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Started by thymoit, January 19, 2007, 09:39:48 AM

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I've got a couple of story ideas.  Any takers?

I always belong to you

This is a bondage love story with a plot.  A woman has vivid dreams of her past lives.  In every one of them she's a slave to a man.  Although his face changes as does hers, some suggested historic periods include:  prehistory (stone age), ancient egypt, ancient rome, ancient aztec, medieval times, old south before civil war, etc.  In some periods/eras she might not be called a slave, but she'll still be one for all practical purposes.  I'll be willing to firm up the details with my writing partner and introduce eras/cultures of her choice.  The story will be heavy on the erotica side.  Each of her dreams will typically start just before her master takes her for the first time.  She also tragically dies young, typically less than a year after finding her master.

There is a plot.  It involves the girl's life over the years as she copes with her vivid dreams, whether or not she meets up with her dream-master again in this life, who is killing her and why, and can she find her master and avoid being killed in this life?  The dreams will be mostly erotic at first with her death mysterious.  As she continues to dream about her past lives, more and more clues will be introduced revealing why she is bound to her master and who keeps killing her.

Detailed historical knowledge is not a requirement.  The different eras serve as a backdrop for erotica and we can skip lightly across slices of normal life, although embellishments by my writing partner are allowed.  This is apt to be a long story as well.

Shape me.  Mold me.

This is a body modification story.  The world of Tellus is a typical high fantasy world, monsters, elves, dwarves, humans, gnomes, etc.  There are several different magical arts: Shamans (deal with spirits), Wizards (manipulate mystic forces), Warlocks (summon demons), Necromancers (power of the dead), Priests (divine magic) and Shifters (shapeshifting).

It is about Shifters that this story focuses.  Shifters are as respected and feared as any other magician.  Journeymen shifters can control their own bodies.  Mastershifters can control the form of others.  Mastershifters find ready employ in the court of any king where their skills allow them to heal, as well as turn ordinary men into finely muscled soldiers as well as performing other modifications for the pleasure of kings.  There aren't many Shifters, it is a rare but potent skill.  Those that have it and master it can be sure of leading a long (theoreticaly eternal) life of ease.  They can be countered by other magicians, but only journeymen shifters fight themselves.  Mastershifters transform others to fight for them.

Shifters rarely take apprentices, but in the court of king Sidam, the royal shifter has decided that he wants to take an apprentice.  It is a prize to turn anyones head.  Master shifting and you can control your body, be any shape you desire, never grow old, become a master shifter and the coffers of kings will spill at your feet.  However, there are rumors that apprentice shifters are treated as little more than pets, playthings for their master's amusement.  An apprentice might find themselves turned into anything at all and no one would dare to intervene and apprenticeships last for years.  Is the prize worth the price?

This story will feature extreme body modification, as the apprentice is turned into whatever shape suits her master's fancy at the moment from animal/human hybrids to mythical beasts to overendowed sex toys, to anatomically impossible creatures.


    I'd be willing to play the second idea,  that is if your alright playing a crossgendered character.  If not,  no worries. Ons and offs

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Hmm, I should have mentioned that in my post.  I prefer female players rather than crossgendered.  No offense meant, just a preference.  I'll give it a few days to see if any want to play if not I'll get back with you, ok?


None taken.   I expected as much,  but if ya can't find anyone look me up. Ons and offs

Switch with heavy submissive tendencies.

I found my cattleprod!


I sent you a PM before I saw this post.  Anyway, the first idea is very intriguing to me. Please PM me if you are still looking for a writing partner.
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I'm interested in your shifter game, if you haven't already got everything set up. Lemme know, thanks!