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September 27, 2022, 09:43:47 am

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Author Topic: Varies ideas, leaning on the dark side... (Seeking M or F)  (Read 820 times)

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Varies ideas, leaning on the dark side... (Seeking M or F)
« on: October 06, 2010, 08:07:13 pm »
Hello. I’m new here. (Well, actually, I’ve been a member for a little while and just never had any ideas on what to request or do, but I figured now is as good of a time as ever, right?) I think I properly filled out my ons and offs, but I could be wrong on that so I’ll just say this: Pretty much everything is fair game given the circumstances of the plot. I enjoy darker stories if given the preference, but also enjoy action, romance and lighter tones. That isn’t really helpful, is it? I hate being one of those people who say “Everything is good. I’m nearly limitless” because, really, having a better idea of what is a big yes and a maybe is a huge factor in roleplaying. But you aren’t reading this to hear my thoughts on the matter. You’re here to see what I am looking for.

So, here we go.

Typically, I do have a mild male preference (either myself playing a male to your male or female, or myself playing a female to your male) but I am very, very willing to try new things and try to focus a plot on two females. Or even those in the ‘other’ category. Long story long, I am seeking all gendered characters for my plots. (No, I do not mind if you play a gender not your own, not in the least.)

+Plot ideas+

-   First genre. I love cannon worlds and even characters. This is a desire for Final Fantasy RP and other video games.

1.   –Untitled Fantasy- I would love to do a FF6 plot post game where Celes (me. Hi.) works as General of Figaro’s army. I’m looking for Edgar, Setzer or Locke to play with me. Sadly, I don’t have much else planned for it, just a general idea. I am also game to playing any time during the world of ruin and open to who my partner plays. The theme of it would vary, I’d enjoy some possible capture/abuse and romance, if we keep it on a con level.
2.   –Cruelty of a Princess- Chrono Trigger. Marle becomes Queen and loses everything she once was. Cold-hearted, mildly cruel and completely pushed away from the group of time travelers. Guardia is a kingdom living in fear of the hand of their Queen. Looking for someone to play either Magus (Who I’d hope is cruel, cold but has a want for Marle.) or Lucca, possibly Chrono.
3.   –Heart Belongs to Daddy- I posted this in an IM desire, but I’m going to put it here as well in hopes someone will want to join me. Bioshock. The setting can be any time post Bioshock 1 and pre Bioshock 2 (for obvious reasons if you’ve played the game.) I would be playing Kara, a girl born in Rapture who was given up as a Little Sister by her father. She had a Big Daddy, Epsilon, bonded to her when the Big Daddies were first made (Thus Alpha series.) I’d like someone to play him and/or possibly other minds in Rapture to take advantage (ie abuse and use) Kara, who is now past puberty but not technically a Big Sister (Or she could be.) Epsi lived through her youth and continued to protect her even after she was relieved of the ADAM slug. I’d like Epsi to remember a little of himself pre Big Daddy, and he is capable of speech.
4.   Open to any ideas involving Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy 6,8,10,13, Bioshock.

+Comic book ideas+
1.   A Witchblade storyline, preferably as a Weilder that is not Sara Pezzini or Jackie Estacado.
2.   An AU idea between Shadowcat and Spiderman as both being highschool or university students.
3.   Possibly other characters. I know Marvel very well and a little on DC/Top Cow.

+Darker plots.+

1.   –Stocked and home.- (Modern, EX) I would really like to do a kidnapping story where a young woman or man is kidnapped for no reason besides sick fun for the attacker, a cruel yet elegant man. Through the course of the story, the kidnapee develops Stockholm Syndrome. This plot is best suited for someone who plays dominance well and knows how much the mental restraints and abuse are far more painful than the physical.

2.   –Changling.- (Any time frame.) This one, I would love to play either male or female as either the vampire or human. This one involves a vampire taking a liking to a human and changing him/her to keep the morals and beliefs of said vampire alive. There will be a number of NPCs introduced as both prey and ‘toys’ to bring into their bed while the vampire trains the youth.

3.   –Inmate 247- (Futuristic.) A male rapes a young woman and years later, she develops the same cruel desires as he did. Through a stroke of luck, both are placed together in a prison nearly 10 years after he stole her life from her. Violent, hate-filled obsession and desire here.

4.   -The Hitcher- Callie saw something she was not supposed to see. Callie got involved in something she never, ever should have stepped foot near. Callie has to run. Callie was a bit of a wild child, a troubled youth who lived to have fun. She got involved with the wrong man and saw some things… And people saw that she saw, so she hit the road with nothing but a Browning HiPower, a dufflebag and her Impala. It got lonely after awhile and she picked up an older man. He was friendly, charming even and Callie liked him and possibly even wanted him. But who can trust strangers? Moreso this stranger… Who has his own dark, deadly past.

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Re: Varies ideas, leaning on the dark side... (Seeking M or F)
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2010, 09:11:52 am »
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