Currently casting criminals, crook-catchers, or cameos; short or long term roles

Started by rick957, October 07, 2010, 11:05:59 PM

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"Killing Kind" is a long-running crime-suspense RP with lots of fun and talented participants.  We always need new players to keep things lively and fresh, and joining is a piece of cake -- posting requirements are low, and there's very little you have to read or know in order to play. 

The mood is three parts Tarantino, one part Bond, with a spritz of black humor and a bit of the old ultraviolence.  Explicit sex is always welcome as long as it's relatively brief, so that it doesn't take away from the interesting plot and character development.

Here's the basic scenario from the plot summary:

The game opened in mid-October of 2009, just after Constantin Grushenkov, also known as "The Shark," informed the underworld community of his intention to retire as chief enforcer for the Bratva (or Russian Mafiya).  The power and financial rewards of his position enticed dozens of elite professional criminals into undertaking a global competition, consisting of a series of assignments meant to test applicants for his job.  Competitors were organized into five teams and ordered to meet at urban locations around the world.

Our story focuses on the "Delta" group, who assembled at a Berlin nightclub for their first meeting.  Little did they realize that an unforeseen security breach had led to word of the competition being leaked to major law-enforcement agencies, which sent in undercover agents to thwart the operations and take down the Bratva boss.

All the current players are elite criminals or double agents trying to foil them.  More players are always needed in those types of roles. 

Or, if you're uncertain about joining or have limited availability, you can try a short-term "cameo" role instead.  You would do a scene or two with one or more of the players, and then you could quit.  If you enjoy yourself enough and want to stick around, we can either expand your character's role or have you try a different character.  Listed below are some cameo roles I'd like to fill soon.  If you look at the game and have an idea for a different role, I'd love to hear it.

If you're interested, PM me first so that I can have a look at your other writing on Elliquiy, to make sure you can write on a similar level as the other players.  Don't worry, there are people in the game who can write circles around me too, so don't let that keep you from inquiring.  The worst that can happen is you'll get a polite response from me saying I don't think it's the best game for you.

Have a look at the game over here.  Then get in touch.  :)  Thanks!
-- Rick

Cameo roles available as of December 2010-January 2011 (see above for longer-term roles) ...

Keep in mind that apart from the requirements outlined below, you'll be deciding everything else about your character:  looks, personality, motivations, behavior, background, etc.  Also, all these roles are customizable according to your likes and dislikes.  You and I will figure out the nature of your interactions with the other characters, as well as what becomes of your character once his or her role in the game is finished.

1. "The Madame" (or "The Master") (taken, but you should read this anyway to understand the roles underneath it)
You help run an upscale brothel on behalf of the Bratva (Russian Mafiya).  Services are invitation-only to exclusive clientele; a wide range of kinks are catered to.  Some of your employees are in it for the money, but others have been kidnapped from their families and work against their will.  At present, a group of elite criminals are visiting the brothel, called De Speelplaats or "The Playground," which occupies a former hotel in Brussels.  The visitors will help abduct and break in a new batch of women, including some who will do lucrative, high-end fashion assignments alongside their sex-trade work.  A semi-legitimate modeling agency called Internationale Modellen serves as a front for the brothel and takes up most of its ground floor.

2. "The Whore" (or "The Slave") (one spot taken but several similar roles available)
Female, young or old, highly attractive but may appeal to narrow tastes.  Hailing from anywhere, you work in Brussels at The Playground mentioned above, either willingly -- for a cut of the profits -- or unwillingly, by threat of force.  You may have family, a lover, or friends outside of the brothel (see below).  You may perform a range of sex-trade duties or specialize in a particular area (again see below).  If a kidnappee, you may be auctioned as a personal slave to a wealthy buyer -- politician, celebrity, or just someone filthy rich and unscrupulous.

3. "The Director" (or "The Actor")
Probably male, possibly female; may be a civilian or have organized crime connections.  Living in Brussels, you direct or aid in the production of illegal pornography at The Playground (see above).  May have a background in the film industry or computer industry; may still work in those areas.  May or may not have moral qualms about your line of work; may or may not participate as a porn actor.  (Nature of the illegal porn remains to be determined, but obviously will not go outside the bounds of Elliquiy's guidelines for permissible content.)

