Nolan's Joker needs Harley Quinn

Started by Einzig, October 05, 2010, 11:52:19 AM

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I'll begin with a confession: I loved Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker in the Dark Knight to nearly obsessive dimensions. For this reason I was devastated by the loss of Ledger and the reality that no future Batman movie could ever be the same without his presence. I always imagined what the unwritten script for Joker would have been like in Nolan's second film, captured in Arkham asylum, being introduced to the intern psychologist Harley Quinn (based on DC comics canon).

In brief: I want someone who feels ambitious enough to portray Harley Quinn. I do not want DC Comics Quinn, I want a much more dark and imaginative version; a complex, psychotic, fich and vibrant mess of a woman, who nevertheless possesses the intelligence to have become a doctor in psychology (before being seduced by Joker).  I want a Medusa of a woman (or dare I ask -- a Medea?), with all your powers of creativity, ingenuity, and care. 

Anyone with any interest please contact me.  But first I recommend reading some of my posts and being somewhat familiar with my writing style.

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I am very interested in your idea if you are still seeking a Harley. Heath's Joker was amazing and dark and I thought the same thing when he passed away. I had such amazing hopes for a Harley in that universe.

I've always been interested in playing a Harley Quinn, but I did not have enough knowledge of her persona to portray her properly. I, unfortunately, do not have any posts currently for you to look over, but I believe our styles would work well together if you would be interested in me taking her on.


I'm interested as well, I love this sort of character. Psychotic is one of my usual favorites to play.
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I'm a fan of the Nolan Joker and the traditional DC joker as well, and would like to play something far edgier than the DC Quinn. I think the character is a little childish, and would like to play her as more of a woman (see character picture of Quinn from Arkham Asylum video game). Someone who uses her sexuality against her enemies and for her own pleasure.
I think the comics Quinn forgets that she was a psychiatrist, and would therefore have a keen insight into the human mind, as well as certain mind altering drugs.
I want to play someone fierce, sexy and intelligent. I want Harley to be someone who can stand up to the Joker, as well as tolerate his bullshit.
I don't have any current posts, but I can give you samples of my writing if you would like.
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