Dragon Age Origins: search for Morrigan (LF female to play multi-chars MFF/FF)

Started by wildstar, October 01, 2010, 06:19:05 PM

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I always had a carving for this after playing Dragon Age Origins and DAO: Awakenings.

my character is a Noble born human. (the type that fought trechery as well as the Darkspawn. his name is Sho. a Warrior. he uses a greatsword.

(playing in character)

Story: it is about 2 years since I had fought the darkspawn horde and the Demon Dragon (sorry forgot what they called the beast). even after fighting the remains of the Darkspawn that joined the Mother and the Father Darkspawn leaders Ferelden had been at peace since then. so much bloodshed. it was a bit too much for me. but my duty as a Grey Warden still stands. though I do not know how long I have before the taint takes my life. if not some of my enemies will. even now I still think of the one that saved my life when I defeated the Demon Dragon. one night of sex that I could never forget. or forget her. the Apostate mage Morrigan. even though she could be a pain at times. she was a beautiful woman. one who I agreed to not find. but even then I would.

I searched far and wide for her. but nothing. now I may of found her. but even so did someone else? did she have the child she said would be born with the power of the old gods? I didn't know nor cared I wanted to find her. find Morrigan even if I have to fight more Darkspawn to find her.

what I want is a female to play Morrigan.