4. "The Trainer" (one spot taken but one similar role is still available)
Probably male, possibly female.  Living in Brussels, you instruct the Playground employees in their sex-trade duties and/or their legit fashion work (see above).  You may specialize in preparing women to satisfy obscure kinks.  Your students may be willing or unwilling; if the latter, you may be involved in breaking their wills or acclimating them to their unsavory work requirements, via hands-on instruction or mere supervision.

5. "The Hacker"
6. "The Broker"

Both of these are assistants to the characters above, and both roles have similar guidelines, as follows.  Male or female, not too old.  Duties combinable with other roles described above.  You live in Brussels, possibly at The Playground; you may or may not work at the brothel itself.  You may or may not have moral qualms about your work.  You may or may not have organized crime connections of your own.  You may be a moral person forced into immoral activities out of blackmail or by threat of force.  "Hacker":  with your computer expertise, you manipulate the personal data and/or finances of kidnapped women or their friends and family, to wipe out their backgrounds or otherwise help indoctrinate them into human slavery.  "Broker":  you're the well-connected smooth talker who sets up and carries out the auction of human slaves to super-exclusive, super-rich clients on behalf of the Bratva. 

7. "The Hero" (or "The Brother/Father/Mother" or "The Lover/Boyfriend/Girlfriend")
Read at least 1. and 2. above to understand the background.  Hailing from anywhere, you are personally connected to a woman who has been kidnapped and/or is being forced into a life of sexual slavery, perhaps even auctioned to wealthy bidders.  Unlike most or all of the above roles, this character can exhibit more ethical or heroic behavior, as you do whatever you can to save your loved one from the forces of organized crime.  You may have financial resources or powerful connections to call upon to help in your efforts.  You may be a law enforcement agent, have a military background, or have other special skills you can use to help your victimized relative or lover.


PM me if you see something you like or want to suggest an original role.  Hope to hear from you soon.  :) 


I'm constantly impressed by how awesome this game is.    If only, if only, if only I had the time...



*tips hat to Remiel for the kind endorsement*

Bumped with new stuff about cameo roles. 

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Quote from: Remiel on October 08, 2010, 07:25:38 PM
I'm constantly impressed by how awesome this game is.    If only, if only, if only I had the time...


Ditto ;D

Remiel has said all that needs to be said...but he forgot to hand out the cookies!

-does so now and attempts to bribe people with an assortment of snacks-

...I want to be your wet dream, your daydream, your only distraction...
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Aww, shucks, you guys are too nice.  :)

*sneaks a cookie for himself while nobody's lookin'*


Not for the first time, we seem to have way more ladies than lords, and no lieges at all.  :( 

More femmes can still join, but it would also be great to improve our gender balance a bit. 

Newcomers welcome, there are other folks just getting started too ... so get in touch!


I would love to play the role of the hero. I have just the character. I hope it's not taken!!! *crosses fingers*

I didn't see anywhere to post characters, sorry if this is out of place.

*edit* so I found the character thread, I am low on time at the moment and have no time to post a good character.

Short bio: Name is Rosha Kovotulyin, former Russian sniper, also a Spetznaz operator when called upon unofficially. Backstory on this later. He will be a lover/boyfriend of one of the girls kidnapped, and will come to rescue her. He will have some connections through old military contacts. Not much in the way of financial resources, but some friends in high places. Maybe they owe a favor or two.

This is my first experiment with roleplaying from Iraq on the amount of time I have. If I find I am able to do it, I would love to attempt to expand this role, or move to a different role if this is not possible. Perhaps he started working for the law enforcement agencies, or maybe he freelances as a hitman or assassin. Either way I want to be the good guy for a change, usually I'm the small-time crook, or hitman/assassin when it is available in an RP, something to that effect, and I generally play female characters, so this is a definite change for me. This character is well developed, I have roleplayed this specific character for 4 years on an old Half Life (first person shooter) mod called The Specialists.
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I've been keeping up with the game off & on, and I just wanted to tell you that what is going on with it? The level of organization and creativity that has gone into it? It is definitely admirable.


Wow, thanks for the kind words, Darkcide.  :)  I remember you joining us for a little while there -- too bad it didn't work out long-term for you in our game, but I'm glad to see you've found plenty to keep you busy and active at E.

I'll pass along your compliment to the KK crew.  Good to hear from you again! 


I PMed you back, rick957.

I am definitely eager to start. Hopefully after I do headcount at midnight chow (Ugh, getting off at 1 AM sucks...) I will be alert enough to see what I can get into.
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