Female Desired - (Dragon Age, Warcraft, Starcraft, or Halo RP)

Started by Question Mark, October 11, 2010, 12:19:57 AM

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Question Mark

The title says it all.  If you have a pair of gonads that are connected to a uterus via fallopian tubes and periodically secrete eggs, AND if you're interested in any of the Warcraft, Starcraft, Dragon Age, or Halo universes, let's make something happen.

And by something I mean a roleplay, you perv.

- What I insist on is a serious tone, some form of action (no rarity in any of these universes), and a solid story that's NOT built around sex.
- What we do, the overall theme, and other general variables are all up for discussion.
- You can check my O+Os to see if there's any that interests you. 
- I was just kidding about the perv thing.  Really.  If it offended you, I apologize.  You can be as pervy as you want.  Go on, free yourself.  No seriously.  Just be a perv; I'm cool with it.  Really.

Question Mark

Also wanted to add that I'm willing to make this a group RP.  Or even a non-adult one.

Also, Starcraft is taken.  That leaves DA, Warcraft, and Halo.  If you really have a burning for some toss on zerg on terran action, let me know.  We can work something out.