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Author Topic: Naruto D20 RPG game rumble!  (Read 1170 times)

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Naruto D20 RPG game rumble!
« on: October 08, 2010, 03:21:34 PM »
Present Time

Around hundred years ago all five nations kages held meeting together in Water Country, on neutral grounded town called Riverheart. Contents of meeting was never revealed nor found out, but in that day Riverheart became warzone when suddenly mysterious powerful group of ninjas attacked it and killed all five kages. No one to place the blame of the attack or assassination caused ninja vilalges withdraw and become paranoid and suspicious. First one to step out of the line was enraged Sand Village which had received some lots speculated report which told enemy behind the attack was Air country, and so they launched attack on Cloud ninja village recklesly and butchered it's members on ground and nearly exctinct. Water country, fearing Earth Country's grown hostilities started secure allies through blackmail and rough handed manner and then launched pre-emptive strike on Sand village to try bring it down. These events and more launched now the 'hundred year ninpou war'. Hundred years of hostilities had broken the harmony and peace of the Naruto generation which was achived and now all villages lived in restless times. Graduation age of genin was raised because of few extra years added to their training and doing several D ranked missions before going any real missions, also training had grown much more harsher but Fire Country had kept it's graceful benevolent approach even during ruthless times of war, only added more pressure on students studies and more stricter discipline on academy.

Well, I thinked we could start a naruto game here. Here is link to site with d20 rules for naruto;

Here is link for legal referance document for Modern d20 rules which Naruto d20 is using (all things not explained in Naruto manual)

And this site holds a d20 naruto charsheet (for easy making);

And this site is used for online dicerolling (use Elliquiy user name with mention it's for Naruto char)

Grid method is easy, it rolls several 4d6 (take highest 3) rolls, total 9 of them and you then assign them when needed.

Now the basics;

char creation
Starting level: 4
Age: Consider this is elliquiy game and NC scenes possible and certain perverted toad sage involved I say all ninjas must be 17 or more in age. Normal peace time starting age for Genin is 12 but as I tell in background below the age was given +5 extra years. Also all careers or levels also have +5 age extra measurement (may you be genius genin or not but if your genius genin or somereason able start earlier then feel free have more 'field experience' but it does not result with any other gains expect IC fluff).
Stats: Use above invisible castle grid method, use elliquiy user name as char name
HP: Full HP from all levels up to 4th level, now on when level up comes you roll for it (re-roll ones).
Additional rulings: We use simple chakra pool method. Meaning each level you gain 2 chakra points + con modifier amount of chakra (doubled at first level). All get Genin feat for free (must meet requirements tough). Changes to Con increase chakra points reactively (example; you start with 13 Con and in 4th level raise it to 14 so you gain extra chakra egual to your level+1). All get 2 bonus feats + extra feat from occupation in first level plus Genin and Combat Martial Arts as bonus feats (so total 5 feats in 1st level; Genin, Combat Martial Arts, 2 bonus included to everyone and 1 occupation one plus any extra feat related to chosen race). Unarmed strikes do half-dmg on objects if not using technique or feat or such.

Note; to get idea what missions you have done and how many (just pure background wise), roll 2d6+2 for D missions and 1d4 for C missions. Then roll that many times d100 on the mission list on D20 Naruto manual and see what missions you got. You can roll single d100 roll and if you get result 95 or more, you have done one B mission already and you can choose which one from the list. If you had performed B mission you can receive one item of your choice with wealth check roll with double modifier. Or have learned one B ranked jutsu which your able to perform with 50% chance at least.

Background: Briefly said game takes place 250 years in events of Naruto main series. Naruto became the sixth Hokage to Village of Leaf and he became famous for mastery over shadow clone jutsu and 'hundred and one uses of shadow clone' research which he penned down in venerable age. Also he mastered many powerful techniques which he did not use most of time (example windwheel shuriken technique was highly dangerous to himself and lethal to foe).

After 30 years in office he faced Sansuke in battle, he succeed finally outbeat Sansuke but by using Windwheel Shuriken one more time. It killed Sansuke but also destroyed Naruto's ability use chakra (expect kyuubi chakra which ignored chakra coil system). Altough lacking ability to channel chakra he was in his office good five more years until he disappeared. Next hokage was already old Shikamaru who ruled good ten years until he retired. He became most known for his lazy policies but very keen insightful deals and stragedies which kept Fire Nation safe for a century solidly.

Naturally many heroes of Naruto had descendants and some founded houses even.

Sakura never married, remaining her whole life as single but was close friends to Naruto and she and Naruto disappeared together five years since Sansuke's death.

