In the mood for Romance ( Needs Male or anyone that can play male)

Started by April Bouvier, October 05, 2010, 11:01:32 AM

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April Bouvier

So please Read my on's and off's and rabbit hole, then PM me :D

Hi there I Recently got a craving to be in more Romance RP's, something that isn't just about sex and more about the story and plot.

Now heres a list and Romance Pairings I would like to do.

Football quarter back X New unpopular girl Taken

Captain X First mate
Navel captains daughter X Pirate king Taken

Old Japan
Priestess X Demon
Demon girl X Samurai taken
Samurai X Samurai.
Samurai Lord X Princess
Samurai body guard X Normal girl

So there are some of the pairings I do Have a Idea for the High school one and the Samurai body guard X Normal girl, but that's about it I'm looking forward to making up plots with the people who are interested in RP-ing with me.

So please Read my on's and off's and rabbit hole, then PM me :D


Scabs are great sources of iron.


Hmmm, I'm not sure what kinda story we can cook up, but I'm willing to givethe Samurai body guard x normal girl thing a shot, see if we can cook up something interesting.