Edel's little flowers. Tentacle and other. [seeking M]

Started by Edelweiss, October 11, 2010, 10:09:41 PM

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Hello! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look see here in one of my tiny pieces of E! First off, I just wanna put down some general rules down. Also, feel free to look at my ON/OFFS.

•   If you're interested in any of the ideas please don't reply here. Send me a pm instead so that this place will be easier to keep tidy.
•   I mostly partner with other male characters. Your gender is not a big deal to me as long as you can play your part well.
•   I understand that sometimes it can be really hard to come up with long posts so I'm pretty lenient with that, but please be literate.
•   If for some reason you are going to be away for a certain amount of time/cannot continue on with the rp, please just shoot me a pm and let me know. It's better to do that than just to disappear without any warning. If you do that I will just think the rp had died.

Playing God REOPENED
A biologist manages to finally create a new, superior creature by splicing together different animal dna. It is beautiful. It is her masterpiece. Her lifelong dream finally achieved, she tests puts it through several tests and finds that it is a sentient being with its own thoughts and wants.  It’s main goal? Bring pleasure to its creator.

Basically consensual tentacle sex. The setting is flexible as is the design of the monster. This can be heavily sci-fi or modern day. I’m also open to changing the monster into more of a plant. The only thing is that there is little to no non-con. I want more than the usual tentacle story of where the female gets raped and she loves it. I want this to be an exploration, a sort of test of what the creature is capable of—which is a lot.

I see the creature as something monstrous with a thick coiling tongue that can penetrate and lap juices, which where it can get it’s nutrients from. In addition to tentacles to hold down, there are specialized ones for the act of fucking, capable of pouring generous amounts of semen to any cunt (and mouth) along with knot at the base to spread its mistress’ pussy to the limit and keep any come from leaking out. It wants to vigorously fuck it’s mistress, leave her ravished and pleased and begging for more while it dines on her come.

Kinks are also flexible. pregnancy/egg laying can also be negotiated.

Ab Insidiis Diaboli (Craving right now)
In a world ruled by magic, a bright and beautiful witch summons herself a demon. She is ambitious, impudent and wishes to use him as a means to rise to power. He is a massive being, taller than any human. Eyes fierce. The magic he draws upon comes from the darkest of places. It crackles around him, audible in the air. He is strong indeed. But he is not happy to be yanked away from the depths of his sleep, only to be bound to a human. So he takes matters into his own hands, uses her for his own insidious means. To set himself free and wreck havoc in the miserable world he was called to.

The binding ritual is sealed by copulation. The bond during the act is how power transfers from the demon to the summoner. Every time a large amount of magic is used, sex is needed again to transfer the magic between the two parties.

Powerplay basically. The witch isn't a simpering young girl. I want mind games. They never fully trust each other as they move through the ranks of magic users.
The demon is monstrous. It is up to your imagination as to how he looks like down to the details. He can also have a human form if you so wish. I just want him to have a large cock that he uses to try and fuck his caster into submission.

Gifted Sight
Set in ancient Greece, a hardened warrior seeks revenge. He turns to the gods to help. In return, he promises them eternal servitude. Athena, taking pity upon him,  bestows him strength and an oracle. A blessed one who is able to see the past, present and future to help him find the man who killed his family. The goddess leads him into the path of a young headstrong girl being transported to a brothel. It is up to him to help her escape if he wants to fulfill his desires of revenge.

This can be long or short story. Slight non-con can also be added into this, if you so desire. There is also a definite age gap between the two characters as I envisioned the oracle to be young, impetuous and still growing into her gift while the warrior is wise and wary with a hidden and unforgiving temper.