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Author Topic: My Random Ideas  (Read 970 times)

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Offline FlorenceTopic starter

My Random Ideas
« on: October 05, 2010, 06:16:35 AM »
Hey, been kind of inactive for a little bit do to internet troubles, which... I really hope are fixed >_>;

Anyway, here's where I'll throw down some solo ideas when they come to me... don't see something you like, feel free to check back in again, my interests vary... ALOT. I mean really, sometimes I'm into hard, violent rape, other times I like sweet, cheesy romance. Sometimes incest is my thing, other times anthros, on a rare occasion even bestiality rings my fancy from time to time. So, anyway, without further adieu, here's my current ideas, feel free to pm me or post a reply here if one interests you. I've tried to make this least as easy to comb through as I can think of, I've also marked whether I'd like it to be a one-shot, just one sex scene and call it a day, or if I'd like to make it an on-going storyline over a course of time.

Also, a note, I can't think of a proper term for this, so I'll explain what I mean by my term here. When I say hentai-rape, I mean it would start off as rape, with one character likely not liking it, but over time, as per hentai logic, they would start to enjoy it, and probably be a rather enthusiastic participant by the time it's over.

Sacred Guardian- Monster-on-human, fantasy, possible prostitution (depending on how you look at it), heterosexual. (One-shot or on-going.)
Your character is a priestess of an ancient order. The world is one of magic and monsters, and to survive on your journeys you will need a guardian. Guardians are sacred monsters, (I intend mine to be humanoid, so don't worry if bestiality isn't your thing), who require regular payment to stay in service of their charge. The payments vary from guardian to guardian, but must be kept up on a regular basis, usually it's gold or jewelry, occasionally alcohol or food. There is one guardian who has not had a charge in as long as anyone can remember, no one is sure what his price is, but it is common wisdom to avoid his temple. Your character, however, is ambitious, and this guardian is rumored to be very powerful. With thoughts of the great deeds she could perform with a guardian that powerful she has gone to seek him out.

My idea for my character is a large humanoid monster... and when I say large... I mean large in all meanings of the word (Though I should clarify, he's... not like... Shadow of the Colossus large, but... big enough to strike fear into even the largest humans, while still being small enough to be... physically compatible with a human woman, and he is... proportioned appropriately considering that.) The idea is that the price, which given the nature of this rp, should be rather obvious, would be a bit... frightening and painful, though I'd prefer she ended up enjoying it. It wouldn't be a price if it was ALL fun. Whether or not the priestess is "chaste" is up to you. I'm also up to suggestion on whether it should be a western or an eastern setting. Finally, I'm also open to discussion on the specific appearance of the Guardian.

Us Against the Dead- Incest, zombie apocalypse, romance, heterosexual. (On-Going)
This story idea is a pretty simple one, two siblings are some of the only survivors of the zombie apocalypse. I'm up to variations with this idea. In particular, I'm willing to play either the brother or the sister, however I would still prefer to play the older, dominant sibling either way, and if my character is the sister, I'd prefer the brother be more of a younger, cuter, feminine boy. I'm also alright with them having romance which leads to sex, or if they start having sex for purely physical reasons, and then have a romance from there.

An Elf-Wizard's Trap- Gay, fantasy, elf-on-human, hentai-rape. (One-shot, though I don't mind perhaps doing more with the characters in the future.)
This is a fun little role-reversal idea I had. Your character is a human knight on a quest to stop an elven wizard who has been causing a bit of trouble for the king. In terns of appearance, I'd prefer them being masculine in build, but more athletic than muscular, and a clean cut face. My character would be the slender, somewhat androgynous elf-wizard. The key twist is that my character would be the dominant top, where-as the human knight would be the submissive bottom.

The Dwarf Princess Human-on-Dwarf, fantasy, Alcohol, heterosexual. (One-shot, though I don't mind perhaps doing more with the characters in the future.)
This is a pretty straight forward affair, a dwarven princess away from her home enters a tavern in a human city, and encounters a human mercenary looking to spend some of the earnings from his latest job on some drink. The two start off antagonizing, clashing their warrior pride and arguing, leading to a drinking contest, which leads... to... other things.
I'm looking for someone willing to play the dwarven princess. I am up to suggestion on how things progress precisely, I just really want to try out the pairing. As for the dwarf, I'd like her to be both an arrogant dwarf princess, but also a warrior. Other than that, I have no real preference. My human character will be an arrogant, but experienced mercenary, and the two of them, even drunk, will likely have a bit of a power-struggle in bed, fighting over dominance.

The Halfling's Gambit Elf-on-Halfling, fantasy, heterosexual, hentai-rape. (One-shot, though I don't mind perhaps doing more with the characters in the future.)
A mischievous halfling rogue (your character), plans to rob a travelling elf, but severely under-estimates the power of the elf-wizard, and ends up being used for said elf's enjoyment... though that isn't to say she herself doesn't end up enjoying it just as much as he does. This is pretty much all I have for this idea, it's a pretty straight forward thing, and I'm open to suggestions on pretty much every aspect, as this one isn't so much a story in my head as an idea that I'm interested in exploring.
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Offline Naiayur

Re: My Random Ideas
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2010, 06:43:40 AM »
I would be very interested in sacred guardian, feel free to peruse my posts and get back to me. :)

Offline FlorenceTopic starter

Re: My Random Ideas
« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2010, 07:12:27 AM »
I have updated to add new ideas, though admittedly I have a number of rps on my table already. Keep that in mind, though am very interested in my new ideas, and will try to do as much as I can as expediently as I can with them as well. Simply put, I may be a bit slow to respond on the matter of any new rps I take up, but I will do my best not to take too long.