Sansuke as rogue S-class ninja had re-found his clan before his death. His 'wife' is unkwon but around generation later after Sansuke's death the small re-established Uchiha clan (Sansuke's descendants, which numbered eight inviduals at the time) came to village of leaf and humbly requested on entry. Reason, as revealed, was final wish of the matron mother, Sansuke's wife who had died of old age. Now after Naruto's disappearance Uchica clan regained trust of Leaf Village through hard work and they are once again genius nin clan whit important roles. Present Hokage is from Uchiha clan.

Naruto had married Hyuugan Hinata and they had got large family. Hinata had died during battle against Sansuke's minions (and prime reason why Naruto had finally guts kill Sansuke in combat to end all things). However Naruto's legacy remained in three children; two boys and one girl who in future became known as 'Amazing Trio'. Each one becoming a sagekin, who all three wandered in all nation countries learning secrets of ninjutsu, taijutsu and genjutsu. Each one with own specialization. However each children beared disturping visage, none were possesors of kyuubi nor never Naruto's family became possesor of it. But all later lines carried taint of kyuubi vessel in their veins and looks. Also family has naturally unusual high chakra pools, and adepts at using Shadow Clone Jutsu.

Note; Naruto bloodline below;

Feats: Advanced Bloodline (Naruto), Endurance

Skills: 2 ranks in diplomacy or 2 ranks in ninjutsu
Feats: Advanced Bloodline (Naruto), Endurance

Base Fortitude Save+1
Skills: 2 ranks in diplomacy or 2 ranks in ninjutsu
Feats: Advanced Bloodline (Naruto), Endurance

             Minor                        Intermediate                      Major
1st  Demonic Blood               Demonic Blood              Demonic Blood
2nd        —                                    —                            Driven
3rd         —                                 Driven                           —
4th     Driven                                 —                            Kage Bunshin no Jutsu
5th         —                         Kage Bunshin no Jutsu      Kage Bunshin Tricks
6th         —                                    —                               —
7th  Kage Bunshin no Jutsu   Chakra Pool I                Chakra Pool I
8th         —                                    —                            Fast Healing
9th         —                             Fast Healing                      —
10th Chakra Pool I                       —                            Chakra Pool II
11th       —                             Kage Bunshin Tricks      Kage Bunshin Tricks
12th       —                                    —                               —
13th  Fast Healing                 Chakra Pool II               Chakra Pool III
14th       —                                    —                           Kage Bunshin Tricks
15th       —                             Chakra Pool III                  —
16th Chakra Pool II                      —                            Chakra Pool  IV
17th       —                             Chakra Pool  IV             Chakra Pool  V
18th       —                                    —                                —
19th Chakra Pool III               Chakra Pool  V              Kage Bunshin Tricks
20th       —                                    —                            Fox's Coat

Demonic Blood: All Naruto descendants who show traits of bloodline get demonic trait and have one disturping mark of said heritage (blood red eyes, short claws, odd demonic tattoos, reddish skin or sports fox tail). All bloodline traited Naruto descendants gain following traits;
—Demonic Chakra: Can use techniques and abilities requiring demonic chakra.
—Overwhelming Chakra: When spending an action point for chakra, roll 2d4 instead.
The chakra lasts for 1 minute.
—Evil: Creature has a 50% chance of having the evil allegiance if inherited. Can be
resisted with a Will save (DC 15) if applied to a creature.
Note; Naruto descendants have actually 5% chance to be evil allegiance but their chakra auras carry disturping feeling like they would be.

Driven: Each naruto descendant carries echo of Naruto's famous will, and consider their appearance makes most people shun their kind despite long history of heroes in their lines because of their disturping chakra auras. It results into strong determination to achieve more and do more. This gives Naruto descendant's a +2 to will saves and ability to re-roll will save when failing it.

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu: Descendant of Naruto learns this jutsu automatically this point if he has not done so already. Also achieving this point Naruto Descendant gains +5 competence bonus to perform the jutsu and also special cost; It costs 2 chakra to activate to create one clone and can create 1d4x1/4 class level number of clones by each additional 2 chakras spend (so example minor bloodlined naruto descendant of 8th level could make 1d4+2 clones by each 2 pts of chakra). There is no limit how many clones you can create and HP dmg received when doing the technique is only 1pt per clone created. Also can learn all Naruto variants of Kage Bunshin no Jutsu techniques (passed down as family inside secrets).

Chakra Pool I-V: Naruto descendants have unusual high chakra pools. Naruto descendant is counted to have +2 higher constitution when counting his chakra pool alone. This bonus increases by +2 each time the feature appears. To a maximum +10 to constitution (+5 extra chakra points per level) in major bloodline.

Fast Healing: Part of your demonic blood in your veins mimic Naruto's endless energy. You gain fast healing egual to Chakra Pool feature level (max fast healing 5 with major bloodline).

