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Author Topic: RP Example  (Read 536 times)

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Offline amandadaisyTopic starter

RP Example
« on: September 30, 2010, 05:49:12 PM »
Hope you like it!

Right. Where am I again?  Lotus thought, looking around. Her boots made little clouds of dust puff up as she walked, her long black hair tied up. Eyes of the deepest jade peered through the trees as she cursed under her breath. Wonderful. Just wonderful Blossom. Go and get yourself lost with all this crap going on. Why did you leave the house again? Oh yes. To take a walk. 'Get some fresh air'. As if I don't get enough fresh air, in my line of work. I could kick myself right now. Lotus growled irritably, spinning around, still trying to figure out where she was. It wasn't until she stepped in something warm, red, and sticky that she stopped.   Lotus stared down at her boot in horror. There was a small puddle of blood, almost dry now... but no body. Her heart beat quickened as she remembered the stories of Vampires ravaging a village not too far from hers. Oh God.  She thought. Spinning around again, her breathing became ragged as fear pumped through her veins. Were they still there? Was it even Vampires? Maybe it was just a wounded animal.. Yeah.. that was it.. Just a wounded animal. Shaking herself, she continued walking, her green eyes darting around as if expecting a black clad creature of the night to jump out of a bush and feed on her.  Lotus let out a weak chuckle at her own thoughts. Oh please. Like Vampires would be around here. You don't believe in Vampires anyway.... right?  She thought. But the true answer was that she did in fact believe strongly in vampires... the stories of the village would haunt her thoughts and dreams for the rest of her life. And fear of the rumored upcoming war ruled her.  Lotus sighed slightly as she walked, the wind picking up slightly, making a few loose strands of dark black hair whip around in her face. She stopped, her eyes narrowing as she thought she saw figures in the distance. Her heart began to pound again, and the wind picked up more, tossing some dirt into her face, making her have to close her eyes and turn her head away, as the flying particles came too close to her nose and mouth.   By the time she had turned back and looked again... the figures were gone.  Snap out of it Blossom. It's just your mind playing tricks on you.  She thought. Never the less... she began to turn around, hoping to find her village the other way.
 After about twenty minutes of walking aimlessly in what was most likely the wrong direction, Lotus sighed and kicked her booted foot at a rock irritably. The rock stayed firmly in its place in the ground, as Lotus retracted her foot and hopped around a bit, cursing the rock, the sky, the world and everything in it, and most of all, her stupidity. Letting out another loud, over exaggerated sigh, Lotus flopped onto the ground in a complete tantrum at herself. She stared up at the sky, her back protesting against the treatment she had just shown it by throwing herself on the rough path, and she let out another string of curses, once again, aimed at her own stupidity.
 "Stupid woman walking off and getting lost.... stupid rock. Effing idiot!" She growled. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes a moment, calming herself. Her face was slightly red from the heat, a few beads of sweat dampening her bangs and making them stick to her forehead. She noticed though, that it was growing cooler. Night must be approaching. She hated the thought of being out, alone, at night. Cursing her stupidity for the millionth time that day, she pushed herself off of the ground and brushed her clothes off.
 "I had better find somewhere to sleep, I'm not traveling in the dark, knowing my luck and clumsiness, I'll trip over a root and kill myself on another stupid, bloody rock." She grumbled to herself, shooting a glare at the rock she had kicked not minutes before. Somewhere, an owl hooted, making Lotus spin around, her heart thumping in her chest. Though if anyone would ask, she would highly deny it, the scene she had come upon earlier had frightened her. She passed it off as an injured animal, but with all of the stories popping up about Vampires and villages being destroyed in the night.... well let's just say camping was not on her to do list at the moment. And yet, she found herself leaning up against a tree, her eyes wide as she wrapped her arms around her knees. I won't sleep, I'll just rest for a while... then, in the morning, I'll continue on, and I'll be sure to find my way back. After all, after tonight, with me not showing up, they'll send someone out to find me... right?  She thought anxiously. Who are you kidding Blossom?  her thoughts turned to the truth yet again. You live alone, and have done so for EIGHT YEARS. Even IF, someone goes to visit you tomorrow, they'll assume you out, and leave it at that. It will be days, even a week maybe, before anyone even notices you're gone. If you don't find your way back, you very well might die out here.  Another animal cried out in the ever hastening night, making Lotus jump. Scratch that.. you might not make it through the night.