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October 02, 2022, 05:04:35 am

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Author Topic: Experienced writer wanted for Dan Brown style RP. ((Original Idea))  (Read 1133 times)

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So I became a little obsessed with Dan Brown and came up with this idea.

Basically my character is a scientist that has found a cure for cancer. And some bastard that is under control from a religious organization sends her an email containing a death threat that says if she releases the cure, she'll be killed etc etc. She gets pretty creeped out and calls for the aid of a man she despises, as he was a master hacker for the CIA ((Robert Langdon type of character)). He got made redundant and banned from America, being told that if he ever sets foot in the Country again or tells anybody about his prior job, he'd be killed. He comes to her place and whilst he's out getting some food or what not, this psycho breaks into the woman's apartment, beats her up and smashes all of their computer equipment.

The psycho guy is Irish and an over-the-top Catholic. His real name will be Patrick Flanagan but he would've taken on the name "Abdiel" which means 'Servant of God'.

My character is 26 years old but still a virgin. She's never had the time for a relationship, being too in love with her work. She has extremely low confidence when it comes to her appearance but during the story she'll change her looks completely as a cover-up but she'll look absolutely stunning.

The RP will have them having sex frequently throughout it whether it be drunken, angry or romantic. I'd like them to fall in love. There will be romance, action and thriller elements to the whole thing.

I know this is all jumbled up at the moment as I've just brainstormed the outline here. If you're interested then ask me any questions here or through PM. :).

I'm not expecting a 20-paragraph reply every time. Just write as much as you feel needs to be said in each post, one-liners are only acceptable if there really is nothing to say at that present moment in the story. I just would an experienced and intelligent writer to make this idea into an amazing story with me.

This will be my opening post. My posts will become better as we get into the RP more.

The young scientist gasped as she opened her email inbox to find that she had a message telling her that she was going to die, brutally and all her work was going to be destroyed. She received a lot of emails everyday, but usually from people giving her encouragement and kind thoughts toward her work. Never hate mail.

Roxanne Ball was a 26-year-old scientist from Cambridge, Massachusetts. She'd lived there all her life and had attended Harvard University. She had only 1 family member left after a housefire had taken her father and brother's lives. Roxanne was only 6 and luckily she and her mother had survived as they were on a trip when it had happened. Sadly, her mother died from lung cancer five years later. Roxanne was an orphan.

She decided to dedicate her life to science and try to find an effective way to cure cancer and that's exactly what she had done. She was still running some final tests and only she knew how it was done but she wanted to keep the answer secret until she was 100 percent sure it would work. The entire world knew of her work and they were encouraging her with letters, gifts and publicity. Roxanne appreciated their kind actions.

The scientist stared in shock at the email. She tucked a wisp of her caramel hair behind her ear and took a deep breath. She didn't know whether this was some kind of empty threat but she was in no position to risk that. She tried tracing the e-mail address but to no prevail. She needed an expert hacker.

She pulled out her address book and scanned the names quickly with her index finger. She ended up on a name and she sighed heavily with hatred. Professor (...), from Cambridge University in England. He taught there but he used to be an expert hacker for the CIA.

Roxanne knew this because her mother used to be in the CIA so she'd had connections with them all her life.

Her usually kind, deep brown eyes filled with hatred at even the sight of his name. She found him so stubborn and condescending. They always argued because she hated the Brits and he despised the Americans. She knew she had no choice but to ask for his help and that he would be satisfied that she was reduced to asked him.

She picked up her cell phone and text his phone, not even thinking that although it was 9pm in America, it was 2am in England. She was too emotional for that to spring to mind.

"Professor (...), this is  Professor Roxanne Ball. I need your help tracing an e-mail address from somebody that is making threats against my life. Could you please let me know if you have the time to come over to Cambridge and assist me with this. I don't care how much it costs, I'll pay it, in American dollars might I add! Thank you."

Roxanne hit send and then she scowled at her phone book. She really needed to meet another hacker.