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Author Topic: Step Mother or Sex Toy? [M seeking F]  (Read 530 times)

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Step Mother or Sex Toy? [M seeking F]
« on: September 27, 2010, 11:32:57 PM »
Looking for: A female playing a female who is literate and can provide detailed posts and a few paragraphs as well.  One liners or short and lacking posts will not do it for fact it will just kill my muse.  However, I do prefer quality over quantity so a very lengthy post that does not say enough or maybe says too much can also set me basically I am looking for a partner who can sort of go with the flow, feed off my posts as I feed off yours.  Also I need someone who is open and willing to talk OOC about the role play before and during it for feedback and other reasons.

Roles: Step Son(played by me) and Step Mom(Which will be played by you.)

Ages:  Up for discussion, though I would like the Step Mother to be a bit older and the Step son would be somewhere from 18 to 21.

The Characters:  I plan on sticking to just humans on this of course, though if you had something else in mind then feel free to run it by me, I am always open to fantasy and the supernatural.  Both characters are up for discussion really...I already have in mind the type of character I will be playing.  Usually I go with a male standing just above six foot tall, having lean and cut muscles, a defined yet not overly bulky body...having long, shaggy, messy dark hair that hangs down in his eyes and covers his ears.  He is borderline genius for this role as well, one who is analytical, dominate, strong, smart and full of pride, though also a romantic at heart.  The personality of the Step Mother is open really, you can make her your own though I would prefer it if she were a more curvaceous figure.  I would like her to be a woman that knows what she wants and is not afraid to show it and take it eventually.  Inspiring image: <NSFW>

History:  It is not set in stone, but it would involve his rich father marrying this beautiful woman in which he pampers and uses for sex, spoiling her with his wealth.  Then over time, as his father becomes more and more involved with his work and starts to neglect his wife.  The Step Son has been eying her for some time now, staring at her figure with lust, catching glimpses of her dressing and moving about in the revealing outfits and lingerie that his father had gotten her, and even spying on her in the shower if the opportunity presented itself.  The son now sees that his father will never retire and hand down his organization to his son until his death.  The son does not wish to wait this long, he is ready now and shares his father's greed and lust.  He will rise to claim it all out from under him...starting by romancing, loving, and claiming his step mother as his own.

Plot/Twists:  This story can have many underlying plots and twists to it as well, its all up for discussion and I just need to know what you are all into and searching for.  The plots could be deep and dark, involving taboo, or pregnancy if that is what you are looking for.   I also plan on them sort of plotting to do away with his father in order to inherit his money, mansion, company and everything, to free themselves from his blind and ignorant greed and do as they pleased.  This would be rather elaborate...more than just a simple murder as the son is a schemer, a planner, one who is smart and very analytical and thinks everything through.

Kinks/Fetishes:  I plan for this couple to be experimenting and exploring with their sexual activities so I need someone that is very open minded and creative.  We will need to discuss Ons/Offs of course, but I aiming for things such as light bondage for sexual play, getting a little rough, switching roles at times even though the step son will be the most dominate...Being spontaneous is also very big, this new couple should surprise each other and have fun.  For example, sex would not only just occur in the bedroom but in other inventive places, even in public places.  Perhaps she would surprise him while he was working by slipping on something sexy to help ease his tense, stiff and pent up body.  So on and so forth.  I will be checking your Ons/Offs to see if we are compatible, and I am looking for someone with more Ons than Offs and those who are more open and willing to explore variant ranges of sexual play...for it kind of depends on the story and plot we take with our two characters.  Please do the same and look at my Ons/Offs.  I am always open for discussion as well and willing to discuss what Ons/Offs are acceptable and not between us.

Setting:  Something modern day, changes can always made as we can of course mold the role play to suit our own styles and needs.  Here is my idea on the matter so far though...they could live in a large mansion, the husband/father being rich with his business.  He could work at home and do a lot of traveling and go to a lot of meetings, setting aside one of the many rooms as an office and run his business from his computers and online and something along the lines of that...the son also in on the work here and there as a subordinate.  It could take place somewhere warm, perhaps the mansion is over looking their very own private beach line.  They could travel to many different places, so the setting would not just take place in one area.  They could go to several places near where they live, or even travel to other places around the world for either when he has business to attend to or if they just want to take a trip.

The sky is the limit really for their exploring.  The possibilities in the mansion alone is endless, large and exotic bathrooms, a large library, gym, workout room, large and erotic bathing house, pools and hot tubs, many rooms set aside for different reasons, their bedrooms containing large beds, big enough for ten people...closets full of clothing, but not only casual and dress-up outfits, but things such as lingerie, bondage items, toys, and even outfits...such as a nurse outfit and a school girl outfit for that fun sexual role playing between the two of them.  The details and ideas can be worked out between us, but basically this mansion is not going to be just your plain old big, fancy house with nice furniture and all of that...just imagine a bathroom designed to look like a waterfall filling into a pond with stones and plant life all around for example, or to have such a setting created within the many acres of land they hold.

Interested?  Send me a PM and we an discuss the details and ideas.

<Just a reminder - Not Safe For Work pics should carry an NSFW warning label. Thanks. Avis habilis>
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