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June 18, 2021, 06:56:09 am

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Author Topic: His Curious Neko [Seeking Female]  (Read 810 times)

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His Curious Neko [Seeking Female]
« on: October 01, 2010, 12:02:17 am »

Looking for: A female playing a female who is literate and can provide detailed posts and a few paragraphs as well.  One liners or short and lacking posts will not do it for fact it will just kill my muse.  I am looking for a partner who can sort of go with the flow, feed off my posts as I feed off yours.  Also I need someone who is open and willing to talk OOC about the role play before and during it for feedback and other reasons.

Roles: Owner/Master(played by me) and Neko/Pet(Which will be played by you.)

Ages:  Up for discussion, though I definitely see the male as being older.

The Characters:  Usually I go with a male standing just above six feet tall, having lean and cut muscles, a defined yet not overly bulky body...having long, shaggy, messy dark hair that hangs down in his eyes and covers his ears.  My males are usually intelligent, dominate, caring and romantic.  The description of the neko is up to you really, we can base it off the image above or not.  I am open on this.  I would like her personality to be rather curious, innocent, loving, playful and having a great personality.

History:  This is up for discussion...but perhaps something along the lines of the male messing around with magic/summing and he ends up turning his pet cat into this neko or he just randomly summons her and she appears out of nowhere or something like that.

Plot/Twists:  This story can have many underlying plots and twists to it as well, its all up for discussion and I just need to know what you are all into and searching for.  Since the neko is going to be very innocent yet curious, I thought we could have some fun with it.  Such as, she walks and roams around naked since she is not use to wearing clothing, having no idea how much it effects her master or what a commotion it could possibly cause in public places.  She can be in heat which will cause some exploration and interesting moments.  Some examples would be her noticing an erection she caused in her owner's pants, thus her curiosity get the best of her so she decides to investigate.  Another example would be her innocently walking in on him dressing, watching him in the shower or something along those lines...or because she dislikes wearing clothing all the time she thinks nothing off it as she strips down and sits in his lap and crawls onto him while he sleeps.  The whole situation could cause many different scenarios and maybe she draws too much attention, especially in public and the problem is him trying to educate her and try to keep a cap on her adventurous personality so no one learns that there is a half-cat-half-human running around.

Kinks/Fetishes:  I plan for this couple to be experimenting and exploring with their sexual activities so I need someone that is very open minded and creative.  We will need to discuss Ons/Offs of course, but I aiming for things such as light bondage for sexual play, getting a little rough, switching roles at times(such as when the neko goes in heat) even though the master would be the most dominate...Being spontaneous is also very big, this new couple should surprise each other and have fun.  For example, sex would not only just occur in the bedroom but in other inventive places, even in public places because of the way the neko is.

Setting:  This can be modern day, the male could be a college student maybe, living in a dorm/apartment which will add another twist.  Maybe he is a senior in high school.  He could be out a school and perhaps working for a company and it presents some problems when he has to go out and leave her home alone...or imagine if she were to walk into one of his classrooms or into his office during the middle of the day looking for him because she was bored or something.  The country can be discussed as well, I am thinking either Japan or the United States.  This all can be discussed in PMs.

Interested?  Send me a PM and we an discuss the details and ideas.