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Started by Jag, October 04, 2010, 08:23:15 AM

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“Keeping Young Heroes Safe from Harm (Mostly) For Over Three Millennia"

"I suppose I must say hello to you and tell you a bit about the camp since you managed to avoid being killed by the monsters and got across the boarder...I'm Mr. D, you're camp director. I'm not your friend and I don't want to hear your sob story about how you miss your mortal parent or how you feel abandoned by your Olympian parent. So stop your whining or I'll feed you to the cleaning harpies. Till we know who your Olympian parent is, you'll be staying in Cabin Eleven. All undecideds go there. Don't go sayin' I'm your father, I've been in this infernal place for over twenty years, so that won't work. Anyways, I'll let Hay-for-Breath over here take over."

"Hello, Children, I'm Chiron, your friendly activities director and centaur. I understand that some of you must of been shocked to suddenly find yourselves being attacked by monsters of all kinds and then picked up by a Satyr and brought here. It really is for your own good. You're the half-blood children of the gods and monsters find that kind of flesh very tasty. We will ask you not to step outside the boundaries of the camp, as we cannot insure your safety outside of the camp.

Now, I'm going to ask you all to stand up straight and tell me your names. If you know who your Olympian parent is, please say so. Don't lie, the cabins will know if you're lying. If you tell me you're a daughter of Zeus and you're not, then Zeus's cabin will reject you. So it's best to be honest...Come now, don't be shy..."

Character Profiles:

[b]Name:[/b] (all last names are the names of the mortal parent)
[b]God or Goddess Parent:[/b] (can't be Hera or Artemis, sorry)
[b]Claimed or Unclaimed:[/b] (has your Olympian parent accepted you as their child)
[b]Age:[/b] (16 or older, please)
[b]Fatal Flaw:[/b] (all heroes have a fatal flaw. EX:  Poseidon's Half-Blood children's fatal flaw is personal loyalty. Hades' Half-Blood children's fatal flaw is holding grudges. Athena's Half-Blood children's fatal flaw is hubris, also known as pride. Zeus's Half-Blood children's fatal flaw is a weak resistance to power. Aphrodite's Half-Blood children's fatal flaw is vanity)
[b]Weapon or Skill:[/b]
[b]Physical Description:[/b] (pictures are acceptable)

"Chiron here, again, just wanted to give you a few things before you head off to either you cabin or the Hermes' cabin. Remember, for those of you that are unclaimed, you will be staying in Hermes' cabin. Hermes' accepts all since he is the God of Travel, but remember he is also the God of Thieves. Many of his children have been claimed and live in there. Please keep your personal possessions very close to you. Now here are your maps and your rope necklace. If you manage to live through the, now, don't cry, I'm sure you'll will receive a bead to put on it. I also wanted to warn you that while curfew is more of a suggestion, the cleaning harpies do take it seriously. If you plan on sneaking around after 11o'clock, then be sure to take a weapon and be sure you can run fast. Camp Half-Blood can not be held responsible for loss or life or limbs to the harpies if you're out after curfew...Now off you go and good luck with Capture the Flag..."


  • If you're unclaimed, we'll discuss in PM who you want your parent to be and organize something to help you get claimed.
  • If you're claimed, you'll have to attempt to earn the respect of your Olympian parent through winning events.
  • Over all, have fun. Your Olympian parent couldn't keep it in their pants, why should you?
  • Quests must have three characters and a story line.

Game Links:

Main Game.
Strawberry Fields.
The Stables.
The Forest.
OOC Chatter.
Profiles (being re-worked).
Demigod Powers.

The Weaver (Aiden, Christa, Michi)
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Name: Callisto
God or Goddess Parent: Apollo
Claimed or Unclaimed: Claimed
Age: 16
Fatal Flaw: Completely loyal to family, under any circumstances, and will do anything to help them.
Weapon or Skill: Bow and quiver of arrows, plays the lyre like her father.
Physical Description: Apollo's beauty spread to that of his daughter, with long dark hair that is the envy of many.  She is shy, but often opens up to children and kind people, often playing her lyre to guide people from afar.  While being shy around new people, she often opens up quite readily, offering to them olives or other fruit she collects.
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Name: Morgan Quinn
God or Goddess Parent: Athena
Claimed or Unclaimed: Claimed
Age: 16
Fatal Flaw: Can't resist a challenge
Weapon or Skill: Spear and shield. Good at fighting with or without a weapon. Perceptive and a problem solve, always having a different approach ready to try and solve a problem. A bit of a computer tech.
Physical Description: She has a slim athletic figure with straight long black hair and deep black eyes. Prefers to wear comfortible clothes, hoodies with jeans or sweat pants and runners.


Question: Are we playing in a classical period or a more modern one?
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Despite my choice of character picture. Looking at the threads in the orignal post, it looks modern setting to me.


Yes. It is a modern setting. Abigale is currently holding Vincent's iPod hostage, so yeah, modern. ^^

I've add both your profiles to the character's thread. Feel free to post in the OOC thread if you want to. I'm working on the post to bring everyone up to speed right now. Once that is up, you two (and everyone else) can start posting. ^^
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