"My Precious Specimen..." (M/F - Seeking M)

Started by Suiko, September 27, 2010, 03:46:28 PM

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"My Precious Specimen..."

Desired Role: Dominant/Manipulative M

Setting: Sci-fi, Modern

Adult Genre: Bondage, medical play; these are guideline only and can be changed.

Idea: A young woman, young and in the prime of life is seeking work; struggling to make ends meet and so she leaps at  the chance when she stumbles upon a post in her local newspaper: ‘Seeking a full-time worker, no experience required. Healthcare and holidays included; more to be discussed in person.' The post was tiny and vague, however, desperate as she was, she scribbled down the address quickly upon her hand and left as soon as she could for the location; an unassuming factory on the outskirts of her town. As she enters, she realises that perhaps something is wrong; the lights flicker in their bulbs, dust and cobwebs cling to every worn surface and there is no one to be seen. About to turn, having assumed she wrote the address wrongly, she feels a sharp pain in the back of her neck, staggers for a moment before falling to the floor into unconsciousness...

Potential Plot: There are many ways this story could go; perhaps she is in a government trap created to conduct illegal experiments, perhaps she is simply in the clutches of an insane scientist or a more sinister organisation. I leave the decision regarding this up to you as it is something I am very open about.

Characters: In this story, I would be playing the role of the woman who finds herself in this potentially terrifying situation. While I leave the character of whoever holds her captive up to you, I'm not looking for someone who is about brute force; a  more subtle manipulative character would be lovely here, perhaps an insane edge to him also. As I said; I leave the decision up to you.

Please look at my Do's and Don'ts (link in my signature) for e general idea of what I will accept and what I will not; generally I'm open to most things; however some things I will not do. Please PM me with your interest and/or questions and if possible I'd like a simple character sheet; it doesn't need to be extremely details; just a small taster so I know a little of what I can expect from your character.
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