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Author Topic: Drinking Games  (Read 510 times)

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Offline DementedPixieTopic starter

Drinking Games
« on: October 05, 2010, 04:21:28 PM »
There are the good ones, the boring ones, the Funny ones, ones that will make memories and keep secrets, lose friends, make new friends.  Whats your favorite drinking game?  Post the rules, and any funny story to go with it.   

Ring of Fire:

Basic Rules of Ring of Fire
Play with about four or more players. Somewhere between about seven and ten is ideal.
Place a pint glass or cup of similar size in the middle of the table.
Take a standard pack of playing cards, remove the jokers and fan the remaining 52 cards out face down in a circle around the cup. Make sure the circle is unbroken (i.e. every card is touching others on both sides).
Each player must select a drink. Any drink may be chosen and players can switch drinks at any time during the game, although only after finishing their previous drink.
Players take it in turns to take a card of their choice from the circle and turn it over. The players must then perform the actions directed by the card (see below).
Players must take care not to break the circle. The circle is broken when a gap in the ring appears where one card no longer touches another on one side. The first player to break the circle must finish their drink. Once first broken, there is no punishment for further cards drawn.
The game finishes when the last card has been taken and the actions on it performed.
Standard international drinking rules apply at all times. Any violations are punished by the offender consuming one finger of their drink.
Values of Ring of Fire Cards
Every one of the 13 types of cards in the playing deck conveys a specific action which must be carried out immediately. The actions are listed below:

2: Two fingers. The player who draws this card must drink two fingers of their beverage.
3: Three fingers. The player who draws this card can give out three fingers to any other players. He may split this any way he likes (i.e. he could give all three to one player, two to one player and one to another or one each to three different players).
4: Whores. All the girls playing must drink one finger.
5: Waterfall. All the players must start drinking. They must carry on doing this until the person on their right stops. No player can stop until the one who drew the card chooses to stop, thereby starting the chain. The waterfall has no time limit and can go on for as long as there are still players drinking.
6: D**ks. All the guys playing must drink one finger.
7: Numbers game. This game is started by the player who drew the card, who specifies whether the game will go clockwise or anticlockwise and says “1”. The next player must then say “2” and so on. Sounds simple, right? Well every time a 5, a 7, a number containing 5 or 7 or a multiple of 5 or 7 should be said, the player must instead say “F**k you!” and the direction of the game reverses. When any player makes a mistake, either by saying the wrong number, speaking at the wrong time or saying a banned number (e.g. 17, 40), they must drink a finger and the numbers game ends. Good luck once you get into the 50s!
8: Mate. Whoever draws an eight nominates a player of their choice to be their “drinking mate” for the rest of the game. From now on, whenever the player who drew the card has to drink, his “drinking mate” must also drink. This connection is one way: there is no need for the player who drew the card to drink when his “mate” is forced to drink.
9: Bust a rhyme. One player should lay down some beats. Whoever drew the card must now say a sentence. The player to his left then has to come up with a sentence that rhymes and so on. The first player to fail must drink a finger and the rhyme ends.
10. Chin Master. Whoever draws this card can touch his chin at any time during the game, as surreptitiously as he wants as long as he continues to touch it. The other players must then all touch their chins too. The last to do so must drink a finger. The chin master may do this as many times as he likes until another player becomes the new chin master by drawing another ten.
Jack. Whoever draws a jack must stick it on their forehead and keep it balanced there until another player draws another jack. Every time the jack falls off, the player must drink a finger and then replace it on their forehead.
Queen. Question Master. The player who draws a queen is the question master until another player draws another queen. Anyone who answers a question from the question master must drink a finger.
King. The player who draws the first king pours a portion of his drink into the central glass, ideally a third of the cup’s capacity. The next two players to draw kings must do the same, so the cup is full of a mixture of the three players’ drinks. The unfortunate who draws the fourth king must down the central glass.
Ace. Make up a rule. Any player who draws an ace can make up a new rule which applies for the rest of the game. The rule can be anything as long as it doesn’t violate one of the existing rules. Some amusing rules include enforced speaking in foreign accents, banning of words that start with the letter “s” and Mexican waves whenever someone speaks in Spanish! Anyone who violates any made-up rule must drink a finger.

I've no stories with this one... none that I can truely remeber.  I've played it once with my sister and her boyfriend... it wasn't that great.  Kinda of boring.

But as for the other one?


  It can be played with 2 or more people.  Obviously the more people you get to play the better it is. 
The object of the game is well to be the only one left standing per-say.  But what you have to do is take a quarter, or a nickle, or anything that is like a coin, but not smaller than a nickle.  Then you have your shot glass or bottles of beer whatever works.  Then you have to bounce your coin into the shot glass.  Now if it bounces on the rim you have to drink but you get another chance.  You get it in the cup you chose whoever to drink, Get it in 3 times you make a rule.  That is where this game can be fun!

Offline Wolfy

Re: Drinking Games
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2010, 08:41:38 PM »
My own drinking game:

Watch one of the Political or News Channels.

Every time a Republican or Democrat keeps things the same rather than making a change for the better, take a shot.

You'll be drunk in 3 minutes. :D

Watch the Daily Show or The Colbert Report if you want a speed round.


Offline Izu

Re: Drinking Games
« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2010, 03:59:47 PM »
The 'Suicide' Game - if you survive it will be a miracle!

Get as many bottles of different alcohol as possible. Play it with at least 4-5 people. Put the caps of the bottles in a bag or something. You need a big bowl, and a regular whiskey glass for each player and a pack of cards. Each player takes out a cap from the bag and pours themselves a glass of the picked alcohol. Once everyone has their glasses full they pick a card from the pack. Those with 2 to 10 pour out their glasses in the bowl.  The ones with Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces get to drink their glasses. The one with the biggest card (2-10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace) has to drink their drink and then fill it with whatever mix we have in the bowl.

 As you can imagine we go into a rather extreme alcohol mixing - it's not for everyone. I've played twice and I was drunk for a couple of days afterwards x''D

Offline Sabby

Re: Drinking Games
« Reply #3 on: October 07, 2010, 11:41:34 PM »
I've got one for you. Line up some shots. You'll need a lot of them for this one...

Donald Duck as a Nazi - Der Fuehrer's Face

You drink whenever you see a Swastika, or hear "Hiel Hitler!"

Offline Kaizen

Re: Drinking Games
« Reply #4 on: October 12, 2010, 03:50:13 PM »
Three Man

2 dice
a fun hat

Roll the dice.

7 person to your left drinks
11 person to your right drinks
roll a 1 & 2 you are the three man - put on the fun hat
roll a 3 - the three man drinks
roll doubles - you get to pass out that many drinks (example: roll two fives- pass out ten drinks to anyone you want)

If someone else rolls a 1 & 2 they are the new three-man

Keep rolling the dice as long as you are making someone drink.
if you make three rolls, you get to make a rule.  Any rule.

Violators of the rules must drink.
To quit the game, you have to finish your drink if it is near full.  If your drink is near empty, you have to fill your glass and finish it to quit.

I can provide tons of sample rules if you wish to try out the game.  But really your imagination is the limit.

When playing, there was always one rule that was not allowed.

The curse - 'Everytime I drink, you drink too'  - that rule sucks, it sounds like fun, but it's not.  It can cause problems and make the game not fun.