Wildstar's idea's (M or F to play female) now editted

Started by wildstar, October 04, 2010, 06:42:42 PM

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man...*rubs head* ok I have been looking in my thinktank and I want to try some ideas. now I have it so I don't mind who plays the girls now. or here's some idea's for stories

Tried and true idea everyone likes...well not everyone...

Patient/Nurse or Nurses
Sad soul/Nun

Anime ideas

OC/ C.C. Code Geass idea (original storyline Pm me with ideas for it)
OC/Puma twins Dominion tank police idea (puma twins take a young man in his apartment hostage after they rob a bank)
OC/Halibel Bleach Idea (Halibel captures a junior Soul Reaper and seduces him. even could be with the other ladies of her faction for a group idea too)
OC/ Rangiku Bleach Idea (a junior Soul Reaper helps Rangiku after she hits the saki too much and she rapes him) :P

I also have an Idea for a Captain Harlock idea but I want to use an OC character who is a member of his crew that gets captured by the Mazone (an Alien race of mainly Females who's cells are that of plants. thinking either he gets interigated by Queen Rafessisa or a lesser general of the Queen's guard  will post some picks of them I have.

Post here or PM me if any of these ideas catch your eye.   
.... Editted it a bit with new ideas