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June 17, 2021, 08:43:43 pm

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Author Topic: Rhain has too many ideas..  (Read 875 times)

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Rhain has too many ideas..
« on: September 26, 2010, 10:12:28 pm »
 Today I was flooded with ideas as work was mind numbingly boring again.

For One on Ones- varying degrees of intensity to be decided with play partners

Siblings_ I have quite a FEW scenarios I could work from on this, Jealousy, NC, separation anxiety, twisted grief, comedy of errors, it all depends on the mood you want to set.

Historical Romance - as in Regency era, Privateers/Pirates, Rome, Greece, War of 1812, WW2, Prohibition/Gangsters and the like.
also Harems and kidnappings by previously mentioned Pirates. Perhaps a Lady of good birth and station, innocent of virtue being forced in prostitution of some form, or forced to service said Pirates and or kidnappers.

College Professor/student and sex clubs. He is an established member and he brings his newbie to let her world expand and build her self esteem up. He knows she need to feel wanted after her BF leaves her. He has been watching her in class for sometime and decides NOW is when she needs this most.

Sex clubs like the one in the movie "Deception" Almost anonymous sex.

Vampire and long lost love

Saving a failing marriage w flash backs of falling in love OR Falling in love with FF to later problems and trying to spark life back into said relationship

Sci fi story "The "IT" Factor" based RP which would involve experimentions that examine arousal and response.

Bankrobber and Victim- hostage situation, maybe Stockholm Syndrome.

MY High School Group idea that was posted in groups could be broken into segments and played separately.

Fantasy World type game, perhaps with Unicorns, and Centaurs and fairies. I particularly like the idea of Merpeople and Humans.

What Happens in Vegas, kinda sounds obvious right?

Hotel California - inspired by the lyrics of the song

Dread Pirate Roberts - what happened while Wesley was away, what if he wasn't faithful to Buttercup?

One Night with the King... could be human kingdom OR king of Vamps and a human on her last(?) night.

Yours truly 2095 a man trapped in the future makes a Robot that looks like his long dead Love.

Female captor of strong male. Amazonian or matriarchal society where men are kept for pleasure and some breeding. Men are lower than second class citzens in most households.and often denied their own basic needs let alone pleasures.

Connect the Dots... inspired by Spill Canvas song of the same name.

These last two could be with of any GLBT partner.
Pegging,Bend over Boyfriend, Strap-ons and Orgasm Denial.
Wonder Woman and Criminal, interrogation. Modern or WW2.
These are just SOME ideas...if you see one that interests, you let me know and perhaps we can flesh out the details more.

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Re: Rhain has too many ideas..
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2010, 02:22:45 pm »
I would love to maybe role play with you?

the only ones I'm not so interested in ((either becuase they're meh to me or I don't know any background)) are Dread Pirate Roberts, Saving a failing marriage, and the connect the dots.

Though I adore historical romance, the sci fi IT factor, what happens in Vegas, or one night with the king

And for the fantasy land with the chance of unicorns and centaursl that would be interesting; though for me when it gets to an adult scene me and my friends tend to go "Alright! Magic wand! human now! yaaaay 8D" And we go on our merry way <3

And though I may be new to Elliquiy I'm not new to rp or any of the plots you have up <3