Civil War

Started by LittleKitten, October 07, 2010, 05:55:43 PM

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Lately I've been really craving a civil war era role play.
These are the plots I've come up with. If you have any suggestions then PM me

Two sweethearts are separated by the war. He's a soldier and her family supports the other side. When his battalion  takes over her town, he as a commanding officer is stationed in her families home....
Does she reject him for taking over her home or does she rebel against her families views?

She's a spy and has vital information about the enemies position. She's seduced the General and gotten his plans. What happens when she's caught delivering those plans?

She hates slavery....loathes it. In a rebellious moment she ran away and joined the union army. She stole her brothers uniform after his death and created a fake persona. What happens to her? Is she captured and discovered? Or does a fellow soldier find her deception


Hello LittleKitten,

I like the Spy to send a PM with motr details?