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Author Topic: Innerant's Thread o' Ideas (Now with the same amount of drawery but moar ideas!)  (Read 678 times)

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A Horror!
But no seriously, this is some effed up stuff. Rated EXTREME!

A woman wakes up in a hospital following a bizarre and horrifying dream. She had apparently knocked herself unconscious merely walking up the stairs one day after work. Concerned, the hospital decides to keep her overnight and run some tests due to the mysterious circumstances.

The dream returns vividly, introducing her to a dark world of her own making. All the woman's fears and subconscious emotions are raging wild in this dream world, given life in the form of perilous mazes and environments.. and occasionally, monstrous abberations. Yet she is not alone, There are others here in this world... some friendly, some hostile. And an overwhelming evil presence overlooking them all.

The game will shift between reality and the dream world, though at times the two will become blurred. The protagonist must find out exactly what's going on, confront her own personal demons, and make it out of the dream world permanently with her sanity intact. Heavily influenced by Silent Hill and its' own spiritual predecessor, Pan's Labyrinth. A vivid background for the protagonist is a must. It need not require serious trauma, but some sort of unnerving mania or simple emotional disfunction (ie: Phobia of commitment)

More or less, the backstory would provide me with more ammo to build this 'dream world' around the protagonist's mindset... and it also serves to define some barriers about what isn't part of her world, and is really someone else's.

Blatant desecration of classic literature...

Mary Shelley's Viktoria Frankenstein.

First thing's first; Having read the original is a must. No exceptions. I luuuurrrve Mary Shelley and would hope this shameless pastiche, this blasphemous 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' style redux of her classic is true to its' original themes, but with a silly twist.

Viktoria Frankenstein is found in the arctic searching for her monster. FLASHBACK.

The story departs here. Viktoria Frankenstein needs to get away. Her fiancee is less than spectacular, the family life could be better... Why not spend some time in some old mountain castle to indulge in her favorite pastime? MAD SCIENCE! MWHAHAHAHA- Anyways.

Her goal? To create the perfect man! Way better than her fiancee anyway. You know some people said that Mary Shelley was making a feminist statement that men were inherently incapable of giving birth as a woman could, denied the ability to harbor and nurture a child for 9 months. BUT ANYWAYS, Viktoria's creation ended up perfect! The perfect man, beautiful... obedient... intelligent... virile!

Venting her sexually repressed rage, she thoroughly utilizes her creation. ...Alot. She begins to teach him, and he learns all the things she desires of him, he learns to please her in every way she can imagine. He is a perfect living sex toy.

Rather than be rejected and loathed by his creator, the monster is instead used and objectified. This makes him a very sad monster. Existentially minded, this monster flees! He pursues a life to find his purpose... But everywhere he goes! Women objectify him and angry husbands chase the monster away. He gets very sad.

Frankenstein on the other hand, returns to her fiancee in shame and tries to put the whole adulterous and borderline-necrophillic affair behind her. It was unnatural, she should have never played God! ...And also slept with her creation.

The monster returns, tormented by his existence as a mere object to be used for other's enjoyment... He has come to torment her as a living reminder of their adulterous blasphemous venture. And also to woo her away from her husband in the hopes of destroying the marriage and then her life. In revenge...

Yeah. It's horrible, and Miss. Mary Godwin would roll in her grave knowing I did this to her wondrous bit of literature. Then she'd send zombie Percy Bysshe after me. But I'd kick his ass, because she was way too good for him... ANYWAYS. To sum it up;

A genderswap tongue-in-cheek retelling of Frankenstein... with sexiness.

An RP from the Star Wars side of things...

Enemy Within (On Hold)

With the outbreak of the Mandalorian War, the Republic called upon the Jedi to lead their armies. Revan answered this call, and legions of young Jedi Knights joined him in this crusade. But many of the Jedi Masters cautioned against this, warning the younger knights against bloodlust and war. They sensed an enemy beyond the immediate threat, but millions were dying every day as the Mandalorians genocidally wiped out planet after planet in nuclear holocaust.

One pair, a padawan and his master, engage in philosophical discussion at the Jedi Temple. The unavoidable subject came up... and after much contemplation, it was in fact the master who convinced the student that they should put aside pacifism to engage in the necessary evils of war, for a just cause.

Through it all, they retain their composure... and the line between the light and dark side of the force becomes blurred, and through all the grime and darkness of war they must ask themselves if there is such a thing as a righteous fall, giving in to the dark side for the power not to serve one's self, but others.

A morality tale, with some subversions. Namely, the threat of falling to the dark side is treated not explicitly as  a matter of good and evil... And the master is, in this case, the more hawkish and less idealistic one. Romance likely. Sexiness possible, but not required, and mostly relegated between the two protagonists.


Two characters from the D&D style fantasy genre, that I've always been itching to play out;


A halfling, possessed with an almost unnatural streak of bad luck. A light-hearted sexy comedy, centered around the protagonist being somewhat genre-savvy (in particular the erotic genre), sarcastic, and dead-pan. The main theme of the story would be her misadvantures that often occur due to the unusual misfortune she's afflicted by, as if some perverted god was up there making sure this one particular halfling manages to find herself in every possible erotic situation known to the fantasy genre... And throughout it all, the extent of her displeasure is annoyance, not trauma. Mostly for laughs, with a healthy dose of parody (both of D&D and the fantasy genre as well as the erotic genre)

I've already thought up of some scenarios that, while I don't expect or require to happen, exemplify the tone and the character well;

-The classic tentacle monster, which the protagonist instantly realizes will end in the sexiest manner possible for her... but it turns out the tentacle monster is sentient, not interested in sex, or just plain clueless about human anatomy. In the end, she's somewhat dissapointed.

-Mixing of potions... The 'no more sea migraine' potion with the 'potent aphrodesiac' potion, for example.. In the end, she's just as annoyed at the pounding headache as she is by the countless people/animals/fantasy creatures she's attracted.

Also, a really random picture I drew to try and give everyone an idea of her personality (and also appearance, note her halfling size in comparison to the full-sized chair)

She's either drunk and displaying how NOT to sit on a chair, or under the influence of some weird spell that makes you irrestibly fornicate with furniture... I don't know, I was silly when I drew that! ^_^

Goblin Goddess

A female goblin is born unnaturally beautiful for her race, blessed with comely features that attract beings of all races. She receives visions from her God that makes herself out to be the new supreme leader of not only all goblinkind, but every humanoid on the planet. She seeks to integrate those species into the Human/Elf/Dwarf/Halfling/Gnome 'Goodly' races, and to usher in a golden age for her people.

She may have spent some time among humans to become so civilized, and to see the virtue of integration with those races... but mostly she used her cunning and beauty to elevate herself to the top of the normally patriarchal goblin society, and then to forge alliances with the bigger creatures like the Orcs.

Although I wouldn't mind a little sexiness here and there, especcially with all the interesting creatures who don't get alot of good exposure (;))

More drawings;

I drew that with the idea of her becoming a little more civilized in mind, perhaps after she spent some time among the goodly races.
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Re: Innerant's Thread o' Ideas (Now with drawery!)
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2010, 12:43:03 AM »
Added a sci-fi idea, and though I drew another purdy picture... it kinda sucks, so I'll abstain from now.  :P

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Two more ideas. One borderline fanfic. If it's any consolation, it's a fanfic of classic literary canon.. so there.  :-[

*hides his shame*