3.5 DnD char looking for a GM

Started by Zaer Darkwail, September 28, 2010, 07:03:09 AM

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Zaer Darkwail

Name: Vhaidra
Age: 300 (guessing from looks past 20)
Race(and templates, if any): Sun/Gray elf (the variant with +2 int instead dex)
HD/Classes for Track 1: Wizard 5/Ultimate Magus XX
Classes for Track 2: Sorceress 1/Warlock 4/Eldrict Theurge XX
Other Stuff:

Using Magic Item Compendium (MIC) and Spell Compendium (SC) for spells at least. Plus Complete series. Using gestalt rules.

Level range: 10-15

Stat generation: Something generous (5d6, drop lowest 2 and re-roll ones example)

Feats: Game in question had 2 feats in 1st level and feat every level after that. Could be happy with less like Pathfinder styled progress (in each odd level a feat).

Genre: Fantasy, anime, 3.5 DnD game, definently game supporting evil aligned chars and goals. Do not mind solo or group game.

Only extra request: A GM who does not mind player who is not native speaker of english nor have excelent grammar/writing skills.