T'is the Season for Violence? (Halloween Inspired Ideas) ^.^

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T'is the Season and all that.  In an effort to capture the Horror Feel of the days leading towards Halloween, I crafted what I could of these plots.  I kinda stumbled over my words in explaining the plot in mind in a couple places... but I also wanted to leave some aspects open to discussions with prospective partners.  These are just the games that came to mind when I thought about Halloween (and my Queen's Men game which has always been on my request thread), but I could likely be talked into any game featuring anything on my "current theme/crafing" list.

To try and quickly explain why I did what I did with the colors, lemme elaborate:
Games that I'm especially interested in trying are listed as Green
Blue text is probably a link, give 'er a click if you're curious.  It usually links to extra information or character description in the event that I want to use an original character.

Current Theme/Fetish Cravings::
Futa/F or Futa/Futa
Mild-to-Heavy Torture
Any Game that lets me play Eve
Incest Game that lets me play Shana (Preferably Brother/Sister)

Left 4 Dead

Witch Hunter [M/F or F/M][Animated Necrophilia][Possible Vore Aspects][UN]
This is kinda operating under the assumption that the infection doesn't necessarily make them undead as much as feral and psychotic... like a really vicious form of syphilus.  Operating on primative instinct a hunter comes across a witch and begins courting her in the manner of an animal - bringing her food, keeping her safe, etc.  Essentially he protects her in exchange for her being his mate.  The level of available brain power can be upped slightly for roleplay so that we can have some aspect of communication if my partner wanted.  Don't really have a specific place I want to go with this, it's just been an idea that I've wanted to play for a long time.  I would be willing to play either role. ^.^ I could also be talked into playing a game involving Zoey and the Witch or Zoey and the Hunter and the Witch... maybe the Hunter gathering a harem of sorts.

Original Ideas: Halloween Themes
{Where Names are given, in most cases they can be changed for the game itself}

Paul McKean:  Monster Slayer [M/F][Idea For Paul McKean](Paul on the Right)[Humor][Romance][Monsters/Supernatural][Possible Metahuman]
Paul McKean fancies himself the greatest monster hunter ever to live.  Van Helsing?  Belmont?  Anderson?  All amatuers compared to him.  In reality, he probably sees monsters in places where there are none.  The game requires a stalwart patient female companion with a good sense of humor to follow Paul on his adventures as he protects the world from nefarious creatures of darkness!  Cases such as: The Curry Ghoul!  The Rostafarian Vampire!  The Wereferet!  The Invasion of the Space Tulips From Space Holland In Space!  And More!  Interested applicants should have some experience dealing with the supernatural.  Succubus a plus, werewolves welcome, vampires need not apply.  Inquire within!

In The Garden With Eve (or Lilith) [F/M or F/F][Idea for Eve (or Lilith)][Rape][Brutality / Mutilation][Heavy Bloodplay][Possible Hard Vore][Metahuman]
I'm not anticipating that this gets requested in my lifetime. *laughs* This is a very dark game, the set-up is pretty simple.  Someone, either a soldier sent to retrieve her, or just a hapless victim in the wrong place at the wrong time... ends up alone in a park with Eve.  I would prefer a character with some ability to fight back against her, and another metahuman with a particularly powerful evolution would be ideal since that would make her want to attack the person all the more.  A character with some ability to heal would also be preferable, unless my partner is turned on by the idea of Eve killing her partner.

This idea could include (but by no means has to) themes of Vore and/or Snuff.  Even without those elements, though, I would prefer somebody willing to go into some aspects of gore... Eve heals very quickly, there's no reason you should feel squeemish about ripping her apart.  I think I have a much better understanding of Eve's character than I did when I originally came up with this idea... if that doesn't sound too pretentious.  Eve would probably approach sex the same way she approaches everything in life.  Like a cat with a mouse.  Eve is fascinated by overpowering things, in a fight she's more likely to injure somebody as much as possible before actually trying to kill them.  She likes to make things bleed more than make them stop fighting back... but when she's done with it, she wants them dead.  I think that would transfer over to sexuality.  On the other hand, if you treated her in just the right way... with the right mixture of admiration and fear but without flinching, she'd probably be more than a little turned on by that.  Everything is a toy to Eve, it's just a matter of how she wants to play with it.

If the concept seems fun to somebody and we can think of a good way to keep it moving, I would be easily convinced to make this a long-term project as opposed to a single interaction.  I really really enjoy Eve, and I think it would be possible to expand on the hunted/horror aspect of the story.

If somebody would rather play with Lilith, the themes of the game would be mostly the same, but the way things played out would be likely very very different.

