is the location for many skirmishes between the Crown Worlds and the Domain.

Technology has developed in stuttering lurches since the Irkon plague brought a near total collapse of society. Most has been focused on space travel and the worlds of the deep core. Many other worlds live in simplistic societies where the sword and shield is far more effective than an expensive blaster with its energy fluctuations and general unreliability.

Seventy-thousand years of intensive mating has led to a very sexually-centered society. Very few things are more fulfilling than the pleasures of sex to the races of the galaxy, and so it is preeminent in every facet of life. That does not mean the galaxy is filled with dysfunctional nymphomaniacs, but the availability of willing partners and the cult that surrounds it (mating, and in extension sex, is considered the holiest act achievable by mortals) leads to one where sex is as common as a hug or a handshake and as casual as going out for a cup of coffee.

A side-effect of the original Omni was the ability to mate with any race. Over seventy thousand years of interracial mating means there is no such thing as distinct ‘alien’ races, but simply different variations on the basic humanoid model (IE funny-skin colours, eyes, and other superfluous features)
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Re: The Book of Omni (Futa Space-Opera; (possibly) Incest, more UN)
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An interesting idea. Pencil me in.

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Re: The Book of Omni (Futa Space-Opera; (possibly) Incest, more UN)
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Alright, I completely re-wrote the idea to create a better setting for an RP, as well as to address issues I was unhappy with in the original incarnation.

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Added a short narrative to illustrate the setting and the story.

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Sign me up Marlow!

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And, once again, a rewrite, with the help of Kryela. I've placed a summary at top, then the narrative, and a simplified 'galactic timeline' followed by a brief explanation of key points of the summary.

Still looking for those interested!

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Re: The Book of Omni (Futa Space-Opera; UN, but definitely catering to kinks)
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Re: The Book of Omni (Futa Space-Opera; UN, but definitely catering to kinks)
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I'm interested as well.