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Author Topic: Revamped Ideas (M Seeking F)  (Read 1034 times)

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Revamped Ideas (M Seeking F)
« on: October 11, 2010, 10:55:36 am »
NOTE: These pictures serve as INSPIRATION for the ideas - they are by no means a requirement or reflect the character I expect you to play.

New Ideas appear in the second Post.

PM me if interested.

Things to know:

----I am not an every-day poster.

----Taboo relationships really get me going.

----Ideas posted are just basic seeds, I am more then happy to discuss and develop them further with any interested persons.

----If you show interest, please continue to respond to PMs.

----If you lose interest, send me a PM letting me know. Just a "I am not interested anymore" is all I ask for!
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Re: Revamped Ideas (M Seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2010, 09:55:14 am »
These are written in post-format. If any perk your interest, please PM for further discussion.

The Stepmom

Drew straddled her lap, far to conscious of what  he was doing and the effect it had on him. His stepmother was absolutely gorgeous and much closer to him in age then to his father. To a boy his age, that was just trouble, as he looked at her not as some one replacing his mother, but as a sexual object. It was her only saving grace though. He didn’t want a new mother and he couldn’t believe that his dad had chosen such an obvious gold digger.

His hands, covered in lotion, slowly reach out for her shoulders, eyes peeking down the side to view the bulge of her breasts pressed between her and the deck. He had woken late, a little before noon, and had wandered outside after getting something to eat. He had had the full intention of taking a dip in the mountain-side lake. He hadn’t considered that his step mom would be bathing on the dock, her bikini top unclasped so she wouldn’t get any tan lines.

And here he was, in his bathing suit, his arousal starting to tent the front of it, sitting on her very firm, perky ass as his hands slide over the soft skin of her back! It was half-massage, half-rub and she purred seductively underneath him. He hadn’t been able to back out of her asking him to rub the lotion on her skin and he was trying very hard not to shudder with delight.

“Mhm, Drew, you’re doing such a good job. Time for me to roll over so you can do my front.” She murmurs softly, breaking the relative silence. Drew choked.

The Photoshoot


“Perfect!” He said, as she turned her head to look at him, her hair clouding down around her face. “Now, lift your shirt up, show us some skin!”


Her stomach was flat and toned. He realized then just how good looking she was and it had nothing to do with the camera. The girl had answered his ad in the local newspaper to model for him. He had had lunch with her the day before, to get to know her a little and go over the types of things he was going to shoot, and then he had given her a tour of the studio. He had even managed to get her to pose a few shots for him - putting her on the spot to see how she would react.

It had gone well and there was an instant chemistry. So here they were now, doing her first official shoot. It was his Amateur Study so they had moved over to his bed in the studio. Her simple white t-shirt and ripped jeans had that perfect look to them and he had her posing on the bed right now.


“, unbutton your jeans...lets see a hint of those panties.” He encourages her but she hesitates. “It’ll be fine...this is Amateur, remember...tease the camera.” POP. She undid the jeans, exposing the blank panties she was wearing underneath. He felt something stir under his own jeans. He was trying to keep things professional.


“ about a little more skin? Lift that shirt up over” He was focused down the lens of the camera, almost tunnel vision, as she lifted her shirt even higher, exposing her perfect round orbs. She hadn’t been wearing a bra the entire time.


The Neighbors Daughter

It was supposed to be an easy job. The neighbor  had some electronics that needed fixing - the last electrician had not done a good job and the tvs weren’t working right. The neighbor had no idea about his past. His wife didn’t either. And that was just how he wanted things. They didn’t need to know he was a former pornstar.

He had gotten out of the industry to make a more honest living when he had met her wife. He had almost scared her the way, on their second date, when she had reached into his pants. But he had convinced her to give it a try. Two years later, they were married and living together. She still believed his money came from a family inheritance, and he was fine with that.

Moving through his unsuspecting neighbors house, he set about working out her electrical mess. He was making a living as a handyman now and prided himself on the complete change of work environment. That didn’t mean he didn’t lust after women, but he had always been faithful.

Checking the TVs in every room, he headed down into the basement. It was the domain of the neighbors 18 year old daughter, and he had to admit she was dangerous. Tall and leggy, beautiful didn’t big to describe her. Stepping down the stairs, he paused in the door way, peeking through. There she was, laying on the couch, her buttondown shirt splayed open to reveal her perky breasts. Her legs were spread, one hand jammed down her panties. On the TV, a couple were fucking and he recognized them both. The man was, of course himself! His eyes bulged. She hadn’t noticed him.

Glued to the spot, he watched her for a few more moments before turning to beat a hasty retreat. But then she called out, to him.

“I want to see it!”


The Girlfriends Room Mate

Drew practically lived with his girlfriend and her room mate. They’d been dating-but-not-dating for a few months now and he spent practically every night with her. But she was a working girl and didn’t want to be ‘tied down’ by anyone, so while they slept together they weren’t officially dating. It made no sense to Drew, but he was rolling with it for now.

Drew also had a bit of an exhibitionist side to him, enjoying making his girlfriend squirm in the presence of her room mate. They certainly didn’t try to keep things quiet at night either. Especially tonight, as his girlfriend was leaving.

