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Author Topic: In search of.... male, female, and all that's inbetween  (Read 1068 times)

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In search of.... male, female, and all that's inbetween
« on: September 30, 2010, 07:53:48 AM »
I welcome males and females. I’m willing to try anything once, and believe me, that statement is almost 100% true. So if you are a female and think that you can turn me one, by all means try it. If you are a transgender, I have no problems with that either. Also please note that I am a large woman. Me myself and I do not in anyway shape or form have to play that kind of character. I have played tall, short, small, large, obese, bulimic… I can play anything as long as it’s defined. So please do not think that my character has to be large just because I am.

Some basic scenarios that I like and will always be willing to play:
1. The Reluctant Submissive: This scenario is one of my all time favorites to play. I’m usually not submissive unless it’s in role play but I love to mix it up and bring a little bit of feisty spirit to this one. I need a dominant man who can really push me beyond my limits on this non-consensual play.

2. Boss/Secretary: One that isn’t played often enough. I like to mix it up on this and make it a romantic light play. However, for the right guy or girl I’m willing to make this one extreme.

3. Teacher/Student: This is a fun for all. I am up for anything on this.

4. Vampire/Slave: Same as the teacher/student scenario,

Now on to some other things….. These characters are all female and have a story base to them, however, they can be played with any male character in any story line.

Dana: 29 years old, red hair, green eyes. She’s a local high school teacher and community theater coordinator. She has been in trouble with the law in the past. Only the school board members know about the one incident. However, a student finds out and blackmails her.

Joan: 23 years old, blond hair, blue eyes. A local college student in London, she knows nothing of the problems her father is having with money. She has been kidnapped and sold to an American millionaire. In thise scenario, she finds out that she has been sold to this man for money by her father. It is too late for her to do anything now, she is married to the man and must go through slave training.

Kimmy: 19 years old, black hair, brown eyes. Just finished high school and has decided to travel to Beijing to see her father. She has never met him, but has heard horror stories about him. In an attempt to prove the stories wrong, she searches for him. Once found, he turns out to be a lot worse than the stories. He forces her into a sexual relationship with him, corrupting her.

Anna: 30 years old, pink hair, brown eyes. As an ex-Russian spy, Anna has done a lot of nasty stuff in her time. But now that she’s retired, she wants to do nothing but enjoy her vacation on the beautiful Virgin Islands. But one of her missions, her last one, that she aborted, has come back to haunt her. She never killed her mark. Now he’s here to kill her but there’s one problem, he falls in love with her.

Ok now that we have the strictly male only characters, let’s talk about the characters that go both ways.

The bombshell. She’s a porn star turned movie star. She was married but now divorced. She’s looking for love, but can’t seem to find anyone real. They either want her for her looks or for her money. What she finds is a partner who is extreme and takes her down a path of taboo. *note, I’m looking for a female or a male.. Or if you really want to trick things out, I can play the male and you be the woman.

Talon, the male vampire. Talon died in 1631 and has roamed the earth looking for some fun, yet has not found any in a long time. He has become almost a recluse until he can find the one that will make him interested in life again.

How about some Light Romance ideas?

They year is 1931, the oil boom has hit. The times are rough on those that weren’t already well off or you are in Texas where the oil has hit. Your family has moved you to this remote location where there can’t be more than 100 people. You are ready to just die until you meet her. The one that just makes you smile. The problem is, she’s a rich little oil princess and you’re the son of an oil rig operator.

Two teenagers in their senior year are in their final stages of the college application process. Elimination week, is the week where college seniors are invited out to their college for a weekend of activities and at the end of week, a student from each school is picked. So this is where the story begins. The two know each other, but have never really associated with one another. They get to know each other through the week and fall for each other. The girl does not know the guy is from her school and he lies to her and tells her he’s a college freshman, doing orientation. At the end one of them gets the spot at the college and the other one is devastated.

Exotic light/extreme Scenario

Werepanther Alexandra has been assigned to a human male who has no idea what she is. She must keep her identity a secret but the more he pushes, the less control she has on her changes and her heart.

Extreme Bondage Scenario

Young girl/older man: She’s a depressed young thing after she sees her family murdered right before her eyes. Her aunt forces her to go to a psychologist to talk it out and become her old self again. After a few sessions, the young girl begins to like her psychologist, but he has a side to him that she doesn’t know about. She pushes an finds out just what she has stepped into.
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Re: In search of....
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2010, 04:08:27 PM »

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Re: In search of.... male, female, and all that's inbetween
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2010, 07:59:11 AM »
Updated to include more scenarios.