Is there a mistress out there? (M looking F)

Started by BigBadWolf, October 08, 2010, 02:50:28 PM

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I'm searching for quite some time to play with a mistress, but I didn't have much succeed yet. The few games I started were abounded, or a very slow going. So I decided to set up this character and plot thread. If some of them caught your attention you can send me a PM about it or post here. If you like a character but dislike the plot, but you have one feel free to tell me. Please keep in mind all of these characters are meant to play in an NC, BDSM game where they are the sub side.

Name: Erian
Age: 18
A young and agile looking boy, with brown eyes and medium long brown hair. He wears usually work cloths it's a rare occasion when he wear elegant clothes.
He was born as a son of peasant near the king's castle. Once a few knight's arrived in the village and they asked Erian to tend his horses. The young boy made an excellent job and one of the knights decided he offer a job to him. Of course his parents agreed with the knight, it was a great opportunity to rise above the ordinary peasant life.
So Erian worked for the knight as a stable boy. A year later the knight died in a battle. However the knight happens to be one of the kings favorite, and when he heard that the boy belonged to him, he decided that bring the boy back to the castle and work for there as a stable boy.
In the same castle live the king's daughter. She hasn't married yet, but she starts to curious about sex. Even she noticed that sometimes who Erian look at her, however his just a servant and he is not worthy to her intrests.
But one night she found a secret book. The book was wrote by a woman and there is a lot of description how to train, use and enjoy a sex slave. It is very detailed and illustrated. The princess decide she wanted to try this out, and she knew that Erian would more than willingly obey to her commands. Even unusual commands.

Name: Michael Gerrison (Taken)
Age: 31

His got dark brown hair and brown eyes. He always elegant usually wear suits in work and fashionable cloths outside work. His appearance always good, he looks confident and strong.
Michael owns a model agency. Long years ago he started his career as a model too, but he quickly found himself at the other end of the camera. He learned a lot about management and when he inherited a little money he build up his own company.
In his younger age he was a charmer and usual his customers ended up in one bed with him. He enjoyed life and whatever a woman body could gave him. His wife was one of his customer too. As he got married he didn't seduced the models any more and settled to just control his company.
However two years ago he couldn't resist a young model. After that affair he started to fuck again the models however he did it now discretely and often he blackmailed the girls. If they didn't wanted to what he asked for then he not just fired them but also destroyed their reputation.
One of the blackmailed models found out a secret about him and she decided to return the favor to Michael. After the first taste of power over him made her want more and her former boss can't do a thing about it.

Name: Mike Collins
Age: 18

he is just one of the crowd. Or even less, because Mike is rather shy and quite man. He prefers to wear practical clothes what don't show off much of his body.
He live the usual life of a teenager, maybe not so wild than the others. In school his an average student, but maybe he could do more if he wouldn't lazy to learn.
Usually Mike is shy around girls and he don't have much experiences either. His not a virgin he lost it with a drunk girl who practically crawled on him after a party. But of course it was a one night round.
This could be High School or University based. A teacher spots Mike, and want to have him. She is a real domme, she always strict on her lessons and expect the maximum from her students. The teacher try and make a move on him first nicely by seducing. The boy of course turn her down. But she always got what she want. So she somehow managed to got the boy in her office, tie him and make a few pictures. Now she can blackmail him and do with him as she pleases.

Name: Irawaru (Taken)
Age: 24

Irawaru got Polynesian heritage his skin bronze brown his eyes brown. His body is in a good shape and he wearing casual cloths mostly, but he could be very elegant if it need be.
He was born on Hawaii, and he lived there since. He loves the ocean and he spent most of his childhood on the beach or in the water. Surfing became a hobby to him very early then later he became an instructor. However he had to work as a mixer in a bar on the beach.
He love his life, his got good friends and time to time his got a girlfriend too. However it seems none of them stay with him more than half a year and usually he broke with them.
This plot is about slave training. A very wealthy woman buys a small island in the Carribic ans she made it to a slave training center. She took orders from rich people then kidnaps the perfect victim and train her/him until she/he becomes a sex slave with the specification of the customer.
One of her costumers wants an exotic looking slave with good stamina and skillful in different ways to please a woman. She decided Irawaru will be perfect, so she kidnaps him and began the training.

Name: Garsh
Age: 20

Garsh is an orc so his body muscular and his skin has green shade. His hair is pitch black while his eyes are blue.
Garsh is born in an orc tribe. He always wanted to be a great warrior and he dreamed of that one they he will lead his tribe. He worked hard and became a good warrior, however he didn't have the opportunity to prove himself in battle.
He is very subborn and his pain tolerance outstanding even with orc standards. He often make bets on that how much pain could he bear and usually he won.
The orcs launch a war on the elf country. They rob a few village as they start to enter the elven forests. The elves start to organize their army so they can stand against them.
Garsh became a scout for his tribe, however he became helplessly lost in the woods. An elf sorceress find him and capture him easily. He could be a very important information source for them. The sorceress (who don't know mind affecting spells) starts to interrogate him but the usual methods didn't work. Then she decided to change tactic and if she can't break him with pain then she will break him with pleasure.
During the interrogations she realize the benefits of an orc lover, and she keep him after she know what she needed.

This one just a picture, don't have an exact plot for it. As I look at it it's most likely to be a quickie rather than a long term game.
Picture - Maybe she just found out you can't pay for tonight's bill.
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