Sitting on the couch watching TV with both girls, he grinned as he slide his hand up his girlfriends thigh. He could feel her growing heat and it wasn’t long before she had to sniffle a moan. Then she got up and decided it was time for bed, and grabbed him by the hand. Their clothes were off before the door had shut and their last night of passion was intense. She even gave him a special treat in the morning before heading for the airport - she was going to be gone for a week but he was welcome to stay.

Taking a shower, still dazed, he walks halfway into her room mates room before realizing his error, finding the girl sleeping naked. He oogled her before making his exit and gave her a warm smile as they ate breakfast. She was an art student and decided that since he was staying here for the week - his AC wasn’t working at his place anyways - he could make himself useful and be her art subject for the week..

Not knowing quite what that meant, he agreed. It would only start to raise the sexual tension between the two and he didn’t think he’d be able to remain faithful to his girlfriend-who-wasn’t...but then, if they’re weren’t together, wasn’t he free to see other people?

Always a Slut

-=Looking for the Cheating Spouse=-
Infidelity, Cheating, Drunk Sex, Anal, Cum, Group, Dress Up, Public

It was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. Some friends had come over to the home she shared with her boyfriend and all were having fun in the sun by the pool. Bikinis and shorts reign free as everyone has a good time by the BBQ - and then it happened. Her boyfriend got down on one knee and proposed to her, right there in front of everyone! She obviously said "Yes" and then the alcohol began to flow as the 'hang out' turned into a party of celebration.

As the pool party goes on into the night, inhibitions do too. She, along with the other girls get topless much to the amusement of the guys and she makes out with her very happy boyfriend/fiance in the middle of the pool. They eventually move back inside, tops back on, and she finds herself sitting on the couch between her passed out boyfriend/fiance and another guy. Sounds from the room next door suggest that at least two of her friends are getting it on.

Emboldened by the booze, she and the guy-friend decide to peek in on the fucking couple, opening the door just wide enough to peek in. Both become aroused and when she feels something hard poking her in the bum she knows she should move away, stop things from progressing, but instead she presses back, grinding her shapely ass back against him. Then the enivtable hand sliding up under her bikini top to her breast and she just pushes back harder.

What was wrong with her? She had thought she had gotten over her slut-behavior! Her boyfriend - now Fiance - had straightened her out. But she was getting so wet, so aroused, and he was passed out on the couch while some one with a nice hard one was right there...moaning as his fingers slid amongst her wet folds. She turned around and kissed him, taking her top off before dragging him back to the couch, obediently dropping to her knees to suck on his stiff rod. He takes her from behind, right there on the couch next to her sleeping Fiance, and she loved every minute of it.

This would just be the start, she knew. Once a slut, always a slut...


M/F/M, M/F, Vaginal, Cum Facials, Condoms, Cheating, Rough Sex, Lingerie, etc

Mark and Sarah were like any married couple. Mark worked a lot, but he loved his wife, and showered her with affection whenever he could. They always used condoms when they had sex and were always very safe and proper about it. Sarah had always been the more strong-willed of the two and she always got what she wanted. Even her supervisor.

Sarah had always been attracted to the man and he had been attracted to her. They flirted incessantly at work and knew all about each other. They often ate lunch together. Finally, Sarah decided to make her move. As they headed out for lunch, she offered to drive and claimed to have forgotten something at home. It was a quick drive so wouldn't harm their lunch break. Her supervisor seemed to know exactly was on her mind as she led him into her bedroom and soon has her skirt hitched up around her waist as he takes her from behind - no condom. They still only had a limited lunch break afterall.

This would be the first of many times she slept with her supervisor behind her husbands back, in his bed. Her husband was always away, so she worked her supervisor in around his schedule. Mark, however, didn't pick up that anything was wrong until he arrived home hours early to find a strangers car parked out front of his house. Confused, he enters his house silently, and catches his wife in bed with another man! Watching through a crack in the door, Mark finds himself strangely aroused as the man buries himself in his wife. He sneaks back out before the two are finished and returns home at a later hour.

Sarah acts like nothing is out of the ordinary as does Mark, using a condom like always later that night as she officially 'welcomes' him home. Mark manages to pretend to go out again later that weekend, secretly sneaking back to his house. Sure enough, the man returned soon after, his wife having switched into something much more sexy. After another bout of passion, the man leaves. Mark returns and, laying in bed with his wife, confronts her over it. She denies it at first but he insists he knows what he saw. Finally, she admits to it, sobbing, begging for forgiveness.

Mark finds himself aroused as he forces her to tell him every little detail. He encourages his wife to continue talking even as he starts to fuck her and soon he has spent himself inside of her. After talking more that night about it, Mark admits that he wants her to continue to see the guy, but only if he can watch. This is the beginning of a new relationship between the two. [More to be discussed with interested person]

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Re: Revamped Ideas (M Seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2010, 11:15:13 pm »
Updated with Order of the Rose.

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Re: Revamped Ideas (M Seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: October 14, 2010, 03:36:02 pm »
Updated once more. Queen of the Rose   /and/   Playing Games.