Kage Bunshin Tricks: Your extended use of Kage Bunshin no Jutsu had taught you varied ways use the technique in new level. It's not new ninjutsu but rather improvement to exchisting jutsu. Each time this feature shows up you can pick one the tricks listed in below;
Jutsu Coordination; Clone assist in performing a jutsu. Each clone coordination takes move action direct them aid you plus time what it takes perform the jutsu. Each clone assisting you adds +2 to perform check on jutsu.
Quick Cloning; You can perform Kage Bunshin no Jutsu as move action instead full round action, but increases chakra cost of performing jutsu by +1 from reckless channeling of the chakra.
Enduring Kage Bunshin; Kage Bunshin duration is changed from minutes to 10 minutes/level. Taking this trick second time extends it into 1 hour/level.
Kage Bunshin Training (reguires; enduring Kage Bunshin); You can use Kage Bunshin clones for training new techniques, jutsus or feat and so on. Each clone multiplies training time but fatique factors are also multiplied and can cause also non-lethal damage if training is extended enough (example; 120 clones would result 1 hour training to be 120 hours which is 5 days training with no breaks, it would render char to be fatiqued, then exhausted and then having 1d6 non-lethal fatique damage inflicted per hour after becoming exhausted).
Improved Kage Bunshin no Jutsu Clones; Your clones have double of the listed HP for each one, also you can coordinate clones efforts telepathically and also no longer clones have lesser combat skills but still they use the main Jutsu user's chakra pool to use any techniques they perform.

Fox's Coat: Altough not vessel of kyuubi your ancestor's blood remembers essence pattern needed to perform dreaded Fox's Cloak transformation. It's special chakra empowering frenzy stage which causes 1d6 lethal dmg per round and turns off your fast healing ability. But in return it starts regenrate 5 chakra points per round and also provide resistance 10/- to all attacks (all forms energy, physical attacks expect the stage dmg per round), provide immunity to critical hits and you have chakra resistance 10 + 2 per tail gained. You start off with 1 tail and every 5 rounds adds 1 tail. After 30 rounds you form the 7th tail. You gain +2 bonus to Str and +1 save DC to all techniques for each tail gained. But you loose control when you gain more tails than what it's your wisdom mod+3 (needing Wisdom 18 to keep control even in 7th tail stage). Once you loose control you attack foes and friends alike in reckless abaddon. Frenzy stage only ends if you succeed on wisdom check DC 10 + 2 per number of tails, or when you reach negative HP. Also this stage gives you reach attack egual to +5'ft each tail gained with melee attacks (attacking by using the tail). You can perform this transformation only once per week. After using the technique you pass out for number of hours egual to rounds what you spend in the transformation.
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Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Re: Naruto D20 RPG game rumble!
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2010, 06:49:50 AM »
Here is my example char done by d20 rules;

Anycase no interest to this game? Or are the system mechanics frigthening people off :/.

Offline CrazyIvan

Re: Naruto D20 RPG game rumble!
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2010, 07:45:20 PM »
sounds interesting still looking for people? Also if you are I might need some help creating a character as it has been a long time since I made a D20 character and have forgotten how lol.

Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Re: Naruto D20 RPG game rumble!
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2010, 11:27:51 PM »
I am still looking and yes I can help create the char (one reason why I made sample char so I get some idea of char creation and such).

Offline CrazyIvan

Re: Naruto D20 RPG game rumble!
« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2010, 07:20:01 PM »
I will think up an idea and see where it takes me along what type of character I want. So is this going to be mainly going to be player story driven or mainly GM driven, just wondering?

Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Re: Naruto D20 RPG game rumble!
« Reply #5 on: October 11, 2010, 11:26:07 PM »
A GM driven, as I provide the missions which push the plot along while players just have fun and own plots in-between the missions in the village.

Offline CrazyIvan

Re: Naruto D20 RPG game rumble!
« Reply #6 on: October 11, 2010, 11:45:53 PM »
okay well my computer is having a bit of trouble, but I will work on a concept and ask if I need help and hopefully more people will join.

Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Re: Naruto D20 RPG game rumble!
« Reply #7 on: October 12, 2010, 08:17:04 AM »
Aye, I hope so also. Would need at least three interested people to form single team, could accept '4th' player as Jounin leading the team (and start in 12th level). As note if you achieve certain ninja rank (Chuunin and Jounin example) you get proper feat for the rank for free.

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Re: Naruto D20 RPG game rumble!
« Reply #8 on: October 15, 2010, 03:30:06 AM »
I'm interested

Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Re: Naruto D20 RPG game rumble!
« Reply #9 on: October 15, 2010, 03:33:37 AM »
Great! Second nin for the team :). Need one more then I can NPC the jounin who will be your team leader until you all team members become chuunin ranked.