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June 29, 2022, 05:20:29 pm

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Author Topic: Enemy Lines  (Read 660 times)

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Enemy Lines
« on: October 06, 2010, 09:48:29 am »
With this story I would like to just jump into the action. The story is going to be about Sergeant Robert Downes 1st Class of the Ranger Division Delta and his squad. I may only need one other character for the second in command as the other squad member will be NPC. There are 53 prisons in Bolivia which incarcerate around 8,700 people including prisoners of war every year. While in Bolivia covering a search and extract mission things turn for the worse when they are ambushed. Due to this unforeseen attack by the Transporte Aéreo Militar(TAM) they are forced to backtrack into the Bolivian rainforest. With little contact to HQ and light supplies they must take control of a small TAM camp 30 clicks south of their location.

There will be several opportunities along the way for characters to interact in a sexual manner so do feel left out. When the TAM camp is secured the Sergeant Downes and his second in command can rape a few civilian women, and or squad members who disagree. When they become captured later on in the story, the torture room can prove for a good read.

This RP can be classified as Bondage, BDSM, NC, Rape, Knife and Torture play.

Role to be filled:

Sergeant  2nd Class(Forester):(OPEN)

Squad Member 3(Cronin):(OPEN)

Squad Member 4(Kettren):(OPEN)

Anything goes, I am just looking for someone who can commit with the story. You don’t have to be on everyday to post, just be on every so often to keep the story continuing.


Downes sat in the barber chair getting the last of what hair he had left chopped off before he went to briefing. He ran his hand across the top sending several hair particles onto the floor that the barber was sweeping. Downes went to his locker grabbing his BDU's and Flak vest walking towards the meeting room placing them on his body, loosely tightened. As Downes went for his seat the Commander began his presentation.

"The Convict you will be in pursuit of is Amilo Vanderkoft. He is a Russian mule pushing himself across Northern Africa. He has been evading Army Rangers for months now. Your mission objective, to find and capture him. .. alive." As he said so the entire room made a quite sigh at his instructions. "Moving on, First you and your squad must secure this small TAM camp 30 Clicks South of the main compound for resupply and recovery. Any Questions? Good, No time anyway."

Downes put his hand down and stood up with the entire room. He walked out of the hallway looking to Forester who walked next to him."Its going to be easy Forester, don't worry so much." Forester was silent as they walked down the hallway." Meet you at the hanger." Downes said walking in a separate direction towards the armory. Downes went to the fenced in office handing the man behind the counter with  a long list of all needed supplies. The man behind the counter said nothing and took his paper. He returned from the back room with his AR-15 and Downe's 9mm Beretta.

"Ammunition and all projectiles are in the hanger." Said the man going back to the back room to watch his small television covering the game. Downs strapped his AR-15 to his back and placed his 9mm in the designated holster on his side. The hum of chattering soldiers grew louder as he entered the hanger. The loud noise of men talking and Jimi Hendrix playing in the background, put the real Vietnam feel to the whole thing. Downes went to the ammunition counter collecting his ammo and other small odds and ends.

Downes went to Squad Delta's corner of the hanger where only a few men had shown up already. Srgt. Forester and Pvt. Cronin."Roll call. . " Downes said.

(( If you wish to join, just post which role you would like and call in.))