Looking for Superheroine game! [F/F, Details to be Discussed]

Started by Keelan, October 07, 2010, 05:38:32 PM

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Okay, I am interested in a bit of a superheroine game right now, this can go one of three ways:

1.) Superheroine/Superheroine (Probably not D/s much, possible Bondage, though potentially in the Light section)

2.) Superheroine/Villianess (I imagine being more D/s, but not extremely so, likely Bondage, though debatable depending)

3.) Superheroine/Human Woman (Not sure on this one... but it's a possibility if someone REALLY wants to play a normal human woman)

Note that all of these can be either Female/Female, or Female/Futa; I am fine with both, but I would like to play the Futa in the case of the latter.

Likewise, I'm preferential to System games, and while I have a few different systems, I feel that M&M 2nd (I don't have DC Adventures, sadly) would be the one most are familiar with, unless they'd like to play the Fuzion system instead.  I may consider Freeform, but I've had bad experiences before with it, so you'll have to prove to me you won't be abusing the nature of freeform games.  If someone suggests another system, I may be willing to try it, of course.

I'm not looking for a dark and/or gritty game; I want something a bit more upbeat, something with romance between the above, and I do not want canonical characters.  Read that Both PCs will be Original Characters.  I don't keep up with the comics well enough to know everything that is current, but I DO know that the canon characters do a LOT of things that I personally feel make them horribly, horribly broken in terms of RP games.  Besides, I like people to play THEIR characters, not someone else's... well, at least in my games anyway.

So yeah, if you think you're interested, please PM me and let me know; the specifics are almost entirely up in the air at this point, though I will say to read my O/Os, ask me questions, voice concerns, etc. etc... and hopefully whoever shows interest we'll be able to get something up and going soon enough.


If you don't have any objections to a male playing a female character, I would be more than interested it. I must admit that I have not had any experience with system games before, but I am willing to learn and read up about it.