Season of The Witch [F/F][Witch/Vampire][Idea For: Lucy (If I play the Vampire) or Gwen (If I play the Witch) ][Bloodplay][Preferably Some BDSM and D/s elements][Magic][Dancing/Ballet Elements Loved]
The blood of a Witch is especially prized to a vampire.  It can be compared to drinking from the beyond, itself.   Because of this, it is not uncommon for vampires to seek out witches generationally to take as lovers or mistresses or slaves.  A clever witch can often turn the game on the vampire, making their partner into their servant and making them beg for every drop they recieve.  But it isn't unheard of for a witch to be subdued, a captive to a creature she should have power over... after all, the blood of a witch is to a vampire, what the kiss of a vampire can be to a witch.  (If I were the vampire) It has been so long since Lucy has known the taste of that blood.  She hasn't had a lover since before the last world war, but the sight of a young woman in dance warms a part of her dark heart that she thought had long since passed on... (alternatively, were I the witch) Gwen has always believed herself to be a confident and strong Witch.  She is the daughter of the Witch of Avalon, surely nothing could match her power.  When she hears the warnings about the intoxicating touch of a vampire she makes it a point to find one, confident that she can make the girl into her slave.  But is her confidence poorly placed?

If I played either role, I'd be playing them by the rules that I was accustomed.  I play vampires pretty close to standard (sun hurts/kills, needs blood or dies, can't enter homes without invite, can't give a false identity, etc)... I don't know if my witch rules would be all that common.  Regardless, I wouldn't expect somebody else to play by -my- rules for what either character would have to be.  If I play the vampire, for example, you can play the witch by whatever form of magic/witchcraft you saw fit.  The only thing I would ask is no sparkly-sun-don't-hurt vampires.  If the other player so desired, I could also accept this being a game with only one super-natural character... but I strongly prefer it with VampireXWitch relationship. ^.^;

The Bride of Doctor McKean [M/F Or Other][Idea For Alex][Dominance and Training][Necromancy/Alchemy][Gothic Humor/Romance][Implied Incest]
He is the greatest physician and alchemist of his time.  Alexander Galen McKean has created life before, but never life capable of love as human beings know it.  When his family was killed, his Faustian obsession began and it isn't until now that he's had his greatest achievement.  His Patchwork Girl.  Made from pieces of his mother and sister as well as various other beautiful women he was capable of digging up, brought to life with his talents and knowledge, but with a mind all her own.  She is capable of love.  She can become a mother.  She is capable of humor and sarcasm.  Unfortunately, she is also capable of disobedience.  Perhaps that aspect will have to be lovingly trained out of her.

I would like Patchwork Girl to be a little on the cute and playful side, but maybe stubborn when regarding being "submissive".  My intention isn't to turn it into torture and punishment exclusively, but some aspect would be preferred.  I'd like a player willing to make a Patchwork Girl that lives up to her name to some degree a beautiful woman composed of several features from several beautiful women.  Half red-head and the other half blonde, for example... evenly sized breasts with different skin-tones... lots of stitching all over her body.  I could very easily be talked into this game involving aspects of Futa or Gender Transformation.

Original Ideas:: Other Themes:

All the Queen's Men [F/M+][Idea For Samantha (possibly with Shana and/or Gwen)][Gangbang][Slight FemDom Elements][UN]
No real concept yet.  I'm extremely curious about playing Samantha in a gangbang scenario, preferably with both men and women making use of her.  Or rather (for the scenario I would like to do) her making use of them.  I'd definitely want Samantha somewhat in control of things, dominant over a small group.  Like four or five male characters and one or two female characters.  The idea, however, hasn't really developped to the point where I've got any details beyond that, though. ^.^;; You know... 'cept the really sexy title...

I don't know if I'll ever find the player that understands exactly what I'd hope for out of this game... possibly because I don't know exactly what I want out of it, myself.  Most of the sexuality would probably be fairly vanilla compared to some of what I'm potentially known for.  Multiple partners, and mild-bondage, maybe some verbal abuse.  I'm hoping there's a player who brings some ideas to the table for this one.  I could probably be talked into turning this into a 3 player game, too.  Each partner handling a couple of roles while I play Samantha.  Likewise, I could be talked into doubling (or trippling) as Shana and/or Morgwen.  In fact, I think playing Samantha and Shana together in a game like this would be pretty fun.

Like the other one-shots, I could probably be convinced to turn this into an expanded idea and make it a more long-term game especially if I were playing either or both of the other girls with Sam.  This is one that I'm always very very very interested in playing, but I'm also kinda choosy about who and how I would probably play it.  Please don't be discouraged about playing with me in general if we don't click on this one, though, okay?  That probably all came out a lot more elitist than I wanted it to, but it's not because I don't think most players are incapable of handling it... it's just that it's more of a shy experiment that I need to be comfortable with a player or extremely intrigued by their ideas to play it.  For a long time this was a "friends only" idea, but none of my friends have expressed interest... so I'm hoping I will make new friends who have interest in it. ^.^;

You can post here or PM me if you have questions or comments or criticism or cookies... I'll usually probably be more prompt in getting back to PM's, since I can't miss the glaring notice that I have a message and I loathe leaving a message unreplied to (unless the sender was rude).

So... thanks for reading, if you did.  If you didn't, you don't get thanked, but you won't see this anyways.

If you would like more information on the characters mentioned, there is a description of each of them on my O/O linked in my signature.  It's probably recommended that a prospective partner take a look at that, anyhow. ^.^;
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