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Started by NaughtyKitty, October 09, 2010, 10:29:32 PM

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Hi this is where I'll be posting my ideas.  If you see something you're interested in, drop me a PM!  Again, I'm looking for female characters.

Partner Requirements:  I prefer players who like to be descriptive in their writing.  Obviously every post can't be long, but I would prefer it if my partner keeps short ones to a minimum. 

Concept:  Post-Apocalypse

1) Forgotten Earth (TAKEN)
Time Frame: Near Future
Setting: Florida's Space Coast
Storyline: The year is 2021 and the world has come to an end.  Not in a Wrath-of-God, Nuclear Holocaust, Alien Invasion or even the world simply exploding.  Instead, it was a new superbug.  Scientists said something about a mutated version of the Ebola Virus.  It was fast moving and quickly lethal.  When the outbreak occurred there were over 7.6 billion people on the planet.  Today there are fewer than 25,000 scattered across the planet.  There are small enclaves of people here and there, but most of the survivors have become nomadic or at the very least solitary.  Scientists never figured out why some people were immune but in the year or so since some have learned the hard way that it isn't necessarily hereditary.  Life for the survivors is pretty bleak.  Emily Proctor has most of Titusville, Florida to herself.  During the outbreak she was an engineer at NASA's Kennedy Space Center....also known as Cape Canaveral.  These days, she's the only remaining permanent resident.

2) After Earth
Time Frame: Farther Future
Setting:  Outer Space/Space Station
Storyline:  The Earth is gone.  An unknown alien race decided that Humanity was a threat to it and descended en-mass on the human homeworld.  Using their vastly superior technology, they literally obliterated the planet....leaving the few humans who were off-world at the time homeless, the last of their kind. 

Concept: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

1) Wizards of the White Council (Dresden Files Universe)
Time Frame: Current Day
Setting:  Seattle, Washington
Storyline:  Reese Vought is a wizard and a member of the White Council.  She is also a Warden....the division of the White Council that enforces the Laws of Magic and serves as it's military....just like her older sister was.  After Jessica was killed in the major Red Court last year along with 143 other Wardens, Reese was recruited and given her sister's territory.  She became the Regional Commander for the Northwest United States due to previous experience.  Her sister may have been a Warden, but her family had been serving as Private Investigators specializing in the cases no one else wanted.  While they weren't as open about it as Harry Dresden in Chicago, they dealt with a lot of the same things he did. 

However, a new mission has come up for Reese....though it wasn't new for Jessica.  Without the knowledge of the Council of even the family, Jessica and her girlfriend Dahlia, another White Council Wizard, had completed a binding ritual on a minor demon.  However, in recent months a much more powerful Black Wizard has shown up in Seattle, drawing Reese's attention.  In looking into it, she found that the Black Wizard had come hunting for the demon that Jessica had bound....and that the binding that she had used had been drawing power from the both of them....until Jessica had died. Now it was drawing power only from Dahlia....and with the Black Wizard trying to undo the binding it was drawing more and more. 

Now Reese has to find a way to break the binding on Dahlia and then neutralize both the demon and the Black Wizard that freed it.

Looking for:  Someone who wants to play the character of Dahlia (name can be changed)

2) Primeval
Time Frame:  Current Day
Setting: Various
Storyline: Not long after the Anomalies were discovered in the UK, they began appearing in locations all over the world.  Working in concert with the Anomaly Research Center (ARC) in London, further centers were established.  Dr. Samantha Greene is in charge of the ARC in the United States. 

What I'm looking for:  Someone to play against Sam as a member of her ARC team.  In the long term, I would really like to establish this into a multi-player game.  There will be some adult play here....but the story is the main point here.  So really, I'd like to find someone who would like to take on a longer term project.

****Special Project****

This storyline is actually the reason I sought out Elliquiy in the first place.  It's something I've wanted to play out for a long time and is a long term project.

The details are somewhat negotiable, but the basis of the story is a transformation of a male into a female.  This is either via hard science, drugs, or magic.  But the idea is that a man is irreversibly changed into a woman and now must learn to live as such.  He (now she) relies heavily on his (now her) girlfriend or wife for instruction and support.

There are many scenarios that I have considered.....and am willing to work on the details with a new partner.  I really want to play this please feel free to PM me.



Concept: Misc

1) Call Girl
Time Frame: Current Day
Setting: Suburbs/Urban
Storyline: Mia is your typical college student working her way through school.  However, her profession is not that of your typical college student.  It is, however, the world's oldest.  Mia is a call girl....and a very high priced one at that.  Many feel that what she does is degrading towards women....but Mia loves it.  She discovered in High School that she loved having sex...and when she moved away to college she found that her tastes were much wider than she'd originally thought.

One night though, Mia gets a new client and it turns out to be someone she'd never had thought would do something of that nature. Opening the door to the suite at the Mansion, Mia walks in wearing what the client had requested....only to find her Aunt standing in the middle of the room looking quite nervous.....

2) Undercover Stakeout
Time Frame: Current Day
Setting: The Hamptons
Storyline:  Two female FBI agents from the White Collar Crimes division have been given an undercover assignment in The Hamptons.  A big time white collar crook has holed up in his mansion there and the agents have been setup with appropriate cover identities in order to watch him and gather information. 

3) Pin Up
Time Frame:  Current Day
Setting: Negotiable
Storyline:  Your character is a photographer and has put out an ad for a model to pose for a pin up style shoot.  My character answers the ad in a whim, having always had a taste for vintage clothing and pinups.  Several sessions are held....each session becoming a bit more provocative.  It's a somewhat slow seduction of my character by your's.


The Call girl plot is interesting. I might be interested in giving it a shot.


Quote from: Zerataku on October 10, 2010, 04:13:56 PM
The Call girl plot is interesting. I might be interested in giving it a shot.

Sent you a PM.  :)


Put up another idea in the Miscellaneous category





Bumping here.....looking for ladies to write with!


*catches the bump and bumps back*

I really love the concept in "Wizards of the White Council"

I'm assuming that Reese and Dhalia end up as lovers?

Also rather intrigued by "Primeval". What anomalies are we talking about exactly? You haven't given an awful lot of detail regarding the story, but say that it is the main thing... Presumably you have something in mind that you haven't properly finalised yet?

Being British, I figure I would make a rather good representative of the BARC, helping set up the US centre?

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