Featherfall's Current Cravings (Looking for F)

Started by Featherfall, October 08, 2010, 09:01:06 PM

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Looking for females who, while submissive, have some resistance in them. Also, one's who either enjoy, want to try, or at least have no problem with tickling. Otherwise ladies, this might not be the Solo you were looking for. ;D

Desecrating the Dojo (Taken)

Story-She was the heir to her father's Goju-ryu Karate, and as such had many responsibilities on her shoulders, not least of which was mastering her father's art. So she trained diligently night and day. However, one night when her father and the rest of his students were out on a week-long fishing trip, an unwelcome guest appears; her father's former favorite, a man who tried to steal the last kata from the dojo, and paid for his attempted thievery by being cast out and having his right arm half-crippled. Now a master of an original one-armed karate, the daughter finds herself all that stands between this sadistic, ungrateful dog and all her father ever stood and worked for...

Things to expect: Blindfolding, light/medium bondage, gagging, interrogation, fondling, (heavy) tickling, psychological torture, sensory play.

Preferred setting: Post WWII Okinawa

What's going on: Basically, the female character has to resist the evil student for a week waiting for her father to return and beat the holy hell out of the intruder...or she will succumb to him, tell/teach him the last kata, and be his slave, a little "gift" for the master who dared discard him like garbage.  It depends on how it plays out. The student will try not to do any lasting or even major damage to the woman, because for all his daring, he still fears the master, and that could be a potential weapon for the female player to use if she can figure it out. Despite the martial arts theme, I hope for it to become a battle of wills, as the unwilling sub tries to fight back even from underneath.

Nosy Reporter Human Freeform N-C

Story: She was a crack journalist and reporter who never compromises and never leaves a story unchecked. When her sources told her the mob had taken control of the docks and that the police refused to believe or do anything about it, she felt it her duty to record and report on the nefarious dealings of the mob. She also knows her cop friend should be coming soon with back up. Unfortunately, she's not as careful as she thought she was and ends up in the don's soundproof limousine, tied and blindfolded. They want to know what she knows and who her sources are, but she's tight lipped, knowing that her quasi-celebrity status would keep them from killing and otherwise seriously harming her. But the don has alternative ways of making her talk...

Setting: Modern day
What's going on: A simple, back to the basics fantasy of mine; girl knows something and doesn't want to say, guy tickles girl until she either breaks or help will arrive. Perhaps the help will be able to save the day, or maybe will end up in the don's clutches as well.

Will update upon other cravings/suggestions from potential playmates! Look forward to hearing from anyone interested. :-)